Marketing your Content the Right Way

content marketing tips

Creating a highly engaging content is not enough if you are looking to reach a wider audience. Like a product is marketed, you need to advertize and market your content. This includes boosting engagement and inviting more and more people to participate. In the content marketing world, it is very easy to make mistakes. But, you can learn and improve ...

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How to Build Quality Backlinks for Your Website?

backlink building

Link building is the very basic of any SEO campaign. Though calculating quality of the backlinks is not new but ever since the Google Penguin update has come, the importance of the quality links is the most shouted thing in SEO. So it is the right time to educate you on the quality aspect of the links that will leave ...

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The 3 Key Elements Of A Winning Business

Winning Business Plan

The business world is very competitive; it can be hard to get to the top. If you want your business to be a winner, you have to be aware of these three key elements: Marketing Strategy It will come as no surprise to learn that marketing is one of the keys to a winning business. A good marketing strategy can ...

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Google Panda Ranking Factors, Recovery and Other Implications

Google Panda Ranking Factors

Google Panda is no longer a separate algorithm to decide content quality. It is now a part of Google’s core ranking algorithm. In case you haven’t gotten the news, here’s the link to the update. It’s been a few days since Google announced it, and SEOs are confused already. The confusion is nothing new; it’s been in the industry for ...

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Google Panda is Now Included in the Ranking Algorithm

Google Panda Ranking Algorithm

Google Panda is no longer a separate algorithm, used by Google exclusively for the purpose of elevating or decreasing a site’s ranking. Reports are to and fro that Panda has been officially encapsulated by Google’s ranking algorithm. Jennifer Slegg reported this yesterday. This is what a spokesperson from Google told her: “Panda is an algorithm that’s applied to sites overall ...

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5 Content Marketing Tips to Start Off the New Year

5 Content Marketing Tips 2016

2016 is unfolding itself under the SEO industry’s watch. The digital marketing pundits have predicted a slew of trends for this year. It’s too early for us to have our say, but there’s no harm in speculating. Here are some of the trends that we, at Digitalvani, think might end up being the best practices for this year. Blogs with ...

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