At Digitalvani, we specialize in understanding and meeting customer needs. The digital landscape is getting intensely competitive. Unless a business has an online presence, its odds of success are very low.

We help our customers develop online marketing strategies that guarantee success. Whether it be getting their websites a high rank on Google and other search engines or garnering a massive number of followers on social media who could be turned into loyal customers, our 360° digital marketing solution covers all.

If you are looking for a reliable digital marketing partner that can establish a brand identity for your business, so that people recognize you as an industry leader, look no further than us. We are an one-stop digital marketing agency you can count on.

Here are the services that we offer our customers:

Search Engine Optimization

Google reported more than 100 billion searches a month. People search everything on Google – From branded whiskey glasses to airlines seats, from baseball caps to apartment management software. Unless your business website is optimized for Google search, it won’t be found by customers.

Optimization means a ranking on the first page of Google against a selected number of keywords. It’s easier said than done unless you have Digitalvani as your digital marketing partner. Our expert SEO solutions can give your website an outstanding online visibility and put it on top of other sites belonging in the same industry.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social media is where potential customers can be found. For better visibility, brands make it a point to promote themselves across social networks. It’s difficult unless you have Digitalvani at your service. Our social media marketing solutions rely on latest strategies and state of the art tools.

We start by doing a comprehensive study of your brand, the industry it belong, the niche and the target customers. Based on the study, we select the network/s which we believe would suitable for your brand. Our strategies are productive and up to the minute. We garner followers/fans and retain them so they display brand loyalty and visit your website.

Content Marketing

Let’s say you are getting a steady stream of traffic. What’s next? Next, you need to convert visitors into consumers. For that content marketing is essential. The onsite content, the site layout and other design elements determine how long visitors will stay on your site.

At Digitalvani, we have experienced content developers who know how to create high-quality marketable content that converts. Content doesn’t necessarily mean text-based content. Multimedia content, especially video is more entertaining and preserves all aspects of text-based content. Our content marketing solution encapsulates all forms of content and fixated on only goal – Improve customer’s ROI.

Email Marketing

An email marketing campaign helps you nurture leads, keep leads warm and convert leads to sales. We have email marketing experts who have sufficient industry knowledge and exposure to latest tools. Our email marketing solutions can get your qualified leads and spike up your conversion rate.

Digital Advertising

Through advertising, a brand can reach out to new audience segments. Digital advertising is of two types; search ads and display ads. We have a team of experienced AdWords professionals, who can offer you the best advertising solution. From creating stunning ad copies to strategic placement – Our digital advertising solution can increases your ROI.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

ROI tracking is essential for any digital venture. It shows how your efforts are paying off. We harness big data to track the progress in conversion. Our data-driven approach pinpoints the metrics that are critical to the success of your online presence. CRO identifies the predicaments, which are blocking your business growth, thereby letting you convert more visitors into customers.

Contextual link building

Contextual links boost the SEO performance of a website. At Digitalvani, we follow the industry approved contextual link building techniques, so that no penalty comes upon your site if/when Google changes its algorithm. Our link building techniques are perfectly in sync with Google’s algorithm. We select suitable blogs, matching your theme and the LSI keyword ideas suggested by our SEO experts. Next, we create informative content and post on those blogs. With time, your site starts acquiring organic links that Google value.