Search Engine Optimization

How to Implement Schema Properly for Better Ranking

Schema seo

Search Engine Optimization is one of the faster-growing online marketing trends, and more businesses are spending a large chunk of their marketing budget on SEO, to boost their online presence. According to Hubspot, 80% of a website’s traffic begins with a search query into Google and other search engines like Bing. Its usefulness consistently proves itself in the digital age, ...

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9 Basic Components for a Strong SEO Strategy


SEO isn’t something concrete, something that can be defined. No doubt an outline of what it encompasses can be made out, but what it actually consists of constantly keeps changing. That’s the reason no matter who you are or how much experience you have with SEO, it’s never enough. But then again, even if you’ve got a basic idea of ...

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The Truth About SEO: Super Elementary Observations


SEO has been around since the 1990s, and it has opened the door to a variety of new business and new professional careers. From SEO-compliant copywriters to expert SEO agencies, it is a skill that is difficult to miss. And that’s good because, in the world of the Internet, it’s not a skill that you want to be doing without. ...

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Practical SEO Steps for Start-ups and Entrepreneurs

Practical SEO Steps

One of the most important things for new businesses, startups and entrepreneurs must be attracting enough customers, visitors and interest in general. While there are many ways to achieve this result, one of the most effective, especially in the long run, is SEO. While there often will be more pressing matters to take care of when you are just launching ...

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An Understanding of Various Key Factors Related to Local SEO

Factors Related to Local SEO

Local SEO’s popularity has been ascending ever since Google released the Pigeon update. The update was rolled in late 2014, before that year, a marketer had all but the local demeanor to his campaign. Post-2014, SEOs began to take the local factor seriously. In 2016, local SEO is a must. Local landing page What’s new is local landing pages. It ...

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5 Types of Comments in 2016 that will Dominate in Link Building Strategy

commenting and link building

If you are contemplating the use of blog comments as a part of your 2016 link building strategy, here are some points you must consider. Blog comments provide a simple and natural portion of a healthy backlink profile. If you want to really build your presence on the Internet, you need to build your natural link profile first. Though some ...

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