Social Media Marketing

7 Steps to Double Your Instagram Following

Instagram Following

In today’s world where the internet has become a necessity for human beings, and social media is overtaking every media, people are consistently engaging themselves in new social networking websites to get connected with friends, family, and new people. Social media has changed the way we communicate with each other. Before social media things were very basics and simple, but ...

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Social Media Metrics You Should Analyze On Google Analytics

overview of the social traffic

As we live in a world that’s highly dependent on internet, digitalization has become more and more significant in every business, especially in the aspect of digital marketing. Social media is one of the many platforms that let people stay connected with one another. It is also an avenue to exchange opinions and various types of content. New communities and ...

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Social Media Marketing vs. Traditional Marketing

Social Media vs Traditional Marketing

For a long time, marketing was…well what you might expect: poster adverts, flyers, then TV advertisements and email marketing. Now Social Media is growing as a competitive new way of marketing directly with consumers. So between Traditional Marketing and Social Media, is one of them better than the other? Types of Marketing Is it easier for your business to use ...

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The Best Social Media Marketing Strategy

Social Media Marketing Strategy

The Best Social Media Marketing Strategy …complicated. There’s no doubt that successfully marketing your business on social media is difficult. But there are steps you can take to make sure that your business gets back on the right trajectory. Part of any good social media strategy is the setting of realistic goals. In fact, marketing has always been about setting goals ...

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Content Marketing and Social Media Nexus Benefiting Brands

B2B Social Media Campaigns

SEO, as we know it, is a B2B process. Nobody goes to a retail outlet expecting to buy an SEO package. The buyers and sellers are both businesses. True, DIY SEO has been a phenomenon for a while, but nine out of ten clients are still interested in hiring a company or, at least, freelancers. Content marketing and B2B Content ...

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Evolution of Social Media – The New Trend Of Digital Marketing

evolution of social media

Today social media has become the integral part of modern society. There are many social media sites available to share photos, update status messages, upload videos, audio calls, meet new people and connect with old friends. Though the history is unclear, dating sites should be considered as the first social networking sites online. They allowed users to create profiles (usually ...

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