seo tips 2015

Increase Site Speed: Reduce your page size to reduce the load time for better visibility.

URL Structure: it should be short, descriptive, search engine friendly and categorically segmented.

Information Architecture: Develop a better directory structure for your website.

Quality of Content: This is going to stay here forever. Develop unique and real content for visitor’s engagement. 

Content Optimization: Optimize content of your web pages around the targeted Keywords. Widen the scope for Hummingbird-Friendly Keywords.

Landing Page Optimization: Keywords are important for your landing pages. So develop the landing pages for visitors and optimize it for search engines.

Optimize Page Titles: Yes, write real and unique titles for each of your web pages optimized for your targeted keywords. Don’t stuff the titles with keywords.

Meta Descriptions: Develop META details that will being you clicks and describes your page best.

Utilize Proper Heading Tags: HTML header tags are the most important place of the webpage for both visitors and search engines. Never ignore it. Clean document structure really pays off.

Optimize Image Alt Text: Feed the search engines alternative texts for multimedia files present in your website.

HTTP Vs. HTTPS: With a big push towards a secure world wide web, Google emphasizes the importance of utilizing HTTPS. Go for Secure Encryption.

Mobile Search Implications: It is the next stop for SEO. Develop mobile friendly websites.

Get People Talking About Your Brand: You focus should be on brand build. 

Build Natural Links: Do not engage yourself with link building.  Go for authority links form quality sites. Create a natural link profile for your site

Go Social: The last but most important one. Align your SEO efforts simultaneously with social media and with the help of engaging content, social engagement, optimized custom images and Google Authorship.



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