Adobe Announced Creative Cloud for Photographers and Designers

Adobe announced a new photography plan. The plan is for anyone interested in photography. It will cost users $9.99 every month and bring around two cutting edge tools – Photoshop CC and Lightroom 5. The new plan is called Adobe Creative Cloud Photography plan. Apple also launches Lightroom’s mobile apps on iPad and iPhone and a new Photoshop app for iPad called Photoshop Mix. The app will allow Smartphone users avail all features of Photoshop that are normally restricted to desktop. The app is built with Adobe Creative software development kit.

Creative Cloud adobe

The Photoshop CC is being regarded as a breakthrough release by Adobe. The tool consists of some remarkable features. Some of them are mentioned below;

  1. Focus Mask – The feature causes Photoshop CC to automatically select in-focus areas of a particular image. This is how the first step of a mask is created. Headshots and other images with not-so-high resolution require focus mask.
  2. Perspective Warp – It’s an innovative feature with the capability of adjusting the perspective of a certain part of the image. More so, it is done fluidly and doesn’t affect surrounding areas.
  3. Better Stylus Support for Windows 8.1 – The feature lets Photoshop CC provide better stylus support. Users can enjoy ultra-smooth brush strokes. The overall experience will also be better and something users are not familiar with.

The said features are all subtle addition to Adobe’s brand name. So even though Creative Cloud release has been called as a groundbreaking one by Adobe, the software doesn’t cause a shocking effect on the users. The fine-drawn improvements are being propagated.

Photography is not pastime anymore. Many earn their bread and butter by capturing images. More so, a lot of people are so obsessed with photography that they never forget to bring their camera whenever out on a trip. The Creative Cloud is going to offer them standout service. Winston Hendrickson of Adobe said, “we know there’s a huge appetite from photography enthusiasts to have powerful, world-class software available on their mobile devices as well as their computers.”

That’s exactly what Creative Cloud is for. The software will have application in some  money generating fields such as illustration and in-design, video editing, mobile app designing and graphic design. Companies working in these fields can render better services to their clients, thanks to Adobe. Adobe’s stock is currently traded at $73.08, 8.20% up from previous closing.

Old School SEO to Avoid in 2014

The Digital marketing industry is changing rapidly. New technologies are entering into market frequently; Google is also tweaking their algorithm to yield better search results. From Panda To penguin, to humming bird, in the last few years, we have seen many Google Algorithm updates. As a result, all the businesses have been forced to bring significant changes to their online marketing strategy to build the spam free internet marketing practices.

Search engine optimization has evolved. Therefore, if you want to maintain the good reputation or rank for your website, you need to keep up with the changes!

Old School SEO

What has changed so far in SEO…

Article spinning:

The article marketing spectrum has totally changed today. Earlier, publishing tons of articles with spun content was the most effective way of link building. But at present, it is considered as a BalckHat SEO technique and can hurt a website seriously.

Exact Match Domain:

Until now, exact match domain was the trump card for ranking. But today it is almost dead. Google has already reduced the authority of the exact match domains in SERP.

Press Releases:

Once Press Release was the most preferred way to build trustworthy links for any website. Due to its multi benefit nature, many companies used it in first priority for link building. But as per the recent Google algorithm update, links present in the press release will not pass any link vale to the sites.

Guest Posting:

Same is the case with Guest blogging. It is no longer a worthy link building strategy for SEO. Rather can be toxic for your SEO. Though it is still helpful in personal branding and traffic generation but literally guest blogging is dead. If you are using guest posting as your link build, then you must reevaluate it.

SEO in 2014…

In the past, the quest to beat Google’s organic search algorithm resulted in developing new techniques and that is to continue in 2014. Quality user oriented content and social media is going to be the key factors of the SEO.

You have any suggestions feel free to share with me

What Is Google PageRank?

PageRank is the Google trademark which is named after company co-founder Larry Page and represented in the number form 0-10. Up the scale websites are considered as better ones than the websites having value assigned as down the scale.

As Google says “PageRank works by counting the number and quality of links to a page to determine a rough estimate of how important the website is. The underlying assumption is that more important websites are likely to receive more links from other websites.”

google page rank

It is believed to be calculated on a logarithmic scale as PR(P)= PR(Q) + PR(R) + PR(S)

The Toolbar Page Rank has a less impact on search engine ranking where as it is believed that Google keeps an internal record of Page Rank which has bigger impact on the performance of the websites in SERP.

The PageRank is not an absolute measure of any website rather it counts the quality back links pointing towards a site and a pagerank value is  assigned according.

It represents how well your website ranks in terms of Google pagerank algorithm which is different form ranking algorithm and probably is the only expression where Google represent the importance of a site by numeric values.

Content and bad links are not taken into account when calculating the PageRank. Content updates do not improve the pagerank. The page rank is a recursive procedure of calculation, where it depends upon the page rank of the incoming links.

Page Rank is independent of a website as whole. Each page of a website is calculated separately and represented by different page rank. The root directory does not necessarily to have the higher page rank than the sub-directories. The inner pages may gain  a higher page rank than the  home page.

Page Rank link juice is a widely discussed term in webmaster world. Page Rank link juice is the flow of authority form parent site to linked site. If you have a webpage of Page Rank 7 and you have one external link in the webpage. Then the link gets most out of the page rank. Whereas when the number of external links increases the link juice to each link reduces and divided. No-follow links do not contribute to page rank.

Multiple links for a single webpage is considered as one when calculating the pagerank. Only the Links from relevant and high quality sites do put an impact on pagerank. Also the internal links pass the pagerank juice.

The Pagerank of a website can decrease at any point of time if the websites linking to you experience a decrease in their page rank. Violation of Google guidelines also can cause a decreased page rank. Hidden text, cloaking, link exchanges, or anything against Google’s guidelines can trim down your page rank.


Three Key Internet Marketing Tips for 2014

Most businesses today use the internet with their marketing efforts. But with the rapid changes in internet marketing, you too must go with the flow if you are to fully enjoy its benefits. The trend in internet marketing is very unpredictable, so you need to be updated to keep abreast with the stiff competition.

In the earlier article I have pointed Top Five SEO Trends for 2014. Here are three more internet marketing trends that we fully expect to see take over the industry in 2014.


Responsive Website Design

For your online business to keep up with these internet and online marketing trends, make sure that your website has a responsive design so it does not matter if people view your website from a mobile phone, tablet, laptop or a desktop computer monitor, it will always provide a suitable viewing experience. This means that no matter how your customers find you, they can still easily browse and buy from your website.

The Use of Images

Another of the online marketing trends for 2014 is the use of images. Your content will stand out more with well-placed pictures in blog posts and social media updates. Social media sites like Pinterest and Buzzfeed which are image based will become more relevant. The popularity of infographics will continue to rise, where images and text are mixed together to explain subject matter and provide research data.

Content Marketing Continues to Rule

Content marketing will continue to be the ruler of the roost in 2014 despite the many changes taking place in online marketing. That’s because the majority of other digital marketing strategy depend on content as the foundation – you still require quality content to drive all those efforts whether you are talking about paid advertising, email marketing, social media marketing or something else.

So make refining your content a priority for 2014.Content marketing is about building trust, establishing authority. Use as many channels as possible to do this all through content. So in a nutshell, content is still king, but the thrones you make it sit on are going to be even bigger, more complex and ultimately the thing that you’ll be bowing down to

Facebook Facts 2014

facebook facts

Here is the list of interesting facts about Facebook:

  1. Launched on the Feb 4 2004, FACEBOOK has become a global phenomenon with 1,310,000,000 monthly users including 680 million of them on mobile devices.
  2. In the year 2007 Facebook did a major redesign to its home page. They placed legendary actor Al Pacino’s partly visible face behind a cloud of binary code.
  3. Facebook first sold its stock to the public on May 18, 2012 with the initial share price of $38.
  4. The first corporate partnership for Facebook came on May 2006 with Microsoft, Intel and Apple
  5. It was Sean Parker who transformed Facebook from a college project into a real company. Parker changed the site’s name from by acquiring the domain for $200,000. Furthermore, it was Parker who insisted that the site add its most popular feature: photo sharing and clean layout.
  6. 1 in every 13 people on Earth is on Facebook, 42% male users, 76% internet users are in U.S and 70% of Facebook users are from outside USA.
  7. 73% of users in the U.S. have incomes above $75,000 (compared to 17% on Twitter, and 13% on Pinterest).
  8. Every morning, 48% of 18-34 year olds Americans check their Facebook account.
  9. Approximately 7.5 million sites contain the Facebook Like or Share Buttons.
  10. California is the most social state with 15,267,160 users. Texas is second with 9 MN users and New York comes in at third with 8 million.
  11. The average person spends between 18 and 20 minutes viewing their Facebook account. Where Relationship/Got Engaged/Got Married are the most common events added in the timeline followed by travelled etc.
  12. Originally, the developers wanted to call the “Like” button the “Awesome” button.
  13. The five most popular brands on Facebook are: Walmart, Target, Amazon, Samsung Mobile USA and Subway.
  14. Facebook is blocked in china since 2009, but it is estimated around 95 million Facebook users are in China where 29% of the total Facebook users log in from Asian countries.
  15. 1 million links, 2 million friends requested and 3 million messages are shared in every 20 minutes.
  16. 150 billion friend connections, 1.13 trillion likes and 250 billion photos uploaded on daily basis

Shocking Facts

  • Every day around 600,000 hacking attempts are made to Facebook accounts
  • It is believed about 30 million dead people are on Facebook.
  • A third of all divorce filings in 2011 contained the word “Facebook”
  • Iceland used Facebook to rewrite its constitution!
  • URL automatically directs to Mark Zuckerberg’s wall when “4″ is added to the end of Facebook url.
  • Anyone who can hack into Facebook is paid with $500.
  • You can change your language on Facebook to “Pirate.” All you have to do is to go into “Account” and then “Languages” and find “English (Pirate)”.
  • A study by Columbia University says 83% of prostitutes are having a Facebook profile and  25% of their client are through Facebook.

How to Use Social Media to Improve SEO?

Too often, companies omit their social media strategy from their SEO strategy, but this is a grave mistake. Once, SEO was limited to keywords, links and very little else. Now, however, any business not active on social media platforms is already falling behind.

The popularity of social media sites in undeniable and, for SEO agencies, unavoidable. Social media is proving a vital tool for SEO specialists and people looking to optimize their websites and business. The greatest thing of all is, it’s absolutely free and anyone can sign up to social media sites.

social media

The advanced tactics ranging from MySpace, Twitter and Facebook have made it possible for everyone to make effective and fast forwarding outreach mechanism for building healthy contacts and increasing your website page rank.

Using social media optimization to boost your traffic can be done through a different way as well. This is a traditional way of marketing which is called the word of mouth marketing. You can employ your friends, family and acquaintances for this. They can spread a word and your internet business can get some more potential customers this way.

The best thing about trying to boost your traffic rate through social media optimization is that you can be creative. You do not have to stick to orthodox marketing ways. You are free to run your imagination wild and come with new ideas. The freshness of ideas can be a sure shot way to getting more potential customers with an increase in the conversion rates.

When it comes to reputation management, social media campaigns also play a vital role. Sometimes it can tarnish the brand depending upon the positivity or negativity of the aspect or enhancing your company’s image. Websites like MySpace, Digg and YouTube have sociable reference listings that appear on the first page of the search engine tools.

Social Marketing is a very powerful tool and can definitely help boost your business online. Know your strategy and implement it. Maximize the social media platform by investing enough time to create relationships with your customers. As they say, you get what you put in.