Tips to Improve Your Click-Through Rate for your Ads

These days the digital marketing is more inclined to paid media. People refer to use the paid platforms to reach more people effectively and quickly. So optimization of your advertisement copies is absolutely necessary to make it stay apart from crowd and outperform you competition. At the same time it raises your click-through rates (CTRs) and Quality Score. However, the optimization process is purely a trial and error process and takes time to show the results.

What is click-through rate?

The click-through rate is the number of times a click is made on the advertisement divided by the total impressions (the number of times an advertisement was served):

The click-through rate of an online advertisement is represented in percentage and can be defined as the number of clicks received by the number impressions of the ad multiplied by 100

Click-through rate = (Number of Click/ Number of Impressions) * 100

Clickthrough rate CTR AdWords Help

For example, if an ad is displayed 100 times and receives 2 clicks, then the click-through rate for the advertisement would be 2%.

CTR=(5/1000)*100= 0.5%

Based upon different factors, a good CTR is 3%.  But there are chances you can achieve it more. A 3% CTR is good score, but continually improving the metrics of Adrank, you can reach even a better threshold.

Let me help you here cut to the chase. Below are my findings that can help you quickly boost your CTRs for better ROI. But keep in mind this may not fit to every advertiser.

Tips to increase your CTR. Here it goes….

Display URL: Always use WWW in your domain, which works as a physiological factor. In the recent research, it has been seen the non-www version of the urls get 16% less clicks than its counterpart.  You find more details on landing page optimization here.

Special Symbols: Better utilization of the words is important due to the limitation on the number of characters to be used in a paid search advertise. Not every symbol works but ampersand (&) certainly works best. I have see 20% improvement in CTR for the ads with & in place of AND.

Call to Action: Always split test your call-to-action when writing new ads. All call to action words do not work well. There is nothing free in this world. But the ads with word “FREE” perform 10% better than the ads without the term.

Special Words: The researches show that the ads using the work OFFICIAL have a 50% higher CTR. You can check Tiffany & Co. and Apple ads for example

USES Trademark Symbols: Trademark symbols (™, ©, ®) have a dramatic impact on the paid search ad, improving click-through rates by nearly 90 percent in many cases.

Thanks for your time here. You have any unique advice please share in comment.

How To Build a Successful Blog

Every blogger dreams to build a successful blog, create a personal brand and earn some money online. But it is not that easy as it looks. Setting up a successful blog and building personal brand is really a difficult task, which requires dedication and networking and your understanding on the topic you blog about.

Researches show around 97% of blogs fail. Well I am not sure if that is true. But the truth everyone knows is that more blogs fail than succeed.

I have been writing for a little more than 5 years now. I used to write in different article sites and some of the other free blogging platforms. What I have leaned from other successful bloggers and from my personal experience, nobody is destined to failure, as long as you are passionate and really want to reach your goal.

how to build a blog

Today, I am going to share a few tips that can help you transfer your blog to a successful venture. Stay tuned….

Set up Your Goals: 

Setting up goals boots your confidence and motivation. You need to stay focused so that you can reach your Goal.

You want to write, you enjoy writing, you love networking, you want to reach new people, you want to earn money online, and most importantly you want it quick and easy. 

And for this the first thing you have to do is to set up your goal. Yes, first decide what your blog is for, who your audience are, if you want fulltime blogging career….. 

With these goals in your mind, write some substantive how-to articles or anything that is unique for your targeted readers. 

I am not much into writing news articles. That is not my goal, where I offer my best stuffs to the newbie’s who can learn different techniques of digital marketing from me. 

For most bloggers the goal is building a brand, get traffic to sell affiliate products, supporting online income through advertisements or establishing leadership. In your case it depends on you, what you want to accomplish with your blog. 

Your Unique Selling Point: 

Deciding the USP is possibly the narrow line that differentiates your success from your failure. Be it a personal blog or a business website, if you want to stay apart from the crowd, find out your unique selling point. Readers will be easier to come by and spread your thoughts as they love it. Show your love and passion for your subject, stick to it though out your content – it will be a pleasure for readers to read and grow along with you. 

Write quality Posts: 

Content is king. No matter what others say, having great content still pays off for both search engine optimization and user engagement. Well, many successful bloggers say that they never work hard to be a successful blogger. That might be true, but if you are lazy, to survive you need to be smart. Isn’t it?

Quirky and twists in the subject make your article engaging, else readers are never going to visit your blog again.

Here is a collection of links over the years than can help you how to write blog content.

Build custom Blog Theme

High quality and professional design are no doubt is a significant factor of a successful blog. Again in the SEO perspective, you need a clean, well coded and SEO-optimized blog to make sure all search engines love your blog, where usability factors of the blog help readers find easy navigation of your blog.

Using free and funky themes does not work always. Rather it may leave a bad impression on visitor’s minds and ask questions on the credibility of the blog.

The internet is a visual medium, so a custom design for a blog will create trust and ask readers take action. A good design makes visitors find the content easily on the site and allows them to take the action you want them to do in you blog.

An exceptionally designed blog no doubt stands out of the herd, but there are obviously other factors that play a significant role in a blog’s success.

Be Social: 

Yes, I know you have heard it many times but I doubt hardly few of you only doing it in the right way. Simply sharing the blog post links in your social profiles is never going to work. The possibility of getting clicks is just .01%, if you are lucky you may get little more. But that is not enough.

What you need to do is to be unique to make the fans and their friends click to see more of what you are offering. Eye catchy title and a unique teasing images can help. You can also take the paid advertisement options that can sometimes help you make a post viral one.

Write for similar Niche Blogs:

Like your blog, you can find hundreds of similar niche blogs available in the web. And many of them offer contributor accounts. You need to contact the owner and ask for a guest author account.Through Guest blogging you not only network with other bloggers in your industry, but also it will help you drive more traffic to your blog as well. Make sure that you don’t overdo it. Go for only authority blogs.

Hope these tips will help you create a successful blog and drive you more revenue from your blog. If you have any question, do not hesitate to let me know.

How To Be the Boss of Your Business – Content Marketing Is the Key

Those who are in the online business will immediately tell you that success and money is guaranteed in the world of digital market provided your SEO is done efficiently. So what really takes it for you to be successful, to be more visible to your potential customers? This is an imperative question that every online businessman should ask themselves before starting on this business opportunity.

The answer is pretty simple. For the online businesses to be a success, plain seo will not suffice, you need something more than that, you need to build your brand, and you need to build on your online reputation.

online business

Content marketing is the key

Fresh, genuine content is more powerful than any other tools available today. Major search engines lay importance on the content present in your website. What you put online pretty much decides the result of your business. Although there are many aspects that together, make a business succeed and grow, content marketing plays a major role in establishing the roots of the business.

Content marketing is not just a task, it is a whole procedure, and it is a part of strategic seo. Just bringing fresh content isn’t enough as you need to connect to people through your content to bring positive results and ensure your business growth. For this, you first need to identify your target audience.

Most of the online businesses fail to realize the importance of deciding on a specific target audience, hence leading them to fail in their business too. Now most of you must be wondering that what targeting audience has got to do with seo and why it is important.

Targeting audience – What is it?

Well for starters it channels all of your sincere efforts to create rich content designed for the specific targeted audience that is most likely to use your products. Focusing on a specific group of people who you know are interested in your product is way better than creating content practically targeting everyone which is less effective. Now that you have understood its importance let’s talk about how to target your audience?

Know your product well and contemplate about who are going to buy and use your product. Knowing what type your product is will tell you whom to approach or target. Just think if your product or service is going to establish a mutual relationship between you and your potential audience or not. Think about how you can benefit them from your content.

You may have heard so much about content marketing being the next best thing. You may have also heard that original content is the perfect tool to drive traffic and work wonders for your online business. So you too have decided on focusing on your content.

Next what?

What should be your next step after creating a blog for your business? Or how you will build it to help your business grow?

This is the problem with most of the online businesses out there that look to create fresh content in hope of getting traffic but don’t know the next step after it or how to take it to the next level. Don’t worry because you are not the first and definitely not the last one to have this kind of problem. It is expected to be left clueless in this matter as everyone cannot be an expert. Some just find their magical touch along the way.

Always update your website with genuine, fresh and quality rich content. You may have heard this point countless times but it still is the most important basic of maintaining a successful website.  Bill Gates did not just say “Content is King” for nothing right? Regularly updating your content is an important key to successfully maintain your online reputation. Yes you have heard it right; you have to regularly update to expect positive results. It isn’t that you update your site once in a month with the best content and you think your duty is over.

It isn’t over, there’s more!

Okay just promoting your content would not suffice as long as you don’t submit your articles or blog posts in popular directories. This will help you in directing traffic towards your website. Include important keywords in your titles, texts, lists, links etc. well being a little SEO friendly will not hurt you, will it?

The information you provide must be of the best quality and from a trusted source. This is a crucial factor in deciding your content power. Use the technology to generate better content. You will only connect with your audience if the information you provide is qualitative and authentic. A connection with your audience is a deciding factor in your business’s growth. Whatever you do, make sure you do it with a personal touch; after all, you are connecting with humans, aren’t you?

It is imminent that you will face all types of obstacles in the beginning. Creating rich, genuine content over and over again isn’t child’s play. It is easier said than done. But, as Jane Lotter put it “May you always remember that obstacles in the path are not obstacles, they ARE the path.”

Don’t give up; your hard work will certainly bore result. I would like to hear from you about how you used content marketing to reach your goals in your business.

Essential WordPress Plugins for Bloggers

Dear Bloggers,

Setting up a wordpress blog is really easy. You register a domain; buy a space in a server, upload the latest version of wordpress and set up a theme. Now you blog is ready. But the actual task is to taking your blog to the next lever. Maintain the load time, keep a good layout, tighten the security and many more issues need to be touched and that is absolutely necessary for most of the wordpress sites. But fortunately wordpress is a free community and you can find loads of plugins that can help you build a better blog.

I have gathered here couple of my favorite and most useful plugins that are absolutely essential for your wordpress blog. These are all free and you could start use these in your WordPress blogs in no time.


Here is a list of essential wordpress plugings:

WordFence Security:

Yes, the most useful plugin in my list which is is 100% free. The purpose of the plugin is is to keep you blog safe form hackers. There are many other security plugins, but personally l like of for its various features. Wordfence do a deep serverside scan of the source code comparing it to the official wordpress core including themes and pluings. Not only it secures your blog but also makes it up to 50 times faster, as said by the plugin developrs. You can also try, Sucuri Security, another great plug for security integrity monitoring, malware detection and security hardening.


W3 Total Cache:

For most of the bloggers, the load time of the blog is a very big concern as it plays a vital role for build keyword ranking in different search engines. So we always need to make sure the website loads faster when the visitors come to our website. For that, big site may require extra server resource, but for blogs W3 Total Cache plugin will help you with page speed and you will never need any extra server resource. If you are not a code person, you should try WP Super Cache.

Yoast’s SEO:

Yoast is a great plug in for SEO set up of you blog. You need to generate a XML itemap or need to handle you page title or the META fields? Yes, this plugin is exactly what you need. At the same time it also provides option to verify your site in Google and Bing webmaster. It also lets you insert open graph data into your blog posts.


Almost all the visitors like to see visual content in blog posts. Visual content I mean the images you upload on your blog. Buy heavy images make the site run slow and it also take a lot of server space. So you need to optimize the images further for the web, after you upload them to your blog. However, it is a tiresome job to squeeze the image every time you upload  a new image. The best solution for the image optimization is WP, the most effective plugin that automatically optimizes the images that you upload with a bulk optimization option for already uploaded images. This plugin dramatically decreases the storage size of the images while not affecting the quality of the images.


For security reasons, I always prefer to a weekly back up my WordPress files. With this plugin it is easy to take the full back up of your blog to Dropbox, or your server. It also allows setting up an email backup on daily, or monthly basis. This could be very helpful in case if you need to move your sever and someone hacked your blog.

WP Review:

Many often to attract more visitors, bloggers love to write reviews and if you do so and writes reviews. You will certainly love this plugin.

I didn’t include 10s of plugins because more plugins do more harm than good. I included only the best and most essential plugins that you must have in order for your blog to function smoothly.

I have included only the essential plugins can take your blog to new heights. For more update keep visiting.

SEO Industry Weekly Wrap-up

Google Updates Webmaster Guidelines


Google is in constant move to make the internet as a best place and give the right info for each individual search query, they get. Recently they have updated their indexing advice for web owners. AS per the advice, for optimal rendering and indexing, the new guideline wants the googlebot to be allowed to access the JavaScript, CSS, and image elements that the webpage uses. You can read the detailed advice here.

Article Marketing Still Works

Yes, you read it correct. The article marketing is never going to die, in the next 10 years at least. But the million dollar question is how to do it correctly.  The first step for this is to the change the approach of writing content. It is not wonder that Google’s Panda and Farmer update in the recent years desolated the article directories and Guest posting. Now it is time to add the missing ingredients to your writing to please both search engines and visitors and to find the ingredients read this article.

Increase Your E-mail Open Rates

These days e-mail marketing it at its peak. And it is going to stay here for long. Successful email marketing is always helpful to tract and reaches people while driving to your website. And for blogger is it is the best way to invite personally readers to you blogs. But it is not as easy it looks. In fact webservers and Gmail also have made a lot of changes to filter out the spamm mails. To stay ahead in the email marketing game, check here.

Manually Rates Your Website

The Google toolbar page rank is gone. In a recent proclamation Google announced that, they are not going to update the page rank. Now it is time to rate your website manually, as a visitor. Keep the SEO in the bay. Now it is time for user engagement and content. Yes, read this article to find out quality rater guidelines, from SiteProNews.

Matt Cutts Extends Leave Into 2015

Google webspam team head, Matt Cutts shared the news in a note added to his original blog post from July on leave, saying: he would be in leave till 2005. As per his update he is touch with both algorithm and manual webspam team and they are doing absolutely fine in his absence. It is unclear when exactly he will join back in 2015. When Duane Forrester, his counterpart of Bing lost his job, the news is circulating he will ever join back Google.

Google is Killing POODLE bug in its Next Chrome Update

Though not in huge waves, POODLE bug, got noticed by internet giant Google. The bug lets hackers take control of a victim’s online account by exploiting web servers that have SSL version 3. This vulnerability was discovered by three Google engineers. And in the recent update, Adam Langley, security engineer in Google wrote they are going destruct POODLE in a chrome browser update 40.