AOL Joins the Race; Focus Is On Becoming a Video-Ad Powerhouse

Tuesday saw AOL reformatting its website, launching a premium video experience for its customers worldwide. The company took this step after …

Read More Real-Time Notifications for its users

This week, twitter is to roll out an interactive and real-time notification alert for the users for any engagement to their …

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Google to Block Paid Search Keyword Data

As expected, to keep Google searches secure yesterday the search giant announced that they are no more offering the paid search keywords …

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New Twitter layout :Twitter Rolling Out New Profile Design

The micro-blogging site Twitter has introduced a new design. The redesign includes elements that could remind one of Facebook, the Palo …

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Universal Analytics Out Of Beta – Google Analytics Update

First offered in October 2012, Google Universal Analytics is now out of beta. All the reports, features, and tools are now a …

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Robots txt file

What is robots.txt?

We all like search engines regularly crawl and index our website. But there are certain instances, when we want to hide …

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What is .htaccess file?

I am sure as a blogger you all are aware of htaccess. The .htaccess is the abbreviation of Hypertext Access, and is …

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seo trends

The Most Important SEO Trends You Should Follow

With ever rising internet users, Search Engine Optimization or SEO is now more significant for all most every business. From a …

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ppc landing page

How to Optimize a Landing Page for Your PPC Campaign?

Getting clicks on your ads are halfway to the success of your PPC campaign. The other half lies in the quality …

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