Google Issued Warning on Blocking GoogleBot for JavaScript & CSS

Earlier in 2012, Google warned against websites blocking its access to their CSS and JavaScript files to make it open for GoogleBot.  Here is what Matt Cutt said webmasters not to block the CSS for GoogleBots.

Although, most of the Webmasters ignored it then, But Google’s recent email warning through the webmaster consol could open a new discussion. This time Google is very serious and making sure the message is loud and clear by using notifications via email and the Webmaster Search Console, as blocking the JS and CSS files is not allowing the Googlebot to crawl your websites CSS and JavaScript files to serve its users better results while considering the on the user friendliness of a website as a ranking factor.

Though warning about suboptimal rankings is not new here, but the Search Console notifications are quite important to consider. If you don’t want to lose your ranking, you have to let the Googlebot to access your CSS & JavaScript Files.

Here is a picture of the notification as received:

Google Search Console Warnings Issued For Blocking JavaScript CSS

If you received this notification, follow the instructions in the email to diagnosis the issue and/or use the fetch and render tool within the Search Console to see what Google sees and what are blocked by your robots file.

As far as I can tell, all the webmasters received this warning this morning. It is beloved that, this JS and CSS notification was sent out to a huge number of webmasters. I have received the same for 10 of my client websites where I have blocked there JS & CSS files.

But do not panic, it is not a lot of things to do on your website to fix it. Just fix the robots.txt file on your and everything would go fine as soon as you allow the modify the robots file to crawl the files.

But you must act quickly and here is why you need to do it fast. What you can do just update your robots file with below code to quickly unblock javascript & css assets of your website.

User-Agent: Googlebot
 Allow: .js
 Allow: .css

Once you have this, you can test your setup in Search Console – Blocked resources feature.

John Mueller of Google said this in a comment on his own post on Google Plus saying “We’re looking for local, embedded, blocked JS & CSS. So it would be for URLs that you can “allow” in your robots.txt.”

CSS and JavaScript files will improve interaction with GoogleBots

The reason Google is so determined to crawl your website is to see it like an average user. When you block the css/js access, Googlebot cannot access your website layout and will probably never know if its user friendly. As usual Google wants to improve the quality of the content and services it provides to its users and it only wants to render and index websites that are user-friendly and have quality content. Blocking your CSS and JavaScript files will harm your website chances of getting better rendering and indexing.

Identify and Fix Indexing Issues on Your Website through webmaster Console

Googlebot is the web crawler used by the Google to access a website’s content. Most of the webmasters think it’s a useless resources and block crawling of their CSS and JavaScript files. In fact many of the CMS have a default block on their include files. The rendering and indexing of your website by the Google will allow you to see how the Googlebot sees your page and that’s exactly how your visitors will see it. This will help you in improving your website content for better accessibility. But, this can only happen when you allow Googlebot to fully understand your websites.

Googlebot Crawling Doesn’t Bog Down Your Website, It Rather Improves It

Most of the webmasters have doubts about Googlebot ability to process their CSS and JavaScript files and fear it will increase the bandwidth consumption and bog down their website. But, the Google has got better at processing and won’t make your website sluggish.

Another doubt that most the webmasters have is that since Google is not apt at processing CSS and JavaScript content, it might misinterpret their content as something malicious and block it. But, Google has got better and the fear of getting penalized because of your CSS and JavaScript content is unnecessary.

How It can Impact your Website Ranking

If you are thinking Google has got bullish, you might need to change the perception. Since, Googlebot cannot access your website content, it cannot render or index your pages and eventually your website will have suboptimal ranking. In order to get better ranking, Googlebot needs full access to your contents so that it can judge its quality and see if its user friendly or not.

Google’s warning about blocking the CSS and JavaScript files might open new doors of improvement. Instead of seeing it as a threat, webmaster needs to allow full access for better user interaction and better ranking. A forum discussion you can find at Stack Overflow and don’t forget to comment here.

10 Creative Techniques To Promote Your Blog For Ultimate Success

Are you tired of trying out everything but still not getting any success?

Is it frustrating to see your blog sink further down in spite of all the neck-breaking work on your part?

You want to generate more lead by diverting maximum traffic towards your blog, but that is simply not happening and you can’t understand why.

Are you hounded by these questions?

Floundering and getting confused is only expected when there is so much happening out there. You may be wondering about your progress as to where you are going wrong and the answer to this dilemma may be as simple as the basics.

Yes, you heard it right, you may be wrong on your approach. There is nothing wrong with your efforts or hard work, but simply put you may be doing it wrong all along. Well there’s nothing to feel bad about it. You are not alone in doing these mistakes.

In fact, there are just so many hopeful bloggers in the world who have just pulled out half of their hair just thinking about exactly what are they doing wrong. Don’t worry, you don’t have to lose your hair or sleep in that matter. Today, you can become a professional blogger with these simple, but powerful techniques.

blog post promotion tips
Target content topics for the people you want to promote them.

For some neat tricks visit

The trick is in promoting your blog in the right way so that you stay popular and your statistics with Google is good. The following techniques you may have heard numerous times, but it is repeated everywhere due to its significance in the success of your blog.

But there is nothing to worry as here are 10 techniques which when applied to your blog is guaranteed to bring out some positive results:

Promoting over the web

Bring the traffic towards your website the right way. To be in top ranks of the SERPs is great, but it is a little difficult to achieve. So, how to really attract the traffic? The best way is through broadcasting your content through social media sites and bookmarking sites, all over the web to make it accessible everywhere.

You also have to think about responding to rends quickly. It’s interesting to read something interesting on a latest topic that is doing rounds on the Internet. Write something on a latest topic from a different angle and just see how your viewership spreads like fire!

Wondering how you can do this, check out here.

Content, Content Oh Genuine Content!

Create genuine and valuable content always. Giving something fresh and interesting to read to the viewers will ensure people come to your blog again and again. If the content is not stressed upon then why the people will come to your site when there are thousands other available? It’s an interesting question to think over perhaps.

Creating your own Newsletter

Create your own newsletter so that people can subscribe for your blog if they want to. This will also help you in interacting and networking with more people ultimately appealing to your main goal of generating leads. But, one thing to remember is that don’t be pushy about people subscribing to your blogs. This won’t make your readers happy rather you may lose the goodwill with them that you had created in the first place.

Promote through social media accounts

Don’t forget the power of the social media! You must open your account with your real name on all major, popular networking sites because as their name suggests, these sites help you to network in the best way. It is believed today that if you want to make anything famous instantly, just put it on the platform of social media and Voila! It works.

You have created the perfect blog with the juiciest content, but how to get those readers or those followers. Its simple, the key lies with the social media. Connect with your readers on Facebook, tweet about your posts make sure you reach out to your followers and urge new ones to follow you. You would be just surprised how all this works. With the help of the social media you can just turn the tide for your blog overnight!

Like to get more social shares? Here’s how.

Frauds and scams – Just pure avoid!

Beware of the frauds and scams present in the world of Internet. The offer no matter how much tempting must be first analyzed because you can’t just achieve everything you want in such a low price. Use your head in figuring out which will be good for your blog. Don’t fall for just anything in the name of advertising! DO NOT in any case promote any fraud site in your blog just for some few bucks.

Avoid them from a mile! Fraud links can take your blog down with them. When your readers find out these links, they will be irritated about how their time was wasted. Some of them would not return to your blog altogether. In the end, you have lost some of your precious audience and potential leads, all because of those few extra few dollars.

Expert Opinions Matters

When you are writing a post for your blog, it’s always an interesting take to write something new, something original for your blog. Then what you do is, gather around some expert opinions which will support your arguments. This will make your blog more believable and relatable. This will indeed make your readers follow you here.

Proper keyword research is a must

Just putting some content up there to fill the place isn’t going to be enough for your blog. Make sure you make your posts more searchable on all the search result pages. For this the one thing you have to do is doing proper keyword research to make your posts keyword optimized and upfront searchable.

Making your blogs more visually appealing

No matter how great your blog writing is, no one will even think about reading it if it is nor visually appealing. Don’t hesitate to invest on your design of the content. Hire the best if you require or if you can do it by yourself with a little research then it’s even better. You can also use relevant images to make the posts more attractive. The key here is engaging visuals that encourage the readers or followers to participate more in the blog by liking or sharing it over the web.

Share, build relationship

When you are an owner of a blog, its paramount to build relationship with people, only then you can expect to increase your followers or subscribers. You should know your target audience; share other’s content, build a loyal audience for keeping the foundation of a strong, successful blog.  Make sure your content is according to the needs of your audience.

Collect leads for your blog

There are many latest technologies that when put to use can bring satisfactory results for your blog without fail. One of such techniques is using a lead magnet. This is the best way to convert your subscribers into leads. You can be personal with your followers through email. It totally depends on your emailing strategies and how well you execute them.

These are just some of the tips that you can follow to achieve some success in the area of blogging.

For some more creative ideas check out this

[highlight]Once you are set, you can go on from there to reach the top through regular blogging. Just start doing it and you would be pretty surprised what effective blogging can do for your business and your brand awareness.[/highlight]

How to Set Up Bing Places for Business?

If your business is just about brick and mortar, then you surely know the importance of the local customers. Small business owners like plumbers, florists, accountants, lawyers, dentists, spa, and restaurants are more inclined toward local customers and hence need to perform local SEO for better visibility for the geographically-related keywords. At the same time the significant rise in uses of mobile devices has changes the face of the intent marketing. Across the search engine results, people are very much concerned about the physical existence of the business online.

What if searchers find your business information without visiting your website? Isn’t it a great idea?

Local SEO improves business listings and helps potential customers find your small business online based on their local search results. But often when people discuss about local listing, they just only think about Google+ or Yelp and completely ignore BING PLACE. After Google, Bing is the second largest search engine and no doubt can help you reach your potential customers in your locality.

This article is all about step-by-step instructions to set up Bing Places for Business – a perfect free tool for small business.


Step 1: Get Started 

You can easily and quickly claim your business listing on BING. The very first step of get listed begins with this link: and then click “Get started” button highlighted in the webpage.

Step 2: Claim an Existing Business or Add a New Business

Once you click on the get started button you will be taken to a screen where you have to perform a search for your business either by using business phone number or using the business name and location. If you find your business already listed then you need to claim your existing business otherwise you will be asked for “add new business”.

Step 3: Login to Your Microsoft Account and Add Your Business

In this step you need a Microsoft account to log in to Bing place. You can log in to your existing account else you need to create one.

Once you’re logged in, it’s time to start adding in all of your business details to the specific fields available such as basic business details, additional business details, online presence, image & video, other contact information and general information. More details in the below screenshot.

After you fill in all of the details, you need to click on the submit button and verify your postal address. it takes 3-5 days to send the verification PIN to your registered address.

Advantage of Bing Places

  • Easy bulk upload option makes it quick and interesting
  • Easy to edit interface
  • Bing is inclusive of all social networks
  • Categories get automatically associated with your listing that you can edit as per you need

Yes, if you have not tried yet, it is the best time to check out Bing Places to claim your business listing while making it social and interesting for your visitors. .…

You need any help to list your business in Bing places, feel free to contact me at or you can directly call me on +91 750 412 9996.

How Explainer Videos can Help and What You Should Know About Them?

The most popular videos on YouTube get millions of unique views; people watch them, bookmark them, save their links, share them on their social feeds.

They do it all because they find the videos attractive.

But being attractive is not enough for a video, it needs to be informative too. How much information a video contains determines whether it’s a shallow one or covers a serious topic.

An explainer video is both attractive and informative

Their importance has skyrocketed lately.

Today’s digital dynamics is in the background of this rising importance, and undergoing quick changes. The rapid nature of this change has placed the dynamics almost on the brink of becoming mercurial.

Tomorrow, you won’t be able to rely on today’s marketing techniques.

Explainer videos are one of today’s trends, but will they continue to be relevant tomorrow? Or give way to something new? And how did they actually evolve? Above all else, what an explainer video really is in the first place?

Keep reading to get the answers.

What is an explainer video?

An explainer video blends information and entertainment. In a sense, it captures the essence of another recent fad called “Infotainment.” The message that an explainer video delivers is brief and concise; The video being engaging makes it smooth for viewers to consume the message.

Example: You want to know the ABCDs of the share market and land on a video that wonderfully explains it with the help of graphics and animation. You get a hang and close the tab on your browser appreciating the handy work of the video maker.

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A powerful marketing tool

I doubt you can come up with a better marketing tool. You can wrap everything, including the requirements and the best practices of today’s digital marketing inside an explainer video.

When unwrapped, the video produces information, packed with entertainment that delight the viewers and compel them to keep coming back to your site. Dedicated visitors are what every site aims at, and an explainer video can fetch you that.

Highly user-friendly

Explainer videos deliver users what they want; information that don’t bore. A powerpoint presentation or a white-paper might bore you to death, but a video won’t. The sound and the visuals will treat you completely differently. And the accompanying information will prevent you from digressing.

In one word, explainer videos are good at balancing out things. Imbalance troubles users, and balance entertains them…oops, infotains them. Apologies.

Types of explainer videos

The typification is done based on the content format. A 2D animation video presents the content in a way that’s different from how a video with only moving texts on the screen and a voice in the background presents it.

Following are the major types:

  • Music only videos.
  • Testimonial videos.
  • StopMotion videos.
  • Animated screenshot videos.
  • Video infographic.
  • Whiteboard videos.
  • Moving typography videos.
  • 2D animation videos.
  • Live action videos.
  • 3D animation videos.

Don’t expect any of them to be under $500. Some of them can even cost you an arm and a leg. A StopMotion video, for example, can cost you around $15K whereas a live action one featuring professional models may fall between the $40K and 50K ranges.

Insider tips

Keeping some insider tips in mind can help you create a top quality explainer video. The tips are pretty easy to grasp, and you can implement them with ease:

Keep the video simple. It should narrate a problem, introduce a solution and describe how the solution works. The shorter the video, the better. There’s no point in making it unnecessarily long. Users detest such manipulative techniques, and you should refrain from them.

Don’t beat around the bush. Get down to the business quickly. Getting straight to the point will present you as a bottomline professional, the sort of people, users prefer interacting.

Script Structure

An appealing video has an organized script. Besides graphics and animation, its quality largely depends on the script. The script needs to address a relevant problem in the beginning, and then proceed to describe how a product/service delivered by a company can solve it.

We can break a powerful script down into following parts:

  • What
  • How
  • Why

By acknowledging the problem, the script triggers audience engagement. Even if it’s a twenty minutes long video, they’ll still watch it with all their attention because they’ve already gotten the hint a solution is underway.

The “How” part is the meat and bone of the video. The audiences will put all their attention on it. Nevertheless, offering information alone is not going to help. You need to present them in an engaging manner.

By the time you’d reach the “Why” part, most audiences will lose interest, because this part is important for you, not so much for them. At this juncture, your persuasive skill will matter. You need to persuade the audiences so they buy from you, not from your competitors.

Create a killer explainer video

A bit of hands-on can give you an edge. No matter how many blogs you read on explainer videos, until and unless you create one for your brand, upload it on a video hosting site and measure the level of user-engagement yourself, you won’t get a hang of its effectiveness. Time is running away, don’t waste it, create an explainer video today and tell us about the experience.

What do you think of explainer videos? Do you agree to the points we mentioned in this article? Tell us in the comments below.