Effective Website Custom Audience Strategies – Facebook Remarketing

The Website Custom Audience in Facebook advertisement is extremely resourceful when it comes to retarget your website audience with custom Facebook messages. That not only helps to build a fan base but at the same time drives website traffic, build a email list and improves the sales. This powerful remarketing tool is just powerful enough for any size of business and not a disappointment at all.

If you are not using this awesome tool for your digital marketing purpose, you should start it now otherwise you are surely fall behind your competitors.

website custom audience

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In this post, I will cover the possible remarketing strategies for website custom audience in Facebook advertisement. 

Re-engage the website visitors: 

One of the most feasible ways to use Website custom audience is to retarget those users who have visited your websites before and yet have refrained from being your consumer. At times users spring back from the website because they prefer to research about the products a little more or for that matter the products fails to appeal them. In such a scenario, custom audience retargeting on Facebook can certainly act as a great support in order to give those consumers a reason to reconsider your brand of products.

Aim at the website visitors on Mobile: 

A great way to avail benefit from CWA is to retarget the users who have visited your website via a desktop device with an ad targeted for mobile. For instance, a marketer has the option to create a custom audience of the website visitors through desktop enabled devices especially for the people who have ditched the last leg of the shopping process. Furthermore, advertisers can put an effort to target those users whilst they are “at work “on their mobile instrument and thereby drive them to convert into your consumer.

Develop leads and connect consumers:

Of course there is not a shred of doubt in the fact that email still is touted to be the most doable platform as far as lead nurturing and customer connect is concerned. However custom audiences provide another lucid alternative like Facebook campaign which can certainly come handy to develop leads and engage customers. Basically, if a Facebook campaign is formed with a clear cut idea to exceed the reach of leads and furthermore if the KPIs are designed precisely, marketers can surely be greatly benefited by this.

Opt for cross-selling to the existing consumers:

One of the most imperative ways that the advertisers can avail to bring enhancement in sales is custom audiences. Basically, with the help of custom audiences, marketers can have it quite easy to retarget their top level existing customers. Moreover, by re-engaging the existing customers, advertisers can enjoy a great flow of repeat sales which indeed is a good sign in business perspective. Furthermore, with the support of custom audiences, marketers can generate some new segments consists specifically the converting visitors. And thereby re-target those visitors to Facebook with the same kind of products or for that matter with the products on similar lines.

When you create a WCA, the default duration to track the visitors is 30 days which can be extended upto 180 days. So you can reach anyone who visited specific pages or your website in the past 30-180days.

Have you ever used WCA? Feel free to share your success story in comments.

Benefits Of Using Website Custom Audience

In my previous article I wrote about how to create a Facebook website custom audiences to reach the visitors visited a website/particular page of a website. In this article let us discuss the benefits of using website custom audience in Facebook.

Custom Audiences from your website is the most interesting tool in Facebook advertisement, which makes it easy for you to deliver the right and custom message to the visited your website in Facebook.

The Custom Audiences from your website is the Custom Audience pixel in Facebook, which is a small piece of javascript code placed on every page of a website which tracks the visitors to your page/pages.

By using Custom Audiences in Facebook, you can reach the prospective customers or the visitors in Facebook and show your ads to them, who really expressed interest in the products of your website.

Benefits of using website custom audience

For example, you could run a ad campaign to reach out to those visitors who visited the site and viewed a specific webpage of Red Jackets but have not made a purchase from the website.

Here goes the best 3 Benefits of using Website Custom Audience in Facebook

  • Get back the probable consumers to complete a purchase: There cannot be a bigger perk for an advertiser than the fact that the visitor who had turned his face away from your products would convert into your customer eventually.  And this can only be facilitated by custom audience targeting. Thus, in the nutshell it can be stated that using website custom audiences can bring a lot of growth in your business if utilized in a proper strategized manner.
  • Discover the customers similar to your website visitors: This is certainly quite a great thing considering the fact that you can even find and target some of the new probable customers and moreover can even be able to engage to convert them into your consumers with your offerings. Undoubtedly, a good traffic of new customers can definitely prove to be instrumental in the growth of revenue and business as a whole.  
  • Helps to augment email and direct marketing operation: One of the biggest perks of custom audience lies in the fact that it can be a great help in enhancing your direct marketing along with emails. For instance, if you are into direct campaigning, it’s quite likely that you might have had to put effort in collecting the email address and contact numbers. But if you opt for Facebook custom audience, the whole process can come handy for you by simply uploading the email addresses in the drip campaign and thereby target the same people with a series of same kind of contents through Facebook ads. Certainly there can’t be an easier way than this to invoke an interest among the users about your brand and product.  Thus, in every which way website custom audience can turn out to be a feasible tool to execute.

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How to Create Facebook Website Custom Audiences?

With a massive 1.44 billion monthly active users (March 31, 2015), FACEBOOK is the largest social platform to reach and commute with your customers in real-time. As per its latest update (February 2015), Facebook has more than 2M active (the advertisers, who use facebook to promote their website and active for last 28 days) advertisers.

Website Custom Audiences facebook

Google may be synonymous with web traffic, but Facebook refers more traffic to news sites, according to recent data from traffic analytics firm Parse.ly. So if you’re selling any products or services through your website, there is a very good chance that you can reach and retarget your website visitors through Facebook Website Custom Audiences. Successful Facebook advertisers know this strategy really works for the most of the websites.

It’s been almost more than 2 years since Facebook has introduced website custom audiences (WCA). Indeed, the tool has proved to be a path-breaking initiative which continues to thrive in a great way for advertisers.

If utilized properly, no tool can come at par as this. So, before you wonder about the effectiveness of website custom audience, this article brings some relevant and intricate details about it. Read on!!!

What is Website Custom Audiences?


What Facebook says – “Custom Audiences from your website makes it easy to reach people who visit your website and deliver the right message to them on Facebook.”

Basically, website custom audiences help the marketers to create their Facebook ads and thereby help them aim at those users who have visited their website previously or purchased anything from their site.  To put it in brief, this particular tool offers a great support to the advertisers in order to stretch their reach further than the existing fans and email subscribers. The key aspects of it lie in the fact that it is greatly instrumental in building rampant fan base and to drive traffic. At the outset, WCA does seem to be quite similar with Facebook exchange (FBX) which also works on the same realms of retargeting users on Facebook who have already visited the site. However, there is a stark difference between both the tools as FBX basically use an approved third party in order to create domains ad which helps to drive traffic to the websites. Whereas, when it comes to WCA, it is created and furthermore utilized on Facebook within power Editor or Ads tool. Thereby it clearly means that marketers can create any kind of ad that they naturally would on Facebook in order to target the visitors towards the website.

Moreover, one of the greatest advantage that the marketers can enjoy if they avail WCA is no third party can take the cut as clearly there is no third party tool involvement in it. Thus, website custom audiences surely have far more perks to offer the marketers than that of the FBX.

How Custom Audiences from Your Website Works

Many people visit your website but only a few of them may purchase, others simply express interest and left the site for any reason. As they browse or make purchases from your website they are automatically added to Custom Audiences that you define.

Later use these Custom Audiences from your website to create more focused ads on Facebook or to re-market to people who have already expressed interest in your product.

How to create Website Custom Audiences in Facebook?

  • Visit your Facebook Ads Manager
  • Select Audiences from the Tool menu drop down
  • Click on create Audiences and select custom audience form drop down
  • Click on web traffic from Your Website
  • Agree to the Terms of Service beforehand
  • You will be asked for Audience Name and Visited URLs. Here you can input any page, keywords, or URLs where the pixel will be executed on your site
  • Set the retention window where you can input a few as 1 and as many as 180 days for people to remain in this Website Custom Audience.

Once completed, you need click on the View Custom Audience pixel link that will provide the a javascript to be uploaded to the every page of your website. Make sure you have copied the whole code and implemented in the write place of the website. There is a facebook pixel helper chrome extension that can help you review the site if the code has been installed properly.

You turn:

Have you ever used Facebook website custom audiences to reach your existing customers or those who visit your website? Have you tried Facebook’s custom audience options? If so share your story in comments.

Do Online Reviews Really Affect Buyers?

It is commonly believed that words of mouth have a strong influence on the customers’ purchase decision. Is the scenario same online? Presumably so but then Google always needs proofs that can be collected from surveys and analysis. Let us see what they got from respondents’ answers during surveys.

In 2014, more than 1 trillion search queries were processed by Google search engine alone. With every passing day, the tech giant is making inroads in every aspect of our daily life with a view to understand our needs and scoop out information about anything you can imagine.

A simple example could explain it better how search results on Google are affecting the consumers’ purchase decision. With a view to shed more light on this subject, Goggle formed research study comprising 100 consumers as a part of their Consumer Surveys. The objective of such survey and analysis was to find out the ways of interaction between the consumers and Google as well as other sites on the eve of making their purchase decision.

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online review

Do they limit their search to only 1st page?

When you search for a particular product, hundreds of results come up. Do the visitors have time and patience to check all those? It is hardly possible. During survey, 36% of the participants revealed that they view the first two pages and hardly go beyond those. However, it was clear from the research that less than 2% of visitors take a look at the search results below the top five.

It also makes one thing more evident that there is a remarkable difference between real-life data and self-reported activity in regards to online search.

Are online reviews really impact?

The reviews conducted by Google are included in Google+ Local initiative and displayed atop the search results for businesses. The same also holds true for TripAdvisor and Yelp. These review sites are prevalent in Google search results. It was a priority for Google to understand how these reviews mould consumers’ decision.

The result of surveys revealed that online reviews have heavy impact on 67.7% of the participants’ purchase decision. 54.7% percent of the respondents admitted that they consider online reviews are authentic and have a influence over their decision as to whether to make a purchase of a particular thing or not.

So, negative reviews affect your business.  But how?

Want to know the impact of one single negative article on any businesses? Well, it faces the risk of losing 22% of customers. If the visitors stumble on three negative articles, a particular business can lose 59.2% of customers. The same will see 70% customers falling off if four or more negative articles are published on Google.

Are there some selected websites the buyers visit before shopping?

It is a fact that visitors prefer searching on Google before spending for a particular product or service. However, some of them also search on other popular reviews sites to gather as much information as they can about a product/service/brand. They want to be sure that the products they intend to buy is good and justifies their spending.

The research results expose the fact that most of the people cannot memorize the websites they visited for information prior to purchase. Google+ Local reviews got the maximum attention; at least it seems not to have faded from their extremely volatile memory! Amazon ranks second in terms of influencing customers’ decision and number of visitors it receives. The studies also show that more people have trust on Wikipedia to know about a brand or company than TripAvisor or Yelp.

So, what to conclude from online reviews?

It is clear from the survey reports that online reviews have a significant amount of impact on the consumers. Most of them rely on these reviews to make their purchase decision. However, it is also clear that the tech-savvy consumers will never put their patience through the paces and also don’t have time to scoop out details about any product, service or a brand from more than first two pages. In fact, most of them don’t like moving beyond the 1st page of Google search results.

It can be inferred from the survey reports that Google+ Local is the most visited site for information. If the consumes stumble on negative contents there, they feel disinterested in spending on the product or visiting your businesses.

We may conclude that reviews in Google search results will have a tremendous impact on how much profit one will be able to wrap up from his business. Marketing professionals, surveyors, researchers and business strategists should consider the feedbacks, negative reviews and any damaging response from the consumers as these have a very strong impact on sale of anything as well as branding of the company.

The Importance of Local Business Directory in SEO

The huge rush in building a quick online presence for local business has made it really competitive for companies to rank their local business higher in different search engines. While almost all the search engines provide options to add the local business to their list, the contest to have a greater presence of the businesses has become very critical to any local digital marketing plan. No one really wants to wait but quick visibility in SERPs.

For all those who are into local business but unable to find the exact means to promote it in a large scale, local business directories certainly can turn out to be a great option for both traffic and better ranking. There is no doubt that maintaining stability in ranking of the local keywords is quite a difficult task due to heavy competition among the local businesses to grab the first page result. The fact is, in this digital world a local business needs the right platform to make noise about its presence and this is what precisely local business directories help to do.

Local Business Directory !! What is it?

Basically, local business directory is the list/directory of businesses and possess all the relevant business information about a website that provides services/products to the people in a specific geographic area. Mainly local business directories offer local business owners ways to promote their website by putting in significant data to market their business in online spectrum. Thus, in short local directories act as that informative medium which puts an end to the search of the consumers for their desired products and services in their area. At the same time it helps search engines to provide necessary information for better ranking. Recently Google made significant change to it local search ranking algorithm that includes distance and location parameter. You can read more about the pigeon update here.

People no more look into the printed yellow pages to search for the local businesses these days rather people hunt for that quick and efficient way which can instantly provide them the required information specific to their location like hospitals, hotels, restaurants etc in different search engines. Hence in such a scenario, local directory turns out to be a great help for both the consumers as well as the businessmen whose business has been listed in it.

For instance, when somebody plans to check the local service providers in his locality and unknown of the providers available, obviously would go for online search. That is where the existence of Local SEO comes, is the process of optimizing your website so that you can gain higher local search rankings. It is believed that over one third of the searches done in the internet are local search terms, i.e words having a geo-specific word (example: “Carpet Cleaner Dallas”) added to it. Links from the local directories are the best backlinks for any website wants to gain better ranking for local search terms, though there are more 100 facts the calculates the local search ranking.

In order to use local business directories for your SEO purpose, you must add your business to the directories. All you have to do is to leave the detail information regarding the business and verify the listing. Basically, adding all the details is quite easy but most of the sites take a postal verification method. Moreover, you need to register into a local directory site, fill the required information of your local business and verify. By doing so; you will make your business easily accessible by the people of the locality where your business is based on. More the website is filled with the information of its services, the more credibility it earns and business directories rate such websites in a different viewpoint.  So is the case for search engines ranking.

Adding your business to the local business directories indeed is a big assurance factor that your target clients and consumers are aware about your presence and at the same time it provide great option to rank higher in the local search results.

With the help of the relevant local directories you can find a perfect way to reach your targeted customer base and thereby make them aware about your presence in the online market.  Moreover, apart for better search engine ranking; the biggest advantage of using the platform of local directories is that you can avail a medium which can be instrumental in sending massively relevant visitors to your website.

Time indeed is the biggest commodity for a businessman and hence, investing it wisely at the right place is extremely pertinent. Therefore, you must ensure to find the right local business directory to list your business instead of making a random choice for the submission.

In order to find the right directories to add your listing all you need to do is to look out as to which are the local business directories that your business rivals have opted to add their listings in. Basically, checking out the listing of the competitors and using the same directory for your business can earn you massive benefits. The fact is you will be visible to your target clients pretty easily by opting for this process.

The ideal way to go about it is to hit a search engine to find out the existed listings of your business and thereby claim it immediately.

local business directory

Here is a list of top 50 Business directories

1. Google 2. Bing 3. Yahoo! 4. Yelp 5. Merchant Circle 6. LinkedIn
7. YellowPages.com 9. Whitepages 10. Supermedia 11. Yellowbook 12. CitySearch
13. Mapquest 14. Biznik 15. Local.com 16. Foursquare 17. ThinkLocal 18. CitySlick
19. USYellowPages 20. SuperPages 21. Outside.in 22. Dex
23. BizJournals.com 24. TeleAtlas 25. JustClickLocal 26. Discover our Town
27. Metrobot 28. EZ Local 29. twibs 30. LocalEze 31. Kudzu 32. CityVoter
33. Manta 34. Zipweb 35. MatchPoint 36. UsCity.net 37. Local Site Submit
38. InfoUSA 39. Axciom 40. Infignos 41. Yellow Assistance 42. Get Fave
42. My Huckleberry 43. GenieKnows 44. MojoPages 45. Brownbook
46. Magic Yellow 47. CitySquares 48. TeleAtlas 49. Navteq GPS 50. Judy’s Book 

Mobile search is another integral aspect that you must choose to opt for.  Do not forget that mostly people even prefer to go for the mobile search. Thus, it is extremely pertinent that you do the same research on mobile search as well.  In this way, you can discover some other important directories that the mobile users rely on. And hence, you can accordingly pick the local business directories that enjoy a good ranking in the mobile search for your business promotion as well.

Overall, you can enjoy free traffic, prospective customers and better search ranking by listing your business on the credible local business directories.  But do not forget to be analytical to gauge as to which particular local business directories are yielding positive results for your business.

Guide to Online Reputation Management

Whether it is offline or online, we all need to pay attention to build reputation, but still there are a lot of misconception about online reputation management and many business have literally no idea on the impact of on online reputation on business and sales. Online Reputation Management for business is really a very complex thing to understand unless and until they are into such a situation that damages their reputation.

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One thing for sure, negative reputation have adverse effect on your company’s sales funnel. So to recover from a bad online reputation, it is important to tackle it without wasting any time at all. Otherwise you would be forced into a disagreeable and costly situation that will ruin everything you have. But with so much information available online, there are chances users will forget the bad news about your brand. However, you need to take quick and smart steps to ensure your negative image is replaced with a enhanced and positive one.

Online Reputation Management The Ultimate Guide Infographic

In this article here, I’m going to explain the most important and proven ways you can save your online reputation, especially when you need them immediately.

Find it early on the SERPs:

If any negative news is circulating, search engine result pages are the first place you will find them. And that is where you need to tackle them immediately. All you will need identify the keywords for which the negative posts are appearing. This will help in glossing over the negative with the much more positive news; you have to optimize the same keywords with a more positive post to help create a positive image of your brand.

Social Media Profiles the best Option:

Anyone who has been into digital marketing knows that Social media is one of the best as well shortest ways to build custom audience and followers. That also helps your website rankings high up in the SERPs out ranking the negative reviews/comments. Use the same keywords for which the negative post are appearing for creating positive social media posts in powerful social media profiles like the Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus and Twitter. To make the campaign even more effective, connect all the social profiles together.

Connect your Social profiles to Blogs and Articles:

Blogs and articles are powerful tools to reach out to your target audiences. When you share your articles or blogs in different domains, or when readers share them in their own blog site, you have the chance to widen the reach along with the social profiles that you have attached. This ways you can reach the target audience more easily and more effectively. Not to mention, this will also help you rank better in the SERPs.

Address the Negative News Head-On:

If there is some negative news circulation about your company or product (by a disgruntled customer who want revenge or just for 15 minute of fame), instead of trying to gloss over, address it as it is. If there was really a problem with a product or service, use your blogs and most importantly use your social media profiles to interact with your customers and explain the problem. This will help in restoring the faith back in your company. Tackle negative news with figures and facts to support your claim.

Online reputation is something that is not built over night, but a single negative post can ruin your efforts of years. The best way to tackle online reputation damage is to address it as quickly as possible with the best digital marketing tactics.