Your Guide to Successfully Selling Your Products Online

Running a business is all about the important decisions you make. One of the big ones is going to be looking at how you sell products online. The best way of doing this is to have a plan in place to help you with it.

Follow this guide, and use it to help you successfully sell things online.

Get the Right Products

Head over to and see what they suggest to help you do this. You need to identify what is popular, and what is in demand, and then make sure you focus on these things. You have to make sure you get the right products and then you should have no problem making the necessary sales.

Make Your Prices Competitive

There’s no use in trying to generate a lot of sales if you don’t have the right prices. You’ve got to make sure you price yourself in a competitive way. There are going to be a lot of other businesses out there doing the same thing. So, you come up with prices that will be attractive to customers and keep you competitive. Take a look at the market prices, and try to get yours to match what they are.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization

When it comes to marketing your business, you need to use lots of different techniques. One of the key ones to help you in selling your products is to make use of SEO. This can help customers to find your site when they go searching for it. You should visit to see how SEO can be used to help benefit your business. You need to drop as much as you can to try to secure online sales. This is one of the best things you can do to help you increase the number of sales you make.

online business

Online Store

These days, the best way of selling your products online is to create an online store. Now, there is a lot you can do to help you achieve this. You need to think about efficiency and ease, and that’s why you need to come up with the perfect store to help you out. This will allow customers to visit the store and make payments as soon as they develop an interest. It’s the best way of turning leads into quick sales.


It’s crucial that you do everything you can to ensure that your website is perfect. This is such an important part of business, and you’re going to be using it to promote your business. So, you have to work on it and make sure it’s okay. Hire web design experts to make sure you have the best designed website out there. This will help you to sell your products much better, particularly if you attach an online store as well.

Selling your products online is certainly the best way forward these days. But, you might like to think about the fact that you need to get it right. So many other people will be doing the same thing as well. And that means it’s going to be a very competitive market out there. So you need to give yourself the best possible chance of success by following the ideas on here.

Tips to Build a New Website with Maximum SEO Benefits

You can optimize an existing website for search engine anytime, but the best approach for building a well optimized website would be to plan it form the time you start developing the website.

The document structure, design architecture or landing pages all need to be planned during the development phase of the website which helps in building a SEO friendly website.

Well, start it from the scratch or revamp an old website the important thing is to make your site to something that the search engines actually love.

And for this all you need to know is the basics of a search engine friendly website.

It is not that difficult…

Here in the article you will read about the tips to build a website that search engines love and rank higher. Let’s start….

URL Structure:

A URL (Uniform Resource Locator) is a human-readable format of the IPs that computers use to communicate with the host server.

It is the url that describes a site or a page to the visitors and search engines. The URLs are one of the biggest SEO optimization factor for any website. So it needs to be handled with care.

Keeping them relevant to your keywords/subject and compelling is the key factor to rank well.

The urls need to be short, descriptive, static and it should use dash (-) in place of underscores ( _ ) when you have multiple words in your url. So that both visitors and search engine will know what exactly you page is about. Using dynamic parameter it the url should be avoided.

seo friendly URL

  • An example of a good URL could be:
  • An example of a poor URL would be:

You can read more here, what Google says about url structure for websites.

Easy to Use Navigation

Visitors always love sites those provide them simple and easy to follow options. Same is the case for the search engines. Ideally websites having simple and clean navigation structure ranks better than its competitors.

For most of the business websites, you can find a top menu structure as a main navigation option for all the important pages. For blogs the sidebar links work perfect to list the categories and recently published posts.

So, one should keep it in mind that your navigation structure in the website need to be simple and easy for visitor to navigate to find the important pages there.

Mobile Device Responsive

SEO is no more limited to search in desktop devices only. There is a rapid increase of web searches via mobile devices these days.

So while you start your new websites, all you need to build websites that are having multi-platform usability options to ensure the visitors can properly access your site regardless of which device they’re on i.e your website needs to be responsive to any device – smartphone, computer or tablet.

You can check your website mobile-friendly test here.

Load Time Optimization

Website page speed plays a very vital role in both search engine optimization and usability. Google and all other search engines consider page load time as one of the key ranking factors in organic SERP. With numerous competitors online, the struggle to earn site traffic and impress your visitors with a quick loading website is the most crucial thing these days. Lightning-fast page load speed amplifies visitor engagement, retention, and boosts sales.

So if your new website does not load quickly, there is a high chance of bounce rate and lose your visitors to your competitors.

Setting Up Social Media Profiles

Integration of the social media profiles to your new website has huge benefits. By using the social media, you can gain a large attention from the visitors and by that way, you can raise your brand awareness and believability.

These days all search engines use social media mentions as one of the ranking factors in SEO.

Social media sharing gives boost  to your content around the web, makes it reach in front of more people, gaining more mentions and more links, and thereby increasing your search engine rankings as well as your brand awareness, credibility, authority, and reach.

Relevant Images

While designing your website, make sure that your images are worthy and relevant to your website. Reshape the images to the size you want them to be displayed. Reshaping or resizing is important because if the page faces speed problem due to the image then visitors will not visit the website very much.

Your alt image text is also very important, so remember to properly implement the alt tags, which could be your keywords or any key phrase that is important for your business segment.

Make sure you have the alt tags present for your logo image, header image and all buttons and other images you used in your site design for your new website.

Research Your Keyword Very Well form the Start

Researching on the keyword is very necessary for the SEO benefits, especially when you have a new website to set up. Using the Google Keyword Planner will give you immense benefit. You can make some basic keyword research by using the Google Keyword Planner.

By using the above simple and fundamental a website can be designed as SEO- friendly. There are also many more SEO elements that can be integrated into a new site design– which ones would you add to this list, say in comments.

High Traffic Academy Review — Why Negative Reviews Don’t Tell the Whole Story?

Why I Chose to Write This HTA Review?

What if some people want to keep you believing that earning money from the Internet is a pipe dream–because the more saturated the market becomes, the more competition those have in the online marketplace they are playing in? What if those who have failed dismiss all those people who have found success in the past as either exceptionally lucky or scammers?

It is a scary thought that we might be looking at the online marketing industry and judging people through the lenses of those who either have biased reasons to make the claims they do or simply see a limited scope of the whole picture. Yet, this is what seems to be happening when people form opinions based on negative reviews re: High Traffic Academy for Internet marketing training.

That is why I wanted to write this review… I thought it was important to look at High Traffic Academy through an unbiased reviewer’s lens.

High Traffic Academy

A Look at Those Who Claim High Traffic Academy Is a Scam.

When I started looking at those who had failed to see the results they were looking for after taking High Traffic Academy courses, I compared what was being taught in the courses to what was being produced by the complainers and those who had provided poor reviews. It was clear that many of the people that hadn’t found success didn’t follow instructions to the “t” of what was laid out in the courses.

The first thing many people do when they fail is look for someone else to blame other than themselves. Perhaps, it is human nature to not turn the microscope back on ourselves. People want to believe they have done everything in their power to achieve success.

These reviewers were people who were often new to Internet marketing. Anyone who has learned the ‘tricks of the trade’ would be a better judge of whether what High Traffic Academy offers is legit or not.

Another thing I noticed was if you look at the authors–that seemed to have been in the industry for a longer period of time– of some of the reviews, they own their own affiliate networks or offer Internet marketing training themselves. Obviously, they are just looking at any excuse to put their competition down. It is not to say that some claims are not without justification, but they seem one sided — looking at only the bad without mentioning the good as well.

There are actually a lot of positive review on High Traffic Academy from industry thought leaders like Mike Bennett, Andrew Rezk, and Meanie Le. Some of the positive reviews almost make it sound like HTA has the best Internet marketing training.

I would suggest reading both positive and negative reviews, rather than just reading one or the other, to get a look from all sides. From that, you will, hopefully, be able to come to your own conclusions re: HTA.

Don’t Judge on What It Was; Judge on What It Is!

It seems that a lot of negatively toward HTA were from former members or those who ran an old program that is no longer available through HTA. High Traffic Academy has grown to become more and offer more than it did originally or say even a year ago. If you are not a current member, have not been part of a more recent training, or have not promoted a current funnel, your review of HTA is probably outdated.

The original HTA has taken the industry with a bang and has been highly successful–but with that remarkable success Mr. Vick Strizheus was prompted to launch HTA 2.0. and now HTA 3.0. HTA 3.0contains additional benefits for Elite Masterminds and Master Marketers along with a suite of specialty products that the first two versions didn’t have.

The founders of High Traffic Academy want you to learn all the secret arts of money-making and traffic generation. The extensive digital marketing guide, that is HTA, aims to create a new breed of marketers and Internet enthusiasts, who have full control over their success.

Can this vision be implemented? How far has it progressed to date? If you look at the members of High Traffic Academy, many of them are loyalists who have been Elite or Master Marketer members for a long time. That speaks to the success of what is taught in webinars and training modules. If they weren’t effective, people wouldn’t stay. The numbers talk!

6 Practices that the SEO Must-do List should cover in 2016

It’s 2016 and we are definite to see new SEO practices being adopted by the industry. If you are an online marketer and wondering what practices will dominate this year, then read on.

Revamped keyword research

SEO begins with keywords. Optimizing a page means optimizing it in respect to one or more keywords. In 2016 marketers will be coerced into applying new methods of keyword research because following the outdated strategies might invite penalty from Google. New ways of keyword research involve the use of long-tail keywords and additional key-phrases that are conceptually similar to the main keywords.

SEO 2016

Let’s say you are an automobile brand and one of your campaign keywords is “auto parts manufacturer.” Use additional keywords like “auto-parts makers in price-fixing deal.” The latter is a long-tail keyword as well. Google Keyword Planner is a free, yet useful tool for keyword research.

Mobile SEO

Guess what! For the whole of 2014, mobile user-base breathed down on desktop user-base’s neck. In 2015, outrun desktop user-base. This year, the former is far greater than the latter. Millions of people now access the internet only from handheld devices.

Mobile SEO is no longer an optional consideration, but a must. If your site is not optimized for mobile devices, then the odds of getting visitors is overwhelmingly low. The mobile SEO checklist includes responsive web design in tandem with adaptive web design. It also includes optimal page-load time and smooth navigation.

An infographic on Kissmetrics suggests the optimal page-load time for mobile devices is 5 seconds and for desktop devices, it’s even less, only 3 seconds. Browser caching and image resizing in regard to the device being used are essential to reducing loading time.

Social SEO

The term was unheard of even a few years back. But in 2016, social SEO is so impactful that it can make a difference. Social SEO blends social media and SEO. Unlike conventional SEO, which prioritizes a top rank on search engine, social SEO prioritizes getting visitors and sales conversion.

For brands, the benefit of social SEO is it kills two birds with one stone for them. They don’t have to chalk out two separate plans, one for social media marketing and another for SEO. Social sharing is an important parameter. A report from BuzzSumo indicates 50% articles on the web get eight shares or less. Google considers these insights as quality indicators.

Social SEO allows marketers to measure their performance. A lead generation drive, caused by social media, a post or a video going viral and the ensuing surge in engagement are all signals that indicate the campaign is doing great.

Content marketing

Do I even have to mention that content marketing is the backbone of SEO? Perhaps not. It’d be a mere reiteration in 2016. SEO’s dependence on content marketing has become so high that quality content is now a rule of thumb for all online marketers.

Content no longer means text content. Images, videos and podcasts also qualify as content, perhaps more impactful than conventional content because such content formats are user-friendly and create engagement. On the technical front, quality content lets users find value in it and assures search engines that corresponding SEO efforts stand on strong pillars.

Google’s featured snippet is a leverage for SEOs. They can harness this feature only through content marketing. An analyst called Ben Goodsell explained how getting a featured snippet increased his client’s site’s organic performance by 516%. To get  featured snippet, content of a page must be framed like the answer to an anticipated question. SEOs need to staff additional information to increase its visibility.

Doorway pages

Last year, Google announced the doorway page update. According to Google’s announcement, some doorways have high chances to be considered as spam. In 2016, a marketer should make it his priority to dodge the doorway page update.

The workarounds for him include getting rid of pages that are thin in content, pages that serve no real purpose other than driving users to the lead capturing page and they should be very careful when executing the sales funnel strategy because Google’s blog on the update reads, “Pages generated to funnel visitors into the actual usable or relevant portion of your site(s).”

The target pages for sales funnel should have a clean and uncluttered look. Along with that, those pages should have a requisite volume of content. Interlinking is good but as long as it sends users to pages where they can get relevant information.

Visual web

The visual culture is taking over the web. Websites that don’t have enough visuals are less likely to appeal to visitors. This is a content marketing must-do as well because adding images to a content can increase its effectiveness.

Audio-visual content or videos will rock the web all through 2016. We have discussed how explainer videos can aid in marketing as they offer information as well as entertainment.

As a marketer, if you are not using stock and original images, and videos for product promotion, then you are putting yourself back in the race. Start using visual and audio visual content from today to hurl forward.


We are in the first quarter of 2016 and it’s too early to predict anything. That being said, the practices discussed above has gained importance in 2015 and will make it even bigger this year. Don’t forget to follow these practices to get better SEO results.

Keeping Your Business Safe Both Online and Offline

When you’re a business owner, you will usually work both online and offline. This ensures you reach your target market more effectively.

However, having a business can put you at risk from thieves and other disasters. Whether you work online, offline, or both, there’s something here to help you. Take a look:

Keeping Your Business Safe Online[divider]

Use Software to Safeguard Information

If you work with sensitive information, then it’s a good idea to use software to encrypt that information and stop untrustworthy sources getting to it. You can never be too careful when you have client’s information on your system.

Be Careful of the Language You Use

You must be careful of the language you use when speaking with clients. Over email, blogging, social media – it can all affect your reputation. Make sure anybody who controls those channels knows how to speak to customers and the brand voice you’d like to project. You should be consistent.

business safety

Protect Your PCs

Protect your PCs from viruses, spyware, and anything else that could jeopardize your business.

Use Strong Passwords

Having strong passwords that must be changed regularly will help to keep everything safe. You shouldn’t take any chances when conducting your business online.

Backup Your Work

Make sure you have your work backed up in multiple places, for example, on the cloud. This will ensure that whatever happens to your physical PCs, the work still remains.

Keeping Your Business Safe Offline[divider]

Choose Your Business Premises Carefully

Choose your business premises carefully. Make sure it’s safe and sturdy. Does the area have a high number of vandals, break ins, or floods? This could affect your business if you’re not careful.

Do Background Checks on All Staff

Before hiring anybody, make sure you’re willing to do background checks on them. It might seem unnecessary, but it’ll protect you. You don’t truly know somebody even if they come across as a nice person, so make sure you’re careful.

Have Equipment Tested and Maintained

Make sure that you test and maintain any equipment used in your business to a safe standard. Appliance testing and tagging will ensure that everything you’re using is as safe as can be.

Have Alarms

Have alarms installed on your business premises to alert you of any dangers. Make sure you also have alarms to deter burglars and other criminals. They will be worth the investment. Even if nothing ever sets them off, you’ll have peace of mind.

Get Insurance

Having insurance is an essential part of keeping your business safe. If you have a fire and your equipment is destroyed, you could end up losing a lot of money. If your things are stolen, or even if an employee gets injured, insurance can help you. Don’t risk it!

Keeping your business safe both online and offline is so important. If you’re careless, your sensitive information could be stolen. You could have a fire or break in. You could end up with a lawsuit on your hands. Just about anything could happen. Take precautions and there will be no need to worry.

Is Your Digital Business Ready For Success In 2016 & Beyond?

The digital business arena has grown exponentially over the past 20 years. It is now arguably as important as commerce in the physical world. As such, companies from all over the world have incorporated online ventures into their operations.

However, many are being left behind. The online business world has evolved at a rapid rate. Quite frankly, many ideas that would have worked five years ago are now very outdated. If you want your business to thrive in 2016, then it’s imperative that you are updated with the latest and greatest facilities.

Is Your Digital Business Ready For Success In 2016

Computers haven’t just opened up new forms of communication with the customer. They play a central role in almost every aspect of modern business. Experts at Camwood can ensure that your systems are prepared for modern business. Whether it’s application migration or readying them for cloud computing doesn’t matter. Any step to a more efficient business operation has to be a positive one.

Ultimately in your business, the end goal is to gain sales from the customer. Online transactions have become increasingly popular every year. Nowadays, millions of people complete online purchases every day. Simply building interest is no longer enough. If you want to see the best results, then you need to give clients the chance to buy your items through those digital solutions.

However, customers won’t complete a purchase if the facilities don’t feel trustworthy. Therefore, it’s imperative that your website is equipped with the very best ecart software. Otherwise, potential customers will turn away and take their business elsewhere. That’s the last thing that you need.

Before converting a sale, though, you must first gain interest from the audience. Embracing search engine optimization to boost your Google rankings will bring a steep increase in traffic. However, you shouldn’t underestimate the importance of interacting with the customers too.

The digital platform makes it difficult to establish face-to-face connections. However, gaining greater interactions on Instagram and other social media sites will work wonders. As well as marketing your products, you can use these systems to enhance the relationships. After all, consumers love to buy into the people behind a brand. Showing your personality here is always a great idea.

Gaining increased interest and sales from customers will increase your revenues. But this isn’t the only way to improve your overall profit levels. If you want to see maximised results, you should look to trim unnecessary spending too. Those marketing upgrades are a great start. However, there’s plenty more that can be achieved.

Improvements to digital communications have made outsourcing certain tasks easier than ever before. This is a great way to lower staffing costs and remove the need for bigger premises and specialist equipment. Combine this with finding the best delivery services, web hosting and insurances. With every penny having a direct impact on the venture, you can only see positive outcomes.

When used effectively, modern tech can take your business to a new level. Stay ahead of the game to serve the needs of your customers, and success is guaranteed.

The Characteristics of a Successful Business Trip

From time to time, you might have to travel to do business. Even with all the technology, it is sometimes best to meet face to face. When you meet in person, you can establish a better relationship and an even bigger bond between two companies.

You run a online business that does not mean you can’t travel. Recently one of my clients was on a business travel vacation.. 25 days, 5 countries and 15 destinations. This helped him successfully seal some great opportunities to expand his business across borders. Still he was all the time in touch with me and regularly checking his campaign’s progress. All you need to know to leveraging your travel experience through technology.

However, business trips are not all fun and games. From an administrative point of view, they are a nightmare. Because you don’t want your trip to tank and ruin this great opportunity, you need to make sure it runs like clockwork.

Here’s how you turn a humble business trip into the opening of a lifetime.

The Characteristics of a Successful Business Trip

Plush Digs[divider]

The accommodation that you book could be the difference between the trip going well and going poorly. If you are hosting your companions in your hotel, you need to give off a good impression. Otherwise, they will make a judgement of your company that won’t do you any favors in the long-term. It is possible to go through a business hotel booking agent instead of doing it internally. This option might suit you better if you don’t want to waste valuable time. Your hotel will wow as long as you pick a partner you can trust.


Please don’t be late for your meeting. The last thing you want to do is turn up ten minutes late after flying halfway around the world. For starters, it is a terrible ice-breaker. But more importantly, it will decrease your chances of getting the ‘yes’. Clients place a lot of emphasis on punctuality because time costs them money. And, if you are late to a meeting, how can they trust you will deliver on time?


Get everything that you need in one pile before you go. That way, you can physically sort all of the features that you need to make the trip. For instance, get your passport and your travel documents together. Then, pack your suitcase with business appropriate apparel such as a suit, shirt, and a nice tie. Also, consider features that you can’t take and find out whether they have them or whether you need to make special arrangements. If you are making a presentation, for example, you will need an overhead projector. You will also need your presentation on a USB stick to upload to a computer. These are just a couple of essentials, but there are plenty more.


Anything can happen while you are away, so make sure you have enough currency. Money can get you out of a tight spot, which is why it is a good idea to take your credit card for emergencies. You might also want to take US dollars because almost everywhere accepts dollars as currency.

Take It Seriously[divider]

The final thing to note is that you need to take the trip seriously. You are not flying abroad or driving cross country to party and have a good time. You are doing it to secure a vital business deal and represent your company. When everything is finalized, you can have as much fun as you like. But, before that point, you need to act professionally. The people that have their heads elsewhere are the ones that don’t make the deal. Don’t be that person/business.