10 Reasons to Use SoundCloud for Podcasting

Podcasts can serve many roles in the grand scheme of your online marketing campaign. They can be your alternative to video if you don’t have a budget for it. They can be a free tool you give to subscribers with helpful tips. You can embed them in your blog posts for people who don’t feel like reading at that moment. Podcasts can serve many purposes.

The problem for many is finding a place to host them which makes it easy to do all of the above, while making them socially shareable. SoundCloud has long been a favored platform for musicians. But don’t think that it’s noteworthy use amongst musicians doesn’t mean that it isn’t fast becoming the best place to do podcasting. Keep reading and I’ll help you better understand why, and how, you can use SoundCloud for your podcast.

Using SoundCloud to host podcasts

1. Record your audio using many different apps

Having options for how you’ll record your audio gives you greater flexibility. We don’t all own a brand new Macbook with the latest tools installed, and we’re not all audio wizards. To make sure that you find an app that you’re comfortable with, SoundCloud allows users to upload in a wide variety of audio formatsAIFF, WAVE (WAV), FLAC, ALAC, OGG, MP2, MP3, AAC, AMR, WMA,

If you’re using an audio recording app which doesn’t record in one of those formats, you’re using some sort of alien technology! SoundCloud didn’t want to build a platform that excluded any particular app’s encoding format.

There are a few rules as to what you can upload:


      • It can’t be larger than 5GB
      • It can’t be longer than six hours and forty-five minutes.
      • You must upload from your computer.


Other than those wide margins, you’re free to create anything, using nearly any app.

How to embed SoundCloud2. SoundCloud tracks are so easy to embed

SoundCloud tracks don’t need some fancy code inserted to make them embed nearly anywhere you want. Here, check this out: https://soundcloud.com/chaneyliz/i-know-how-to-embed-a-podcast

No, not my voice! All you have to do on most platforms, like the popular WordPress, is take the URL, paste it on a line of its own, and not hyperlink it. The SoundCloud API takes care of the rest.

For everyone else, simply click on the ‘Share’ button, and then select ‘Embed’ from the pop-up window:

SoundCloud want embedding to be easy so that you spread your tracks around, get more plays, and help promote SoundCloud itself along the way.

SoundCloud tweet embeds3. Easy social media sharing

The ease of social media sharing is two-fold:

  1. You can set your SoundCloud account up to automatically share your podcast to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, or Google+.
  2. You can manually cut and paste the URL to share it anywhere else.

Best of all, Twitter and SoundCloud recently teamed up to make it so tweets can contain SoundCloud tracks which continue to play as people scroll through their Timeline. Here’s an example from the Alzheimer’s Society:

The only issue with these tracks in tweets is that you can’t embed the tweet and have the embedded SoundCloud track in it at the same time. Not yet, at least.

4. Tremendous opportunities to interact

Perhaps SoundCloud’s most interesting feature is how it allows people to comment on tracks right at the exact moment in the track which interests them. This is a critical aspect of building an engaged audience, and getting feedback which you can respond to.

We’ve been commenting on blog posts for over a decade now. The problem with them is that they’re way down at the bottom, below the author bio, below plugs for other articles, and sometimes below the advertisements!

SoundCloud’s ‘comment in the moment’ feature makes it easy for you, and everyone else, to know exactly what the commenter is talking about. Here’s an example where we see many comments, and we can focus right on one and know which question the commenter is referring to:

SoundCloud comments

5. There are celebrities using it

SoundCloud allows everyone the chance to create their own podcast and send it out, and this includes celebrities! If that fact doesn’t show that podcasts have value, as people with plenty of personal value use them too, I don’t know what will.

Some of my favorite celebrities who are well-known SoundCloud podcasters include:

These well-known media personalities have all seen the value in starting a SoundCloud podcast. You should join them!

6. Search is easy, and discovery is bettering

My favorite way to find new podcasts is via the ‘Top 50’ search features. This allows me the chance to find out what others are listening to, because quantity of plays typically equals quality of content, a basic social proof concept that I fall prey to all the time:

SoundCloud Top 50

Not only do they have that, but their search feature is being used more and more all the time. Why? Because well-known celebrities are using it too! You’re able to soak up some of their audience as more and more people flock to SoundCloud to find audio. This also applies to how popular it’s becoming for music!

Need actual proof? Their Alexa traffic has only been trending upward this year:

SoundCloud Alexa ranking

7. SoundCloud is great for developers

SoundCloud have proven that they want people to be able to share their own tracks in any way that works best for them. Opening up SoundCloud’s API to developers is how they proved it.

This open API has allowed developers the chance to create a ton of useful features that SoundCloud never even thought of. Some of the most interesting include:

  • Auto-notification of new tracks being uploaded by those you follow via email.
  • Creating private SoundCloud tracks via your phone.
  • Direct to Google Drive spreadsheets of mixes.
  • Uploading songs via Dropbox.

Keep digging and you’ll find a SoundCloud feature that’s been created by a clever developer. Check out the SoundCloud Developer page for more.

8. You can control your downloads

Downloads aren’t as big a deal to podcasters as to musicians. You have the choice to allow people to download your podcasts, or not. It’s entirely up to you. Since people only listen to podcasts once, regardless of how they get them, you’ll be wise to allow people to download. This lets people listen to it in their car without using mobile data: SoundCloud podcasts are the new radio!

9. Playlists let you organize

Having Playlists allows you to group your podcast tracks by different categories. You will be able to group them by date, category, series, or anything else which works for your audience.

The best thing about this is that you’re setting yourself up to get more plays. Your fans can listen to a bunch of tracks in a row without stopping, or clicking away from your profile.

fatman batman soundcloud

10. Many useful statistics

SoundCloud is all about statistics. It realizes the power of data and how it can help shape content. Let’s say you discover that your podcast is particularly popular in one region of the U.S. What can you create in the future to keep that audience happy? Is there a local news story you can mention? And how can you use them to share your podcast to a wider audience?

Learning from your statistics by asking yourself the right questions about your audience is a key to success. You won’t find data as thorough on any other podcast hosting site, SoundCloud’s built this aspect of their platform on purpose.

SoundCloud is a podcaster’s best friend!

SoundCloud was testing podcasts for several years to be sure they got things right. Since they first launched podcasts to everyone in April of 2015, the podcast scene on SoundCloud has exploded.

You can get in on this popularity, push your own content, and find new ways to reach your audience. Online marketing is growing well beyond reading text. Find your next level of marketing now before it’s too late!

Ernest is a digital marketing analyst based primarily on Social Media Marketing Guide.co. You can find him and the team there every Wednesday with the latest in digital marketing from LinkedIn, to Twitter, to WordPress, and more! Yep, even regular SoundCloud content!

9 Tips on Staying Focused When Prospecting for Links

One of the main tasks of every SEO professional is to build many different links on various niche-specific websites in order to increase his/hers website rating and drive more traffic to it.

This can be done with various white hat methods and in this article we will share 9 tricks that will help you to build better quality links and increase your website’s Google rating.

1.   Make Preliminary Lists

There are thousands of websites in each niche, which means that you need to pick a group of selected few bloggers and administrators to contact. This can be done by comparing their authority with the possibility for them to accept your article and let you share link in it. Many websites and blogs don’t accept guest posts, others don’t let you to post your link inside the post (they let you post it only in short bio section), etc. Preliminary lists should include bloggers who will accept your guest post offer, listed in accordance with their authority, and their acceptance towards in-post links.

2.   Use Tools for Link Prospecting

Most link builders use at least some software tools for link prospecting. There are many tools that help you determine which websites represent the perfect environment for your link. You should start by narrowing niche specific websites that accept guest posts. This can be done by adding keywords like ‘write for us’, ‘contribute’ or ‘submit’ to you query. After that you can make your list narrower by searching specific topics or special types of websites (educational, industry specific etc.).

link building

3.   Email Outreach Campaigns

Email outreach campaigns are generally considered as an outdated strategy, but they still work in number of cases. Important thing when trying to reach several dozen bloggers and website administrators at once via e mail is to include at least some customization and add a paragraph or two that is specific to their web presentation.

4.   Be up to Date with News

Link builders need to be informed about current events and popular tendencies in the niche. Bloggers and website administrators would rather accept an article that shares valuable information about new trends and current events than articles that explain basic things and start with long history of certain subject. With being up to date with new trends link builders show their expertise.

5.   Link Needs to Be a Natural Fit

Link you shared needs to fit naturally in surrounding text and an article itself. This means that you shouldn’t share links to online store’s car tire product page, in the text that tells a story about office furniture.

6.   Anchor Text Is Important

Anchor text is one of the most important parameters for website ranking. That’s why anchor text needs to contain one or a few keywords that are associated with your website. You should avoid simple anchor text phrases like: ‘click here’, ‘check this out’ etc.

7.   Importance of Social Shares

Guest post articles you are writing need to be sharable on social networks. This way you will increase the number of people who will see and click on shared link, and although search engine crawlers treat social network links differently, they still notice them and the number of social links and their later shares still adds up to website’s trust rank.

8.   Keep Your Links Fresh

Websites tend to stale, since bloggers and website administrators often stop posting content. Link on certain website can be very valuable at one moment, but it can also turn out completely useless when the website goes to obscure. That’s why link builders should constantly search for new linking opportunities and keep their links fresh.

9.   Use HARO

Help a Reporter Out is a ground breaking platform that can earn you a top quality link on some of the best featured online websites in your niche. HARO is used by journalists to quickly obtain feedback from the public, as well as expert opinions from professionals in various niches. Rule of the thumb when it comes to this platform is that reporters usually state their source’s company or website, which means that one or a few sentences about some topic can earn you a link on websites like: Forbes, Business Insider, Wired or Bloomberg.

Link building is way of digital promotion. Like any other type of promotion it requires link builders to share good quality content and to make deeply personal and customized approach to bloggers and website administrators, as well as people who are reading the posted content.


In conclusion, quality link building is no easy task. Whenever someone promises you unbelievable results unbelievably quick, for a ridiculously small amount of money, they are almost certainly doing something wrong. Not wrong in a sense that they don’t know what they’re doing, but wrong in a way that it doesn’t give you a viable long term benefit. Good link building campaign is not an ad hoc “I’ll get that done in 24 hours” process. It’s a streamlined set of activities that requires a good strategy and a good set of parameters that help you judge the quality of your effort, as well as the end results. And always keep that white hat by your side.

How Much Is The SEO Industry Really Worth?

Mention the phrase ‘search engine optimization’ to somebody twenty years ago, and you’d be met with a blank stare. Flash-forward to now, and SEO has become the biggest tactic in developing and growing the online presence of companies.

But why, and how? It’s largely down to the fact that SEO is easy to learn, and hard to master. Even a beginner can do some reading up on basic keyword usage and backlinking. This allows everyone from brand-new blog owners to business managers to boost the prominence of their online content.

But truly mastering SEO is a different story altogether. The internet is populated with thousands of tips and tricks, millions of pieces of advice, and hundreds of articles. There’s so much information out there, and some of it can conflict.

This can lead to some people dismissing SEO as a myth, and ignoring it altogether. However, there’s a reason that this industry has become as big as it is today. It’s because it’s grounded in truth.

The fact of the matter is, search engine optimization is a thing, and it works. It’s not going to be an overnight change, but many outlets agree that it’s a constantly evolving art form that always works. And the fact that it works makes it valuable to millions of people across the globe, which further increases the value of the industry.

What is it worth to businesses?

It’s unlikely that your friend Tom, who runs a casual film blog, will be interested in optimizing his website for the best results. SEO is a marketing tactic, a way for businesses to get a leg up in the online space to increase traffic and revenue. As previously mentioned, SEO isn’t an overnight fix, or even a free one, but the benefits will far outweigh any outgoings.

There are hundreds of statistics that show exactly why SEO is worthwhile for business owners. One study found that the 85 percent of people will use search engines in order to track down local businesses.

The prominence of mobile technology means that most people are always connected, and can search from any corner of the globe. In fact, there are now more searches on mobile than on any other platform.

In short, if your business isn’t online – and isn’t optimized – then you’re missing out. The reality of running a company in 2016 is that a large chunk of the public uses the internet. For everything. We shop online, we communicate online, we entertain ourselves online. We search Google for home decoration advice, and car repair tips.

A properly integrated SEO campaign can help your company branch out to every corner of the web. It may sound daunting to take on, but it’s not like you have to do it all yourself.

Far from it. Because SEO is such a major part of any company’s marketing efforts, help is aplenty, and the industry is huge. There are even outsourced content and link building providers, like Fat Joe, who specifically supply the SEO agencies with services so they don’t even have to do most of the work!

Your business has a fantastic opportunity to grow, and it’s at your fingertips – literally. The SEO industry is worth millions of pounds in the UK alone, and that’s not even factoring in global operations. Such a well-financed, popular sector didn’t get where it is today through luck or happenstance. This industry is so prominent because it can directly affect the success of a business, and yours is no different.

Is SEO worth my company’s time?

Those millions of dollars aren’t unfounded, you know. It’s not as though SEO is some mythical process that’s only suitable for high-tech marketing pros. As it has mentioned previously, even newcomers can give the basics a shot.

If your company has some form of online presence, like a solid website, then you’ve already done half of the work. That presence just needs nurturing and pruning, as though you’re growing plants in a greenhouse. SEO is worth the difference between success and failure for your company, and there are many reasons for this.

For starters, SEO is all about usability. Search engines love websites that are easy for people to read and navigate, so here, you’ll kill two birds with one stone. Creating a fast, reliable site will make it more attractive for both consumers and search engines alike.

Secondly, search engine optimization helps you branch out, in a big way. There are currently over 3 billion people using the web, and this figure is growing every single day. It’s pretty much impossible to reach that amount of people with any other marketing tactic. So consider that when you’re designing leaflets!

This increased reach has other ramifications, too. If people can more easily find you online, your business will be transformed into a 24/7 hub for your customers. Out of office hours? No problem! You’re always available to your customers. This way, you gain a leg up on your competition, too.

Shockingly, around 50 percent of small business don’t even have a website. It’s unbelievable, but use it to your advantage. You can fill that gap that your rivals have left open.

So, how much is the SEO industry really worth? It’s hard to quantify financially – let’s just say, quite a lot. But how much is it worth to you, the business owner, and the company beneath you? The answer is that it’s worth as much as you can throw at it.

The business world has changed in quite a short space of time, and the focus on digital marketing cannot be understated.

Think back ten years ago, when YouTube, Twitter and Facebook barely existed. Think how far the internet has come in a short space of time. Now look ahead to the next ten years – is your business ready? Is your online presence ready?

It’s not too late to start optimizing your business for success, but that work begins today. The early bird catches the worm, and by making your company SEO-friendly, you stand a better chance at long-term survival.

How to Write Content to Keep Your Visitors Coming Back for More

When marketing your business, be it online or brick and mortar, your marketing efforts require a great deal of content at all times, and it’s your job to make sure it is the best it can be. Knowing how to create engaging and compelling content is an important step toward achieving your desired success.

Blog posts and articles are the most common types of content used by businesses to communicate with their customers, subscribers, and visitors. This is how they build trust in the business and in the brand, and you can too.

how to Write Content

Let’s take a look at the different kinds of content available to you.

#1 Reports & eBooks

Releasing reports and eBooks every now and then is a good way to supplement your blog posts and articles.

Reports are generally 7 to 20 pages long, and providing more content this way will enhance your authority and let your readers know that you know your stuff. Since you want to make the most of your efforts, you could also use these reports in your list building campaigns.

If you’re pressed for time, you can gather several related articles and create a short report. Additionally, you can create eBooks to sell from your website adding yet another revenue source.

However you mix and match the content, whether free or paid, reports and eBooks help to cement your status as an expert in your niche.

#2 Videos

Videos have become the darling of marketers and business entrepreneurs all over the world. Videos are a terrific way of delivering content for those who prefer more visual media. You don’t need to create new content… you can repurpose previously published articles and blog posts to create these videos and present them in this additional format.

If you want to show your readers and visitors how to do something, video is certainly an excellent option. If you’re camera shy, you can go to Fiverr or any other reputable freelance website and hire someone to make the video for you. Videos are not out of your reach, nor are they only for the “big boys.”

And if videos are a bit too daunting and elaborate for you in the beginning, do not despair.  PowerPoint presentations are just as effective a way to deliver your message.

#3 Infographics & Images

Infographics have gained momentum over the past few years and are quite popular. Infographics show with pictures and limited words what would otherwise be boring statistics in a written document. And with a bit of creativity, you can produce stunning infographics.

You can showcase your research in a visual way that is easily understood, and it’s well established that infographics are avidly shared via social media!

But don’t stop there. Try to use images in the content you publish. Images help to separate long blocks of text to make it easier for people to read what you have to say. Just don’t go overboard.

Images should be used in context, not solely for the sake of inserting any old image. If your article or post flows smoothly, you don’t want to break that flow with an image that isn’t necessary.

And, like infographics, people love to share images on social media websites.

#4 Product Reviews

Another great way to utilize a different type of content is to write reviews for products you use.

When you take into consideration that there are products and services in just about every niche that make running your business more smoothly, it only makes sense to share your knowledge and experience with your readers through product reviews.

Product reviews are great for building credibility and authority. For example, if you teach website building and design, you could review the tools and themes you use to create your websites.

Keep in mind your reputation is on the line when you review products. You should make it a practice to review only items you actually use and be completely honest about the product. Do this and product reviews will serve you well.

#5 Tutorials

Tutorials are always popular, no matter the niche. If you perform a task routinely, create a simple step-by-step guide or video so your readers can follow along.

By creating tutorials for your readers they will get the sense that you genuinely want to help them, and that is a good thing. If you have some tips on how to quickly and easily complete a task, for example, chances are your readers would want to know that and would probably appreciate the fact that you took the time to share your knowledge.

If you create tutorials or even “cheat sheets” teaching them how to make the best use of the products they purchase from you, it will certainly be more likely that they will purchase products from you again in the future!

A solid, well-stocked library of tutorials will only enhance your status as an authority in your niche and ensure your credibility in the eyes of your subscribers and visitors. They will continue to keep coming back to your website to learn more from you.


So there you have it. But this is by no means a complete list of the various types of content you can use. It’s your website, your blog, your business. You can do whatever you like, whatever it takes to keep your visitors coming back for more. Mix it up and get those creative juices flowing!

Author Bio: Are you tired of working hard and not seeing any results? You’re not alone! Poppie’seCourses teach new online entrepreneurs what they need to know before starting their business. Visit her at http://www.Your-Business-Builder.com/blog and Join the Group!