The Visitor Experience: What You Can Do To Shape It

The experience your visitors have when they visit your website is very important. If the don’t get a positive experience from using your website, why would they come back again or tell their friends? Those things simply won’t happen. So, you’re left with no choice but to make the visitor experience as strong as it possibly can be.

Luckily for you, there are plenty of things that can be done to shape the visitor experience. You just need to think about how people use the website and what you actually want them to do. Here’s what to do.

Design That Create Good First Impressions

Use a Design That Create Good First Impressions

The first thing that people will see when they arrive on your website is its design. They won’t think too much about anything else in those first few seconds after the page loads. Those first impressions, therefore, are created entirely by your website’s design. Without getting the design right, your website will not strike people and cause them to want to delve deeper. That’s a problem for you, so you need to think carefully about the design choice you opt for. A good web design company can help you to improve the design and make it striking for people who visit for the first time.

Offer Sufficient Options

When they have formed their first impressions of your website’s design, visitors will consider what to do next. This is something that you have to help them with. You should provide them with sufficient options. These could come in the forms of headers and categories at the top of the page. But don’t offer so many that the choice becomes complicated or overwhelming for the visitor. A call to action should point them in the direction you most want them to head in.

Provide Better Content

The content on your website needs to be of the highest quality. You are competing with a lot of other websites, and one of the things that can help it to stand out is good content. You should think about adding a blog to your website, to matter what kind of function your website has. This can also draw more people towards your website. Quite often, people are more interested in browsing and reading than they are about buying. So, why not give them the option to do this if that’s what they want?

Prove Your Reliability

The reliability of your website is very important. If people feel like they can trust it, their experience will be better. This can mean many things. For a start, it should take into account security. We’re all aware of the threats that we face online. So, why would anyone enter their private and sensitive details on your website if they don’t trust it 100%? And if you offer content to users, you should be authoritative and knowledgeable about the subject you’re writing about. That trust and reliability needs to be there in order for your visitors to get the most from your website.

Practical SEO Steps for Start-ups and Entrepreneurs

One of the most important things for new businesses, startups and entrepreneurs must be attracting enough customers, visitors and interest in general. While there are many ways to achieve this result, one of the most effective, especially in the long run, is SEO.

While there often will be more pressing matters to take care of when you are just launching your new website, such as sharing on social media, sending press releases, printing and distributing flyers, advertisements on AdWords and other online vendors, and buying local and global advertising in printed media, newspapers and magazines, SEO will eventually become cost-effective.

Practical SEO Steps

SEO often takes time to be effective, and thus many people are interested in the more direct approaches before exploring search optimization of their websites. This can be right or wrong, depending on each specific case, but as a general rule of thumb, it can be advised to begin with SEO as soon as possible, since these days, most optimization works in harmony with traditional marketing and PR.

By thinking your SEO tactics and strategies into your overall marketing plans you can ensure that your efforts will work for you on multiple levels, by creating content for sharing, adding a link and anchor text to your content can provide good results, but if you ignore SEO in your marketing campaigns you will have to work twice as hard, once you begin to work with it.

Here are some practical steps that you can start with today, in order to promote your search rankings on the popular search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.

On-site search engine optimization

One of the most critical aspects about ranking well in the search results, on site optimization is all about making sure that your website is coded properly, uses the correct HTML tags, testing for mobile responsiveness, tweaking load times and cache settings, and in general maintaining a nicely looking website, full of relevant content.

  1. Use your main keyword in the website title
  2. Only use 1 <H1> tag, and have your keyword in it
  3. Use <h2> – <h6> to create subheadings instead of making text bold
  4. Do not link out to more than 30 sites on any one page (linking to your own internal sites is fine)
  5. Utilize deep linking techniques, meaning that if you have a blog post about app development, and another one about funny apps, both articles could contain a link in their text to the other article.
  6. Use Google Pagespeed Insights to make sure your loading time is fine
  7. Use Google webmaster tools (search console) to check mobile friendliness

There are of course many more steps to take in order to get the best possible optimized website, and if you google “Free seo analysis” you can submit your site and get a detailed analysis highlighting any problems or issues your website might have.

Social Profiles

Obvious social media sites include Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and sometimes LinkedIn, but there are hundreds of sites out there, and depending on your website’s subject matter, the 4 big sites listed above might not be the best places to share your content.

If you run a website selling dog food, it does not make much sense to post blog articles about the best dog food on LinkedIn, since that is mainly a community for business and commerce, but sharing your website on dog related media sites could prove much more effective for your marketing.

We advise you to research and find a minimum of 4 different social platforms where you will focus your efforts, and then write content and share that content with those sites in mind. Spend the extra time and create good header graphics, good logos and unique descriptions on each social site for optimal gains.


More than anything, search engines like good links. Not just any link though, and especially not spammy links. If you are just starting out with your link building, you need to read up on Google’s guidelines for search engine optimization, so you won’t get punished for breaking their rules. A manual spam action against you will make your site invisible in Google, and all your potential visitors will go to your competitors instead. So be careful, read up on basic link building rules.

Now, once you know that just linking on facebook comments and blog posts is not the best way to go about building links, you can start the hard and never-ending process of linkbuilding.

10 years ago you could just submit your website to directories and call it a day, not anymore. Now you need to get good links, from respected and trusted websites, something most new startups or entrepreneurs will find hard at first. The good news is that once you know what to do, and how to do it, all it takes is time and effort.

Using a service such as MajesticSEO, Ahrefs or Moz Open Site Explorer, will let you see links to your site or your competitors, and thus get an understanding of which sites are strongest and if you check the backlinks of the top ranking competitors sites for your keyword, you can hopefully find links from other websites that also want to give you a link.

Usually you can divide linkbuilding into 2 parts, the low hanging fruit, and the fruit you have to work hard for.

Low hanging fruit

These links are usually coming from websites with top lists, directories or map listings. Basically, if a website is allowing you to register a profile for free, and add your business and website to that website, it is worth taking 5-10 minutes and doing so. However, these links are rarely that good quality, since everybody can get these links, but still, if you have a new website, spending 5 hours on submitting to 30 sites of this nature can do you much good.

Hard work

Okay, now  you have gotten all the easy links, you have to get more creative and actually provide something new and interesting for other people. If you are a large startup with a killer concept, you might be lucky enough that just writing about your business models and plans will get you featured on websites, but if you are selling dog food it can be difficult to write good content that other people want to share.

This is where the hard work comes in. Instead of writing about your different products of dog food, you could write a blog post called “7 Dog Personalities Similar To Humans” or other interesting headlines, not talking about dog food in particular, but related to dogs, and somewhere in that article or blog post, you can mention your dog food, and link to your website.

This is hard work since you have to write a lot of content, usually 500+ words for each article, you have to be creative and write about interesting topics and subjects, and you have to connect to people willing to share your link, or even post your article on their own website. The ladder is alo known as guest posting and is a valid strategy in itself, if done right.

Mark Pedersen has been working with digital media for 16 years, and is currently in Digital Marketing, developing mobile apps at Nodes

Top 6 SEO Plugins for WordPress

SEO (search engine optimization) is the prime source to receive organic traffic from the search engines (Google, Yahoo, and Bing). If you have a local business then, it is a very important aspect to improve your business.

I’m assuming that you’ve primary knowledge of basic SEO properties (on and the off page).  WordPress is the most suitable platform to among online marketers.  You just need to use a proper theme with an appropriate SEO plugin to enhance your business online.

Today, I am going to tell you about the top SEO plugins for your WordPress blog. Let me provide you my handpicked SEO plugins to dominate the search results in 2016.

WordPress SEO by Yoast

Yoast SEO is the most recommended SEO plugin for a WordPress blog. It comes with both free and paid version along XML sitemap and so on.

You can manage on page SEO with this plugin quickly. It has a scoring system to optimize your content to the fullest extension. You can increase your social media growth along with basic SEO features. If you want to utilize a free SEO plugin then, it is an excellent choice.

SEO Plugins for WordPress

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All in One SEO Pack

All in One SEO Pack is one of the best SEO plugins for WordPress users with more than one million installs.

It has every feature to create an SEO friendly blog on WordPress. You don’t need to mess with the setting too much because default settings assigned correctly. You can alter always setting as per your requirements later.

All in One SEO makes titles of your articles SEO friendly automatically. You can overwrite default Meta title and Meta description. But I suggest you to keep it simple (unless it’s necessary).


SEOPressor is a premium SEO plugin with quality features. It has numerous features to uplift your blogging performance instantly.

It is an outstanding plugin to find out keyword analysis report. But you have $9 per month to use it on your blog.

 It’s worthy to pay such amount by looking at the features. You’ll attain an inbuilt keyword researcher to discover long tail (low-competitive) keywords to boost your traffic spike from Google and other search engines. It sounds cool. Am I right?

It will show you score, depending on page SEO strength.

You will know your correct score by the time, stick with the best results.  It is useful for image optimization as well.

SEO Internal Links

Internal links are a prominent part of on–page SEO. It helps search engines to crawl your articles (and inside links) to index faster.

It is extreme useful to contain users for a long time (less bounce rate and more users engagement). You should learn the art of internal linking from top-notch bloggers.

It could be a time-consuming task. But you can’t neglect it too. Therefore, you should use SEO Internal Links. It adds link by default within your content. You will notice several options for editing according to your blog.

SEO Friendly Images

Why should you install SEO Friendly Images? The answer is simple. Images are the main point of attraction for your blog posts. Thus, if you can optimize pictures correctly, you can enjoy loads of traffic from search engines and social media platforms then.

It is a competent plugin to add necessary images properties like ALT tags, Title and description. You must insert your tags carefully because it will help you to rank in the search results.

Also, you can get traffic from “Google images”, if you exploit image tags accurately. I’m getting enough traffic from browsing results. Well. It can happen. That’s why, you should try to rank your blog posts images as well.

WP Social SEO Booster

Social traffic may not be as effective as organic traffic. But still it has influence for your targeted keywords. Because Google considers social signals. If your blog post attracts massive share from social media, then it gets a boost in the search engines.

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I mentioned social media optimization in Yoast SEO once before. But WP Social Booster plugin is somewhat better in performance. It has auto rich snippets features built-in.

Oh!! I forgot to tell you that it’s complexly free and compatible with any WordPress SEO plugin such as Yoast, All in One SEO and others.

Final Thoughts

I have discussed with you about the top best SEO WordPress Plugins from 2016.You must install a potent WordPress SEO plugin to gain maximum direct traffic after all.

You can try multiple plugins for sure. You can combine two different SEO plugin for a blog also. But don’t overload your blog with excess plugins data.

What is your favorite SEO plugin from the list? I guess that it isn’t too hard to answer. Let me know about your current plugin in the comment box below.

Congrats!! You made it till the end (Thank you for reading a long-boring piece of shit). If you have any problem, question or suggestion regarding this post then, feel free to ask me anything via comments. See you soon.

Digital Marketing Trends that are Ruling in 2016

Perhaps, today’s customer is much more educated than they were ever before. Now, their exposure is not just limited to the products and services, but it has widened to something bigger that has made them even stronger. The customer of today is so much into the devices and different social media platforms that they know everything, right from the beginning until the end.

Today they do not need to enter the stores for uncovering latest products or services. All they need to do is visit one of their social media platforms and get updated info on everything. In short, we are living in a world full of digital innovations, which is updated every other second.

So, what’s really trending in this magical digital world in 2016? Well for that, you will have to look into the trends right here!

Digital Marketing Trends 2016

Advertise on Snapchat

What has already taken over the social media world by storm is one and only Snapchat. No matter if it is pictures videos, or drawings, everything is promoted here. Until now, only a few brands are seen here, but as the year will end, you will see almost all of them promoting themselves right here at this platform. Moreover, the promotion here is limited. Yes, it comes with an expiration date. So, you have to be innovative and novel, when posting something to Snapchat. Just click pictures of your services or products and be ready to make it viral over this platform to reach everyone around the world.

Use Instagram

The people that surround us today believe in visual stimulation. And, what can be a better platform than Instagram to reach the entire world and share the experiences of your life? Instagram has recently been proposing the crowd for paid advertising opportunities through developer partners including 4C, SocialCode, Unified etc. Yes, that has not happened yet, but as we will proceed this year, it will be available to everyone. So, why not prepare yourself right now to win your way through this paid advertising technique. Let those creative juices flow through the mind in thinking what can be the best way to promote the services and products on the Instagram.

Keep an eye on their interest through Pinterest

This might have been one of the most ignored social media channels until now, but now this has gained popularity all over the world. Now, the majority of the sector has stepped into this platform using it for promoting their interests. Pinterest is soon going to introduce a new feature called ‘Animated Cinematic pin’, which will be there to target a particular person based on his interests. Yes, the animated pin will do it all. So, get ready for this unique but soon to be a popular technique to reach the world. One interesting fact about this animated pin is that it is set in motion when a user scrolls. So, you have the control on which video you are going to watch. You will be glad to know that brands like Nestle and Unilever have already laid their hands on this feature. And, they feel that it is simply awesome.

Content Marketing Strategy

As you know, the content is the king, but it is only a waste until and unless a powerful content marketing strategy steps in to make it viral among the crowd. So, keep an eye on the content marketing ideas and revamp the entire thing, if needed.

Predictive Analysis

The big data has always been an important thing for everyone, especially n the past two or three years. But, for digital marketers, this has become even more important as the year 2016 has started. So, now each one of them is focusing on how to utilize all the data, which they are collecting from their consumers. With the availability of such big data, marketers are now able to use it to highlight the patterns and trends, which in turn have lead to predictive analysis. And, with this, marketers are now engaging with their customers on an individual level to improve their ROI. So, as this year is proceeding, focus more on the power of predictive analysis while increasing the interactions with the customers.

Steady Social Media Strategy is Necessary!

In this year, do not just focus on talking about the products and services only. Be open to using your social media tool as a medium to connect and build long-term relationships with the customers. These days, users are actually looking for customer support rather than just reaching them with the information about the products only. And, this is what pushing most of the companies towards using social media channels actively. But, as you have chosen to be active on social media, don’t forget to maintain it on a regular basis.

Use Relevant Tools! Much with Less

Tyr using third party tools to simplify the task of marketing. Getting out and making it liked by the audience is tough and requires many efforts. So, why do not you utilize third party tools to shorten your task in no time? All you need to do is identify ideal tools that can suit your business needs and marketing strategies created by you.

Try Video Ads!

Perhaps, this is one of the most important tips to boost the success rate of your business in no time. Invest in ‘Video Ads’ to go on the right path of success. As Google is, at last, getting onboard with in-SERP video advertising, which means that people are bending more towards accepting the video ads rather than in any other form.

It seems that digital world has already changed with the arrival of 2016 and there is much more to come. So, let’s be prepared to adopt these trends for a few months that’s left in the year along with many coming years. Because these trends are here to stay!

It is, therefore, essential to follow these trends in 2016 and give your digital marketing a miraculous shape that will end up in amazing results for your business.

Article contributed by Jennifer from Digital Marketing Birds.

An Understanding of Various Key Factors Related to Local SEO

Local SEO’s popularity has been ascending ever since Google released the Pigeon update. The update was rolled in late 2014, before that year, a marketer had all but the local demeanor to his campaign. Post-2014, SEOs began to take the local factor seriously. In 2016, local SEO is a must.

Local landing page

What’s new is local landing pages. It is known alternatively as city landing pages. By definition, a local/city landing page is one that caters to customers from a certain geographic region. In other words, a local landing page is a city/locality focused.

Who needs them?

That’s a relevant question. There are two types of businesses that need local landing pages the most. In the first category, we have businesses that function offline, brick and mortar, mom and pop stores, retail outlets and their likes belong to this category. In the second category, we have businesses that (whether online or offline) that serve customers globally but want to better address customers from specific geographical areas.

How localization can help?

Localization can help businesses in more ways than one. Brands are desperate to create a bond with their audiences. What could be the better way to do so than donning a localized avatar? Localization can lend brands a hand in this. There’s something very interesting about localization, which extends beyond the scope of SEO, and that is

Affinity analysis

There’s a data mining technique called affinity analysis, which comes in useful to increase customer lifetime value. Affinity analysis, with its root in data analytics could prove highly useful for local SEO. It can collect samples from local transactions. These are small samples and hence, easy to analyze. Brands can retrieve valuable insights from those samples and use those for promotional purposes.

Multilingual SEO

Multiregional SEO will fail unless its morale is lifted by multilingual SEO. Multilingual SEO has been around for some time. It was 2012 when Search Engine Watch detailed the best practices pertaining to it and observed that localization bottlenecks are among the global SEO challenges. Strange as it may sound because global and local are two separate versions of SEO, I’ll discuss later why it’s not so strange afterall.

For now, the focus is once again on regional languages as mobile apps are gunning for pervasiveness and app users prefer interacting in their native languages. Have doubt on this? Then look below:

local seo guide

The average CTR for native ads is higher on mobile devices than desktop devices. Native language ads are upvoted by regional users because they can better relate to the ad content.

Preference is not discriminatory. Those who prefer ads in their native languages will prefer organic content to be in native languages too. Therefore, the local/city landing page shouldn’t be in English or any other global language but in the parochial language of your target market region.

Google Translator and Google Keyword Tool can help you render a native language city landing page. Third party tools may be needed, depending on how pressing is the need to use native language content with high level of accuracy. On top of that, the presence of local search engines such as Baidu, Yandex and Goo amplifies the need to increase the volume of native language content.

Local search

It’s too much to expect regional users to search using key-phrases from their native languages. Despite their love for their native languages, they still conduct local searches using English language queries. The number of native search engines being less is one reason behind this. The content on the city-landing page, therefore, doesn’t have to be in a regional language, even though doing so has its own benefits.

What’s important is understanding the local ranking factors. For that, see the chart below:

local ranking factors

The chart shows citations, consumer reviews, backlinks and direct search account for the majority of traffic. Even if native language is used, it should be for citations and reviews. The core aspects of SEO, i.e. backlinks and incoming search visitors should continue to be in English.

Why so? You might wonder.

The answer is in the succeeding paragraph

Global and local

The local and global dichotomy is a bit difficult to comprehend. I opened this discussion earlier, here I resume discussing it. The global brands can have local presence, optimizing that presence can be best carried out with the use of a regional language. That’s how localization syncs with globalization.

But the opposite is unlikely because local businesses don’t expect global customers. Hence a local business can have regional language content on its site. The problem is they won’t get much help from global SEO firms if they want to rank on regional language keywords. That’s a reason why SEO in regional language is ignored and under-tapped.

But in my opinion, local SEO should be taken seriously because when Panda 4.2 was released, it affected only 2-3% of English language search queries. Maybe Google wanted to point out the declining importance of keywords in English.

What do you think of this article? What’s your thoughts on Local SEO? Have you optimized in city landing page yet? Let us know in the comment section