Tech Offers Solutions and Potential Disasters – Here’s How Your Business Can Avoid the Latter

Technology plays a huge role in the modern business landscape; there is no way of escaping that. It doesn’t matter what sector you operate in; your business needs to be up to date. Ignoring all the things that the latest hardware and software has to offer your business means missing out big time. But that’s not to say that there are no drawbacks associated with relying on technology. There are all kinds of disasters that could strike your business. Here’s how you can avoid potential disasters brought about by using more tech in the office.

Tech Offers Solutions and Potential Disasters - Here's How Your Business Can Avoid the Latter

Don’t Assume You Don’t Need Top Security Measures in Place

Every company needs to have top security measures in place. And there are a number of different reasons for this. For a start, no business is safe. It doesn’t matter if your business is big or small. There is no way that you can be sure it won’t be targeted by external threats. Hacks are a real threat nowadays. You wouldn’t leave the door to your business’s premises open all night, would you? Well, you shouldn’t leave your network and computer system unprotected either. You should use a strong firewall, unbreakable passwords and the best antivirus software you can find.

Know How to Create a Backup

Backing up all the digital data that is important to your business is something that has to be done. If it isn’t, your business will be facing disaster if your only copy is destroyed. There are so many things that could lead to the destruction of files and data saved to your hard drive. If you don’t take these dangers seriously, you’ll be in trouble. It’s best to learn how to backup everything you have. It can then be stored in an off-site location. On top of that, it might be useful to have a comprehensive disaster recovery plan in place.

Offer Better Training

As a business owner, you probably employ a team of people who focus on helping you out and doing a lot of hard work for you. These are the people who will be interacting with your company’s hardware and software. So, it makes sense that they are given the right level of training. That’s the only way to be sure that they are capable of carrying their jobs out properly. If you offer some training at the moment, ask yourself if you could make it even better. The better equipped your employees are, the better your business will be able to use its technology.

Invest in the Right Things

There are times when it’s essential to invest in the technology your business uses. If you rely on tech that has been out of date for years, it’ll only be a matter of time before it fails on you. That’s really not what you want, so don’t let that happen. It’s a big mistake to think that spending money on new technology is wasteful or unsustainable. If that new technology enables your business to push forward and pursue greater levels of profit, then it will be more than worth it. So, start investing today.

Legal Directories – Best Law Firm Niche Directory List

There are many good law firm directories but in this list we tried to include the best 17.

Law Directories is a directory of lawyers and legal services. There is a 39 dollar fee to speak with a lawyer for 15 minutes. A free Q n A forum allows for question posting. Also available is a directory of legal forms, services and fees. The process is designed to quickly connect lawyers with clients. The system works by having the clients pay a onetime upfront fee for advice, drafted documents or both. This eliminates contracts and retaining fees. The system also guarantees satisfaction. The site is not just a list of names and subject matter. Lawyers involved get to post pictures of themselves and reviews from satisfied clients. Prices for services depend on the service requested.

Lawyers.justia offers more than just a gathering of lawyers and services. It has the option for anyone to subscribe to a weekly newsletter about local, appellate and even Supreme Court opinion via email. Of course there is a listing of legal concepts. The site has the US Constitution ready to view with the click of a mouse. But the way to find a lawyer there is different. The search engine is separated by legal subject and states. Lawyers do not have profile pictures or any other form of advertising on the site. There is no mention of money at all on this site. It focuses on teaching legal concepts and service instead of selling them. offers legal information and directories of lawyers, the services they offer and access to do-it-yourself legal documents. There are profiles of lawyers on the site, but they appear in replies to forum questions posted. There is an area of the site where lawyers post their opinions on current events in law and politics. The site itself claims to have access to 95% of lawyers in the US. It does have a range of topics and information that expands coast to coast. It even appears to touch on the subject of international law. The site offers lawyer reviews and ratings. Some law firms have their contact information to include a business phone number ready and posted.

The look and feel of is deliberately simple and unassuming. It gives a feeling of providing simple reference answers to legal queries and a casual approach to finding a lawyer. The look of the site itself is sleek and user friendly without being overbearing. It boasts many of same amenities other law practice site have. Searches for legal advice, the right lawyer or legal document are all available. What makes this site stand out from others is the information and links to click are all on one page. On the surface it looks like this site loses some value in range. That is not true. With connections to social media and all the bells and whistles of other sites, the system more than compensates with an ease of function for what it lacks in appearance.

Lawguru takes a simple approach to finding its niche in the online legal advice pool. The look of the site has a friendly approach and really makes and effort to keep the initial information that viewers see fresh and current. The concept and design of the site is a mix of forum input with a twist of opinion editorials. The forum is a data base of recently asked questions from everyday men and women from all walks of life with the answers coming from different attorneys. Think of it as something like getting a second opinion from two doctors at the same. Posting questions is free. The thing that stands out about this site is the legal dictionary provided runs from A-Z.

ILRG (Internet Legal Research Group) site at first glance has a most plain and deceptively unassuming look to it. However it is actually a powerful learning tool. With one click of the mouse, this fact becomes obvious. The structure of this site is built around the concept that understanding and having full access to the service and protection of the law is for every citizen. It has thousands of legal forms for free. In addition to that information, there is a listing of academic legal institutions and journals. As and added touch of information, the U.S. State government index on this site lists many departments and their agencies in the Executive branch of government.

The NOSSCR (National Organization of Social Security Claimant’s Representatives) site takes the exact opposite approach to online legal advice and service from other web pages in the business. Instead of providing service and professionals on a wide range of legal subjects, the people who constitute this resource focus on one subject. That subject is Social Security claims and the people who make them. Like many other sites, this one has legal resources, newsletters and things like online courses. Unlike others sites, the information available there is not for the everyday layman. This site is built for professionals representing clients by their colleagues. One look at this web page and that fact becomes fairly obvious.

The lawyer central web page does what most other sites do in the online legal advice field. It has a data base that connects lawyers with people in need of help across the nation. It features new lawyers to the fold and displays their professional contact information. The site categorizes legal subjects and provides newsletters to anyone interested in signing up. One innovative feature of this site is the search tool bar that floats over the rest of the information available. This gives it a “two hands” feel when finding and extracting information.

LAWQA (not an acronym) is a page on the web that offers free case evaluation and allows visitors to ask questions and get answers for free. This question and answer service is not only free of charge it is completely anonymous. It has a link for recently asked and answered question to search from. This site also features popular posted questions. Anyone visiting this site should know there is some fine print located below all the listings and information that may raise an eyebrow.

The RiaBiz web page is really for the legal advisor community. That is to say that there is no advertisement worth mentioning on display. It reads like a People’s magazine for those who work in the legal field. But it offers more than just pleasant reads for those in the legal know. There is also a forum for interaction or simply expressing a personally professional point of view.


Lawfuel is a newsletter and a directory that focuses on providing useful information to professionals working in the legal field. The feel of this web pages is like a tips, tricks and reminders forum and exchange between lawyers that comes from the working knowledge and experience of professional people in the field. On this page there is also a space for those who seek employment opportunities. There is even a link for anyone wanting to write for the LawFuel organization.


LawyerRatingZ a web site is tailored around a lawyers past client reviews. It shows best rated attorneys in any given local area. As with many of legal profession pages online, it has links for articles, help, FAQ’s, and a forum. What makes this site noticeably different from others is the effort made to gather information and not just advertise services with a fee or free incentives.


The NALP Directory of Legal Employers site is a place where lawyers can find law schools and even more importantly employers. There is not a lot of razzle-dazzle there. This simple but significant site has some fields to enter criteria and pertinent information to find education and employment.

Nolo has business and personal forms for individuals who may want to go through a lawyer for their legal needs. The page has a do-it-yourself section that covers the more routine and ordinary side of the law. There are books and applications for sale that explains subjects from bankruptcy to child custody.


eLocal is an online service with a purpose to make getting in touch with a local lawyer quick and simple. All a visitor to the page has to do is click in one field and enter a zip code or city name into another to start a search. There is also a toll free number available to get in touch with a lawyer even faster. Either way, the site informs multiple attorneys to make a personal contact ASAP. Live instant online chat is also provided.


LawLink is an attorney network. It is free to join. The structure of the site has four basic parts. There is a link for contacting an abundant number of attorneys in particular areas. The second link is for reaching a smaller group of experts. The third link is for the often overlooked paralegal. Below those links is the law updates section. It is like Facebook but strictly for discussing the day in the life of a lawyer.

LawFirmDirectory has listings, reviews and ratings. And it has links for list a company. It also has other links that explain how the service works and another to ask a lawyer questions. To start the search all a person has to do is enter a zip code into a field.


The web page has all the parts of a legal advice data base. It links for areas of law, learning law, legal questions, legal articles, glossary and a law firm directory. It even has a phone number clearly available. But there are two things that clearly miss the mark with page. One is the stock model image of “lawyers” posing with the thumbs up gesture. And the other is the yes or no survey asking whether an attorney is helping with your case. Both of these images nullify any assumption of credibility in this site.

The site has a plain but clean look. The links are find a lawyer, legal topics, and for lawyers. Each link opens a page with fields to enter information into and topics to click and learn from. Each page says what it does and looks good. There is room for more personal information. From the looks of this site, it could be for lawyers or for dentists. That is because there not a single name on this site.

Law firm niche directories are still a great way to rank higher in Google but they are never enough. Here you can find more law firm seo strategies that will help yout to outrank your competitors.

The Changes That Can Unleash The Creativity Of Your Workforce

There are a lot of business owners who have difficulty in marrying the ideas of business and individual creativity together. They fear that empowering creative employees is a risk to the uniform management of the business. However, particularly in creative industries, others realize that employees are not just resources to be mine for labor. They are assets that can contribute value in all sorts of ways. But they need the freedom to do that. If you think your business could use some creativity, here’s how you make sure your people are in the best position to give it.


Take care of their environment

Look at the physical surroundings of the team to begin with. Drab, conventional office spaces aren’t going to be the most inspiring. There are a few factors that need to come into place. To engage them emotionally and to give them the safe space where they can think creatively. Color and furniture plays a huge role. Besides using paints to maintain the place and improve fire safety, providers like Paints4Trade also have a lot of brands that can help you add more color to the place. Allowing as much natural light and supplementing it with desk light is important, too. Finally, allow as much personalization to desk spaces as you team wants, providing it’s not disruptive.

Get flexible

Personalization and allowing people to do things in their own style is important to promoting more creative and comfortable thinking in your people. That goes beyond their own office desk, however. It should go into their working day, too. If you can, take the time to look over their workload with them. Help them shape a role that better fits their skills, while ensuring all the necessary duties are taken care of. Consider allowing more flexible working conditions, too. Some might be able to go as far as remote working for some days or flexible hours. It’s not only good for morale. If people don’t have to think about waiting out the clock or sticking to rigid schedules, its offers them the freedom to think a little more out of the box.

Encouraging engagement

The right environment and work life will free up your team to get engaged and creative. But you can go a step further and engage it. A good way to do that is give them a little bit of structured time to talk as a team. It’s vital that people have a sense of teamwork within their organization. Not only so they can value the work that they do together, but so that they can bounce ideas off of one another and get feedback they can trust. Without fostering that team attitude, you might be left with something more competitive, instead. People might try tear one another down or think that any criticism to their work, constructive or otherwise, is motivated by spite or competition.

Without striving to create a workplace that allows for and inspires more creativity, you’ll not only have an intellectually bankrupt business. You’ll have a demotivated team with very little reason to be engaged in the business. Make sure you don’t let that happen.

Desperate For New Customers? Then This Advice Will Help You

If you’re looking for some tips and tricks on how to gain new customers, then you’re in the right place. You’ll find some advice below that will help entice new people to your business and help you grow your loyal customer base.

Cater To All Payment Preferences

As a business owner, you have to realize that there are different types of consumer out there. Even within your target market, there will be people that go about things differently. The best example of this is when people pay for things. You’ve got some consumers that will always pay for things in cash. Then, you have others that never use cash and prefer to use their credit card because it earns them points with their bank. This year has seen the spawn of a new type of consumer; one that’s in a rush to pay for things. They prefer contactless payments as they’re quicker and easier than all other methods.


To bring in new customers, you have to cater to all of these different consumers. You must provide their payment preference for them or else they’ll leave and go elsewhere. So, get yourself a credit card reader and a contactless point of sale. Ensure that everyone that walks into your premises will be able to pay for what they want. Promote the fact that you accept all payment options too, and you’ll be surprised at how many new customers this brings in.

Rebrand Your Business

Often, you can struggle to find new customers because your branding is all wrong. No one is identifying with your brand, and it’s hard to connect with new customers. Don’t think that you’re alone here as so many big companies have gone through this. Sometimes, you need to completely rebrand your business to see results.

A rebranding can be a massive thing for your company. You can change things like your logo, the overall image and message that your company puts out there. This helps you align yourself in a different way, and more people may identify with you. As a result of your rebrand, people might see your company in a completely new light. It intrigues them like never before, and the new customers come flying through the door.

Explore New Locations

Sometimes, the location of your business could be holding you back. You’re either not getting as many customers as you want, or you’ve completely dominated the market, and there are no more new customers to gain. Even if you’ve achieved the second option, your business will still want new customers to earn more money.

So, the simple solution is to explore new locations for your business. Either move your company to a new place or open up a different branch elsewhere. Obviously, the second option is only relevant if you’re successful and looking to expand. By exploring new locations, you’ll find new customers that have never heard of you before and are keen to make purchases.

The great thing about gaining new customers is that you have the potential to make them loyal customers. As a result, your customer base keeps expanding and you keep making more and more cash.