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The Search engine optimization industry has changed a lot in the last 2 years. But if you look deep, the core concept is same, where as the quality perspective of the SEO works has changed a lot.  Content is still the kind and Backlink is the Queen.

In the old days the quantity of the backlinks was the most important factor for ranking a website in Google but in early 2014 the penguin update changed the game. It made mandate that you build only quality links; there is no value for quantity anymore. Even all the blog networking sites lost their value in the process. So it is now time to audit your backlinks and find if your link portfolio is as per the Google guidelines.

Why Backlink Checking?

Before I write the importance of back link checking, let me first explain you about backlink.

When any website links back to your website, the link to your website is called as a backlink of your website where the text used to link is called as anchor.

Well, Now Why Backlink Checking?

Backlinks are the top most parameter of keyword ranking and building an authority site.  Google algorithm vastly relies on the backlinks of a site to rank it. A backlink can be a dofollow or nofollow. The dofollow links tell search engines to give value to the link where as the nofollow link does not pass any authority (link juice) to the linked site. When we say backlink, most of the time it points to do-follow links. But for better SEO, we need to make the links look natural. So you need both Do-follow and No-follow links pointing to your site in a natural a ratio.

These days Google has very strict guidelines regarding the quality of the backlinks. Small or big, if any website fails to follow it; they get perished for the violation and get removed from the index ubtill they fix it. They have updated the algorithm and named it as penguin. The most recent one is Penguin 3.0. You can read the complete history of penguin updates here.

So your backlink audit is very essential to find out the link quality and anchor variation (keywords used in linking). That helps building a better link portfolio. Also you can count the backlinks and take necessary steps to build more links or even follow the links pattern of your competitor to rank better in the SERP.

Backlink Checker Tools

Yes, backlink checker tools are specially design software that fetches every mention of your website in the internet. Their crawl report provides the easiest way to find all your backlinks in minutes, without much effort.

In this post I present you a list of best and free backlink checker tools available online.


Well this is a paid tool for commercial use. But you can get complete backlink and anchor text analysis, when you register for a free account. This tool provides the details about backlinks along with anchor breakdown. Click here to visit Ahrefs website.

Open Site Explorer:

This is one of the best backlink checker tool in the list. Again this is a paid tool to use all its functions but the free option is also worthy useful. The best part is that you can compare your domain with your competitor’s stats. Click here to visit the website.


Webmeup, is another best and free backlink checker tool, which offers the maximum functions for free accounts in comparison to any other backlink checker tool. They show maximum links for even very small sites than other backlink checkers.  Visit website here.

BackLink Watch

Though the site is full of advertisements, Backlink Watch is an effective online backlink checker tool which helps you in your link building efforts. This tool is fast and shows upto 1000 of backlinks. Visit Backlink Watch.

Hope you have enjoyed your time here. If you have a list of free backlink checker toll, feel free to share with the readers.

UPDATE on 18-Mar-2015

Free Backlink Tools

Paid Backlink Tools

Essential Elements for Creating Content to Ranks Better in SERPs

While writing for the web may sound easy, it is far from it especially when you are trying to rank better in search engines. No matter how excellent your writing is, if it does not satisfy the criteria, your content may never get noticed. It is not always necessary to keep the Google in mind or the algorithm when writing a piece. But, there are a few things that definitely help contents to rank better than the others.

There are instance that some high quality content do not get noticed while other contents easily get excellent ranking. This happens when the content lacks the technical structure or terms or keywords that are so necessary for the search engines to rank content. Along with a great writing ability, you must have the flair for using all the technical techniques for creating that perfect content your website.

creating content to rank

Whether you are a company or an individual trying to make your content rank better, here are some important ingredients that quality content should have:

Use appropriate title

Meta titles are very important for better ranking. Although, the title character limit for the Meta is juts 55, you can still create title that is both descriptive yet in appropriate length. What this will do is give the readers clear idea about the page as well as satisfy the ranking needs of the SERPs. Social media platforms like the Facebook has decided to put an end to click bait titles, which are often found to be misleading, false and sometimes vague. The motto behind creating a genuine title is to respect your audiences and provide them with quality content.

Headlines that Speaks Volume of the content

For any content to generate the fair amount of popularity, it is important to have a very engaging headline. The headlines should be short enough to be very read in one instance. Just like the Meta titles, your content headlines should be short, crisp and full of information. The right headlines will also make search engines like the Google to recognize the motto of the content and help in ranking better in the SERPs. Again, you can go all creative with your headlines. You can use subheadings to make the content even more organized and easy to skim. You can also use more than one H1 headline in your content but only if it does justice to your content.

Thorough Research for quality content

It is vital that whatever content you write for your audiences, it should add value to their lives. For that, you need to write a thoroughly researched content. A thoroughly researched content will be rich in quality and information that actually benefits your audiences. For instant, if your content is about writing a book, then your target audiences must feel that they have gained some knowledge and techniques about writing a great piece.

Optimized content for Social media

If you want to rank better then you cannot ignore the social media, which has become a vital part of internet marketing. Create social media content that are easy to read, has optimized headlines, images and body that people will find it easy to connect with. Remember, social media is a whole different territory and need a different approach.

Use keywords carefully

When it comes to keywords, the jury is still out there. Some may consider it very important while others don’t see it as important as it was before. The Google no longer takes keyword stuffing as the main criteria for ranking, but that doesn’t mean you should not use them. All you have to do is use the relevant keywords that does not look forced, and serves the purpose of providing you better ranking in the SERPs.

Length of the Content

The length of the content greatly depends on the industry you are writing for. While longer content may help you get the desired ranks in the SERPs, it may become tedious for your readers, which will affect the amount of time they spend on the website. Make sure that you create content that is in appropriate length, is engaging, and the ranking will come in its own accord.

There are like so many important ingredients for creating the right content for your target audiences, but you only need a few of them to create an engaging content that matters.

How Brand Storytelling Can Help You Achieve Better Engagement with Consumers

It is difficult to define branding with the help of one or two words because branding refers to a context. A company’s backstory needs to be studied in order to comprehend its branding. As there are brands galore, so are brand backstories.

All brands have a backstory. Be it a big corporation or a small startup, if it’s a brand, it has a backstory. Susan has correctly pointed out branding is all about storytelling. Connections with audiences are made by people who are associated with brands. Such connections turn into relationships and brands get a chance to tell their stories to the customers.

Does that serve a brand’s purpose? It does. A brand story informs potential consumers what are the values and ethos that the company stands for. The difference between a brand and a mere business becomes clear when we tap on this aspect. A business tells its customers and prospective customers what it sells. A brand on the other hand, tells them what it is.

Social media can be best used to harness the power of brand storytelling. Social media has been regarded by experts as an indispensable tool that can be used to speak to people. Thus, social platforms should be used by brands to tell their stories to customers.

Brands therefore, need to appear as humble, gregarious, transparent and above all human to their audiences so audiences could reverberate these qualities. That’s the stepping stone to for a brand to carve out a loyal follower base.

Experts believe an apparently Innocent tone of voice does more good than a deliberately done strong trail of awareness. The innocence lets the customers to share their opinions and that in turns helps create a solid bonding between a brand and consumers.

Does that mean the surprise and delight modus operandi would fail to yield positive results for brands. Not really. But the problem with this approach is that it can’t be repeated over time. Also, audiences always take such approaches with a grain of salt. Thus, it’s better for brands to stick with storytelling strategy to win consumers.

Brand storytelling is not as easy as it might sound. As a brand you need to tell your audiences who you really are. When you write a story, you need a main character. In the same way, your brand is the main protagonist in the story that you want to tell your audiences. Brand storytelling could become a success if you could make people psychologically mingle with the brand.

You also need to define a number of things in order to capture people’s attention. This is highly important because if you don’t get enough visitors and enough number of shares to build a robust community, no engagement will be take place between the users and you. If there’s no engagement, there’s no point telling the brand’s story.

The second important tips to keep in mind in order to be successful with brand storytelling is explaining to your audiences why you are on social media. You can’t tell your audiences that you are on a social platform for marketing purpose. So you need to tell them some other reason.

Once you share with them why you are on social media, explain to them how that ties up with your business goals. A story should make sense. If there are so many loose ends, the story lacks coherence and readers won’t be interested to read it. So you need to convince your prospective customers that your being on social media is justified by your business goals and it’s something that audiences should show interest in.

A vital part in brand storytelling is identifying your audiences. Every writer thinks of his/her potential readers before writing a story. As a brand owner, you should think of communities and audiences who are most likely to become your customer.

Communities are normally more powerful than individuals. If one person is impressed with your brand value, he/she may spread it to others. So just as it is more fun to tell stories to a large group of people instead of one or two people, reach out to more people for brand storytelling.

If you keep the above discussed tips in mind, brand storytelling will be easy for you and you’ll be able to pull customers.

What do you think of our interpretation of brand storytelling? Do you want to add anything? Tell us in the comment.

Most Businesses Fail, Yours Doesn’t Have To

Making a business successful in the modern age isn’t as difficult as most people think. Although it’s true to say that the majority of businesses fail, this is because the owners are inexperienced and unsure of themselves. If you set up your business the right way from the start and take notes of the key features you need to succeed, you won’t run into this type of problem. Instead, you can guarantee that your business is one of the few that lasts for years. However, to do this, you need to understand what makes a modern business successful.



Don’t let anyone tell you that tech isn’t an important part of the modern business. It doesn’t matter how small your company is, tech will play a crucial role in the processes of running it. For instance, you could be running a small corner shop. These days, you’ll still need to invest in contactless payment methods to keep up with the competition. You might also want to look into the possibility of online inventory management. With a feature like this, you can make sure you know exactly how much of a product you have so that you never go out of stock.

Then there is tech software that can make your business more streamlined, effective and efficient. Indeed, these days there’s even software like test case management so that software companies can operate more effectively!

Strong Leadership

Who is at the head of your company? If you are the individual leading the charge, it’s important to understand what your customers expect from you and your employees. As the owner of the business, you answer to everyone, and it is your responsibility to make sure the company delivers a quality product. You can delegate certain roles and responsibilities to other people, but at the end of the day, you need to show strong leadership. The individual at the head of a company must be someone who others can follow.

Team Model

Of course, a leader isn’t anything without a great team. That’s why you have to make sure that you get the best employees for your business. To do this, it’s worth working with a specialist recruitment agency. They will be able to point some of the best candidates towards your company. Don’t forget, if you want great employees for your business, you need to make it desirable to them. Incentives are a possibility but even ensuring a fair work ethic in your business model would be a great start.

Cost Management

Last but not least, if you want your business to succeed, you have to keep costs constantly in mind. If your spending habits are out of control, then you can end up in a dangerous situation. Your books won’t be balanced, and instead your company can start to bleed money. The answer to this problem is to hire someone to manage your books and keep everything in order. By doing this, you can keep your business finances healthy and ensure that no funding problems push you out of the market.