All That You Need To Know About Your Brand Logo

Logos are essential for any brand to be identifiable. Logos contribute much more than just being an identity or marker for the brand. There is just so much to logos that one has to keep all aspects of the brand in mind while creating a logo. There is a reason people prefer looking for the best logo design company for a simple logo. Logos are all that your brand needs to stand out.

logo design

What is a logo?

A logo, in layman terms, is a symbol or a design taken up by an organization to work as an identifier. However, a lot of brainstorming goes into a logo design. No matter what business you are into, your logo is your representative in your absence. Your clients and associates will recognize your work by the logo. The respect for your logo is directly proportional to the respect you and your business generates.

Usually, businesses create a logo that spreads the idea or philosophy of the company. This is the reason, business owners like to bestow the trust on the best logo design company.

How to select a logo?

Choosing a logo is, honestly, a tough task. Most business owners make the mistake of rushing through and getting a logo that looks good the first time. The problem, here, is people associated with your business are going to look at it for a long time. Your logo is the introduction of your company. Therefore, first things first, never rush while getting a logo. Let the company responsible for making your logo take enough time to craft a masterpiece. Imagine the logos of some of the greatest businesses, like Apple or Baskin Robbins. They hadn’t got the logo idea in a day’s time. They took their own time and created logos that are relevant and relatable still today.

Here are some factors that should be taken into consideration while creating the logo for your business.


The “idea” of your logo should be clear to understand. It might explain the phenomena that gave rise to your business, like the logo of Apple INC., or an insight to your business, like the Baskin Robbins’ logo. The plan is to create a connection with the consumer by your logo. A thorough brainstorming session with logical explanations will see you through to a great idea.


Broadly, there are two kinds of elements in a logo – Graphic and Text. Both the elements, if present, need to be in a perfect synchronization. This would help in getting the logo the attention it deserves. However, one needs to make sure none of the elements are loud. Going with the current trend or using cliches looks good for a short while, but not in the long run.

Colors play an important role in conveying a message. Make sure to use the right color to put across the theme of your organization and reinforce your message.

Not just colors, fonts also play an important role. One needs to make sure that the fonts are in the right format. This will revoke the right emotions among your target audience.

Use simple elements in your logo to keep it more relevant. However, consistency is also important in the logo. Make sure to use the white space and negative space effectively.


One needs to make sure about the target audience. Your logo needs to be designed to attract a target audience. Your elements and message need to be an instant attraction for your target audience. For instance, if your business is something related to the 20 something youth, it should have a hint of pop culture and relevance to the age group. Every business needs to understand and cater to the target audience. Your logo will be a great way to start the conversation.


Adaptability is the need of the hour. With technology changing at a pace like never before, your logos need to be adaptable. Are you still wondering why your logo should be adaptable? Your logo is going to be everywhere, including the letterheads, posters, merchandises, invoice and any other marketing material. If your logo is not adaptable enough to serve the purpose in these materials or various gizmos, your brand will start losing relevance.

These are 4 areas you should pay attention while getting your logo. It is advised to go for an experienced logo designer who will help you through with all the aspects of the logo. Making of a brand and taking it up the ladder is a tough task. Hire the best logo design company you can lay your hands on to get a logo that explains a lot by just being there.

Getting the perfect logo design company is the next part of getting a logo worthy of your brand.

Here are some areas you can notice in your logo design company before hiring.

  • Portfolio: Have a look at the portfolio of the company. You will get an idea about the kind of design the logo designers have done in the past.
  • Experience: When it comes to designing a brand logo, experience counts. An experienced designer will know the logos better.
  • Understanding: It is another professional trait of a good logo designer. The understanding of the brand, the message, and the aesthetics are essential for crafting the perfect logo.

These 3 traits are essential in a logo designer. You should look at the traits and get a logo design company having these traits in balance. Branding is a tough ball game and a well-designed logo is the first step towards it. Several aspects should be considered while getting the logo for your business. Your logo will represent you in all stages. It is the flag bearer of your business philosophy and message. Consult the best logo design company you can find to get a logo that stands out. A logo that stands out from the others makes your brand big in the vicinity.

A well-placed strategy and a self-explanatory logo will team up to create a strong brand message, always.

A Look inside the Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing is a huge concept and defining it in one simple line definition is like saying the sea is huge and has all kinds of water creatures. Nevertheless, content marketing in its simplest form can be defined as an online marketing strategy that focuses on creating quality contents, publishing and distributing those contents across various platforms like social media and blogs for the target audiences with the aim of generating more customers.

Content marketing is also somewhat unpredictable with so many online marketing tools coming up every few weeks. For a content marketing strategy to succeed, it is vital that you use the latest and the hottest trends to stay on top of the competition.

Content Marketing Strategy

Who Needs Content Marketing?

Today, social media platforms have become one of the most powerful content marketing tools. With millions and millions of people present online across the world, you have the best opportunity to reach out to your target audience.

Basically, a business needs content marketing strategy to take it to the next level. It’s not just the established business that need content strategy. Anyone who wants to create a fan base or customer base and want to make their product or services known ( not entirely for sales purposes) will need a solid content marketing strategy to reach out to a vast target audience.

Compared to the other medium, social media platforms are one of the best ways to start with online promotion.

How Content Marketing Helps Your Business

Businesses whether small or big, know that they need content marketing as much as they need traditional marketing strategies. But, how does it actually help?

For instance, you have a home cleaning business specializing in all round house cleaning from floors to carpets to kitchen. You don’t have a very successful business so you want to improve it. You start blogging about various house cleaning issues, such as how to remove stain from the floor or how to clean tiles. With regular posts your blogs gets ranking in the Google and other search engines.

There are many people who find it difficult to clean house on their own.  So, when they search for house cleaning tips and methods online they find your blog. With information rich posts and easy DIY solutions, people start following your blogs and soon you start getting cleaning assignments when they find it too difficult to handle it own their own.

Likewise, you can also share those blog posts in social media platforms like Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter and many more. This way you increase your customer base with a content strategy that offers them solutions and advice they are seeking. And, once you establish yourself as an expert or reliable resource, you will start getting more work.

Why Content Marketing makes more sense than Other Strategies

Surely, content marketing makes more sense when you compare other marketing strategies like PPC. PPC or the Pay Per Click is a costly affair with a very limited lead generation results. This can be easily deduced by simple analysis. After a month long campaign, you have managed to generate a lead and spend some money. Well and good since you don’t mind paying if you are getting what you need. But, the problem is you have to repeat the same thing the next month as well, which means spending more money. But, once you stop spending money, the leads will too stop coming.

Now, take content marketing.

Once you write a blog and add a link to the website where your target audiences or general followers can sign up for your weekly or monthly newsletter or say 1 free cleaning service, you will have a lead. You will notice that you have same number of leads with your content marketing campaign as you had with your PPC campaign. The only difference is that you didn’t have to spend money on it and it is long lasting. As you keep writing blogs, you will get more followers and eventually generate more leads.

Content marketing offers a cost effective and scalable solution to lead generation that every business wants.

What your Content Marketing Team Should Look Like

This purely depends on your goals and budget among few other things like the size of the company and your marketing team. A single person marketing team will have to:

  1. Create Content
  2. Optimize it for the SEO
  3. Manage social media profiles

As the team grows, the content marketing strategies can be approached in more different ways, such as each person becomes responsible for a particular part. One person or team could take the responsibility of content creation, other for purely search engine optimization purpose and other for managing social media profiles. When these responsibilities are handled by different team or people the focus becomes more sharp and specified.

Hiring the right person for your content marketing team will require understanding the specific goal you want to achieve. You need to decide whether you need an expert content creator or designer or SEO manager or just anyone with good knowledge will do.

Getting the right Tools for content marketing strategy is important so that you get the best chance to market your content.

Measuring the Effect of Your Content Marketing Strategy

Creating and distributing content using the right tools is not enough. You need to constantly measure the effect to see what your growth level is. Regular reporting keeps you on the line and lets you eliminate anything that is having a negative effect or having no effect on your content strategy at all.

Content marketing can take your business to the next level when you realize its true potential. It’s out there. It is a cost effective solutions that you have been looking for and with a marketing strategy as big as this, you have a plethora of opportunities.

The Do’s And Dont’s Of Modern Internet Marketing

We wanted to set the record straight today by highlighting some great and terrible online marketing strategies. With a bit of luck, people just starting out in the business world will benefit from the information in this post. Thousands of dollars are wasted every single year by people who don’t select the best methods and ideas. So, you need to pay attention if you want your new company to go from strength to strength. At the end of the day, we all want to make a fortune and retire early, right?

Modern Internet Marketing

Here are just some of the do’s and don’t you need to consider:


  • Invest in social media advertising

Social networks like Facebook and Twitter are perfect for promoting your business operation. You don’t have to pay anything to open an account, but there are some great advertising tools for those who want to invest. If you spend time working on nothing else this year, social media promotion is essential.

  • Focus on SEO

There is no getting away from the fact that SEO could help your business significantly. Millions of people search for companies like yours every single day. Making sure you’re at the top of relevant search results will boost traffic. That should mean you get more conversions and more sales. Just look for local SEO tips to boost your rankings in your chosen areas. Of course, you could also outsource the task to professionals who work in that industry.

  • Seek media attention

Getting media attention for your brand is much easier in the modern world. That is because there are thousands of popular news websites you could target. You might find it hard to get mentioned in national newspapers, but that doesn’t mean you can’t create a buzz online. Just create a mailing list that contains all your media contacts and send messages when you have some news.


  • Forget the importance of content marketing

Content marketing is a new concept no business owner should ignore. The process involves mentioning your business naturally within well-written articles. There are companies you can use to deal with the process one your behalf. However, people who are just starting out could get started without outside help.

  • Put all your eggs in one basket

When you find an internet marketing concept that works, it’s tempting to put all your eggs in one basket. Even so, you need to spread your efforts over a wider area. You never know when a certain idea might stop producing positive results. You would be stuck if that happened and you had everything invested in the strategy.

As you can see, there is a lot to learn when it comes to modern internet marketing. The basic rule of thumb is that you should only invest when you find a winning process. Always research the methods used by your competitors to ensure you are not overlooking something important. You will have to spend a lot of money to ensure your brand becomes a household name. However, it’s worth the expense and effort if your business succeeds.

Business Image – Your Guide on Reputation Management

Among the factors instrumental in success or failure of a business, one is branding. If done right, branding can help a business jump many hurdles. If done wrong, it can tarnish the reputation of a business.

The 2015 KFC “fried rat” fiasco is a primer on the importance of public perception. The news of KFC serving fried rat to customers was phony. But the rumor whirlwind was so strong that even loyal KFC customers went into criticism mode and began abusing the Kentucky-based chicken wing franchise.

It took a whole month for KFC to regain the lost image.

The incident shows public perception can be irrational. It can be turned against anyone or any brand, and at anytime. Further, social media can fuel it.

Strategies You Should Follow to Polish Up Your Branding

Here are some strategies to polish up a brand’s image:

A unique proposition

Customers are tired because of tirades. They have seen almost every maneuvering technique used by brands. In 2016, what customers expect most from brands are transparency and uniqueness. The two are actually tied together – unique brand strategies don’t require manipulation and increase a brand’s transparency quotient.

Companies that uphold a unique premise and connect it to their branding have an easy time dishing out a unique selling proposition. In the food and beverage industry, Cadbury, Bournville and Toblerone are all top chocolate brands. To compete with them, the Mast Brothers (Rick and Michael Mast) have come up with the idea of DIY chocolate making. It’s their USP.

Despite not being among the celebrated shoe brands, TOMS Shoes has a niche customer-base because whenever someone buys a pair of shoes from them, they hand over a new pair to a child-in-need. Even though some people claim such acts of charity isn’t doing any good, their generosity cannot be undermined.

Furnishing a selling proposition that’s totally unique helps your branding rise above the fold and turn all eyes. More importantly, it establishes your identity as a brand.

Consistency is key

There are too many bottlenecks for branding – both anticipated and unanticipated. Consistency is the key to overcome these bottlenecks. To build positive branding, an enterprise needs to maintain consistency. As discussed in the previous paragraph, uniqueness pads out identity.

So a business must have a distinctive approach and a unique selling proposition. The awareness of consistency should permeate through its hierarchy. From c-suite executives to customer service reps – everyone should place consistency above all other things.

Imagine you run a golf-equipment manufacturing firm and your USP is you only use biodegradable products in your manufacturing units. If any non-renewable product is ever found in your warehouse or production unit, then an uproar would soon follow hurting your branding. Surveys have already shown that 90% holiday shoppers expect consistency from brands. So be consistent in whatever you do. Or else, public perception towards your branding will turn negative.

Product photography

This one might sound out of the box, but bear with me. This is the age of visuals – the more visuals you have, the easier it is to endorse your brand. Rejecting product photography is turning your face from visuals, despite knowing their importance in marketing.

Let’s find out how product photography benefits brands:

Increased revenue: The presentation of a product is as important as its quality. Leverage product photography to present your product in a captivating manner to prospective customers. If they are impressed, then its sale will increase, fetching you and better revenue.

Tap multi-channel marketing: Product photography enables you to promote your brand across all platforms – social networking, video sharing and even email and newsletters. Tapping more than one platform is better for brand recognition. With product photography, it is guaranteed.

Develop content catalogue: If you run an online shop, product photography aids you in cataloguing content. The stunning product photographs in your inventory can quickly capture visitor’s attention. Besides, you can reproduce and reuse those photographs in the form of print or electronic format.

Because product photography consists of the above benefits, include it in your marketing plan.

Make new connections

Branding is all about creating a network. Failing to make connections with industry leaders, with influentials and more importantly, with audience leads to decreased visibility. Put simply, it enfeebles your branding.

It’s 2016 and a number of brands are interested in co-marketing than competition. Case studies also prove that co-marketing comes with greater benefits for brands than competition. Among its many benefits, one is connecting with people/brands with a huge follower-base on social media. Such individual and brands can cross-promote.

Content marketing is widely acknowledged as the most resourceful tool for branding. A content marketer called Jeff Stephens, founder of Top Shelf Blogging explained the advantage of cross-promotion by saying “sharing others’ content establishes a deeper direct relationship with that person and endears you to those you have yet to meet.”

Making new connection inevitably leads to co-marketing and co-branding, even though there’s a little difference between the two. In the end, it polishes up a brand’s image.

Summing up

The four strategies, discussed here are simple to follow. Brands don’t need to cough up too much money or have technical expertise needed to use cutting-edge tools. Just a little marketing acumen and diligence – and that’s all.

Hence, follow these strategies and stay ahead of others.