7 Apps to Elevate Your Instagram Marketing

Many did not know that Instagram marketing had started long before Instagram introduced ads as an addition to their features. However, it’s only been done impressively most by huge enterprises who were able to employ intelligent marketers in their roster. To mention a few; Coca-Cola, Anthropologie, W Hotels and many others. Further, there are also various brands that are expected to be boring that were actually able to obtain excellent Instagram presence. We can have General Electric as the best example.

Instagram Marketing Tips

Now, for practicality’s sake let’s say you’re one of those visually boring brands and what you are selling are B2B services targeting a number of markets. Thus you should not overlook your business’ necessity to compete when it comes to the aesthetic front, especially in one of the most effective podium available today, the Instagram.

These following apps will help you elevate your Instagram marketing campaign at the most operative way.


Offerpop, a marketing tool lets users create and manage campaigns across every social media channel (sad, but we’ll have to exclude Google+ this time). Through this app, you will be able to track Instagram hashtags, view performance, store user-generated content in a more efficient and easy-to-access library, give auto replies and publish photos to different platforms.

It is also noteworthy that this app is used by leading brands including Pepsi, TOMS, Gap and even American Express.


Did you know that 65% of Instagram users say they feel more honored when a particular brand mentions them? Repost could be the best tool to make your followers feel more appreciated. It can make sharing other user’s videos or photos a lot simpler. You just need to browse your feed or search for a particular user or hashtag, then click on the photo and then tap on “repost”. It’s that simple.

This app could be a great way to enable brands show their user-generated contents and give appreciation to their customers.

Many big brands or even celebrities utilize Repost. One example is the soccer superstar Giovani dos Santos.

Just one good tip: make sure to create a hashtag unique to your brand. It will make it easier for you to find user-generated photos or videos that you can exhaust for your brand’s marketing campaign.


A huge portion of consumer purchases as reported by socialmediatoday.com is actually influenced by a brand’s social media marketing campaign. We are aware that it’s a crucial practice to include a link to your website or blog in your bio and Like2buy takes this very step further. This app can help you achieve a simplistic gallery of your products that can be instantly available for purchase.

Like2buy will give a link to brands that they can put in their bio. The moment a user will click on through the link, he/she will be directed to a page where the brand’s featured products are listed. Know that it would take only a few clicks to get from your Instagram account to your Like2buy product page.

Forever 21 is just one of the numerous brands that use Like2buy to make their clients’ buying experience get even better. For further efficiency, you may use a caption that says “shop link in bio” to remind users that they can have convenient options whilst buying your products online.


Going over into the sphere of free apps for a more effective Instagram marketing campaign, Slidagram allows a user to craft slideshows on your website that are based on popular hashtags or location. For brands with a huge compilation of Instagram images, this could be an effective and easier way to extract photos that pertain to your upcoming event or campaign. Plus, is there something more epic than free?


An abbreviation for Visual Supply Co., VSCO allows Android and iPhone users to make striking images with the use of creative filters that are almost in complete contrast with Instagram’s heavy-on-the-saturation filter. Your brand will surely obtain further aesthetic benefits through this app. With this app, boring and dull images can get interesting and effective.


Afterlight, like VSCO Cam, is photo editor that provides various filter choices to make plain photos become extraordinary. Be open to doing some experiments by combining the editing features of the two apps and you will find yourself headed off in a direction of an aesthetic bliss. Afterlight can offer 75 unique and completely adjustable frames.


Followgram is your great source for Instagram analytics. This is an essential app while marketing through Instagram. This app provides a myriad of free stats about who liked and commented on your posted contents. Further, it also offers special tools that help brands in running contests and in obtaining accurate analytics. Followgram users include Ford, Nike, National Geographic and many others.


The above-mentioned apps, when utilized intelligently, will certainly help you elevate marketing and obtain success in an Instagram promotion. Do you have some apps to add in mind? Feel free to drop a comment below.

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The 5 Benefits Your Employees Appreciate The Most

Employees love a good boss. They feel loyal toward the company, and they might even be inspired to go the extra mile to support your business strategy. So what makes a good boss? Is it the managerial skills they come to work with every day? Is it their charisma and reputation? It might be down to the benefits you’re offering as part of their remuneration!


Taking Care Of Your Employee’s Health

Healthcare benefits are one of the most important options you can offer a full-time member of staff. So many big companies are offering them, and even the up-and-coming businesses are investing. If your business strategy involves significant growth plans, you can’t do that without your employees. You need them fit, well, and raring to go! And you’ll find you can attract better talent if you advertise a role with this benefit attached.

Vacation or Holiday Days

Offering your employees extra days off is sure to put a smile on their faces. You are legally obliged to offer a minimum number plus public holidays. Why not add another for their birthday? Some big companies operate a sick days policy too. It means workers can take a sickie if they need time off for any reason. Of course, as a company boss, you also need to follow the law when it comes to pay and illness.


Life insurance is something that can make all the difference for an employee’s family. Some younger members of staff also see the value of this coverage as an added benefit to working for you. Prices vary wildly so use a comparison website to find rates on life insurance for employees. In some sectors, this benefit is seen as a standard part of any remuneration package.


Most of us find ourselves caring for someone during the course of our lives. It might be kids, or it might be elderly parents that require us to take time from work. Offering flexible-working hours is enormously helpful for this. Alternatively, set targets or volumes to be accomplished. Then you can leave it to the employee to meet those requirements within the working week at their own pace. It helps employees to fit their caring duties around their work commitments.

Fit & Healthy

Offering in-office motivators like free massages, free fruit, and gym memberships can be hugely popular. Beyond putting a smile on your employee’s face, you will also be reducing the number of sick days lost. Healthy workers are also more productive. Promoting a healthy lifestyle shows you care as a boss, and it can help build a really great workplace culture too. Why not have sports and activities afternoons once per week? Dividing the office into two groups means key functions can still be covered.

Most of us spend more time at work with colleagues than we do with our own families. This is a huge commitment to ask of people, even when you pay them well. Making life at work a little easier and healthier can bring loyalty, productivity, and positivity to your business.

Expanding A Business While Living In A Big City

Businesses that are given birth in metropolitan cities where there are millions of potential customers are perhaps the most exciting of all. Unlike many other types of location, a small business in a large city shrugs off the fact that it might be small in size, because of the amazing amount of traffic it can see. The sheer number of people that are at your disposal with regards to talent and a number of consumers wandering around you make a small business feel as if they have a client base as large as big corporations. That scale of opportunity is unmatched, and you simply cannot find that anywhere else in the rural parts of the country.

This is the reason why so many businesses don’t know whether they should expand, or simply just internally grow until they have a speedy and efficient business.

Expanding A Business

However, there are a few things you should consider if you do want to physically widen your grasp and influence.

Look for commercial property

A business can show a lot to its customers purely by the stature it decides to hold. Moving to an office in a skyscraper building would be the cherry on the cake. By officially having a headquarters, where the entire operation may be conducted, can elevate your position in the minds of other businesses too. When expanding your business, your physical activity is going to increase however so is your administration. The amount of paperwork is going to skyrocket and double overnight. You’ll be dealing with more clients, therefore more accounts, as well as needing to have a professional location where boardroom meetings can take place. When investors and rival businesses meet you, it’s better that you have an office with employees that are representing your brand than in the back room of your store. With many staff members working so closely together, your operations will become faster and smoother in an office setting.

Have the funding

Money talks and everything else that’s below par walks. No matter how great your plans are for expansion, without the proper funding they cannot come to fruition. Private investors will always want either a large return and in a time schedule of their choosing, or they want some kind of control over your business. Usually, this slice will mean that you don’t have a complete say over what kind of direction your business shall take. Therefore getting a business loan from a company such as https://smallbusinessloans.co is the better option. Unlike personal loans, because your business model will be the proof of the pudding and potentially your sensitive information about sales etc., you can get a larger amount of money. The interest rate can be around 5.5% to 8.5%. The risk factor will be taken into account, and during the application process you can choose between a variable rate or fixed.

The two most important factors about a business expansion in a large city are the possible new location and the amount of funding you have to fuel your future operations. Changing from your original store to a professional office or just a larger store is definitely something that is the mark of a growing business. Making sure you have full creative control of the business is why business loans are better than the private investor route.

High Quality Images Can Set Your Luxury Property Apart From the Rest

If you are looking for a way to successfully market your luxury rental property, you will want to start by looking at the pictures that you use to promote it with. People today are looking for a property that meets with their travel personality, and they are taking this search online in increasing numbers. This means that you need to take your marketing efforts online as well.

There are many ways that you can effectively accomplish this, so keep reading to learn more.

Photos For A Digital Brochure

A great way to promote a home today is through the creation of a digital brochure. Once you have done this, you can distribute it online in a variety of ways. The focus of such a brochure should be on color photos, and not on the text. Let the picture paint the story of your home. That is what people want to see. Use a high quality camera that takes high definition digital photos. Better yet, consider hiring a professional photographer that will take the photos for you and then you can just store them for later use. Make sure that you include the entire property and any corresponding views that a prospective tenant would find helpful in making their decision.

how images improve your SEO

Don’t Forget Your Website

If you are looking to rent out your luxury home, a website is certainly a helpful way to do that. This is a place where you can post detailed information about the home, and even provide a way for interested tenants to make a booking with you. This is also a place where you will want to focus on quality, and that begins with the photos and videos that you post there. If people are going to be interested in your luxury home, you must showcase it in such a light. Spare no effort at making sure that this happen.

Video Footage

If you want to capture nearly every angle of your home and surrounding area, video footage is the way to do just that. Photos can be rather limiting in terms of what the viewer is able to see, which is why guests interested in your home will benefit from any type of video that you post online. Aerial views are considered to be the most effective way of doing this, so you will want to consider using drones for real estate. This is a way to effectively video the entire property from the air in a way that was not really possible a few years ago. The quality of the images that are produced are exceptional, and those who view the video will be impressed with what you have put together. This will highlight the amenities and features that drew you to the luxury home in the first place, and that will sell itself.

These are three great ways that you can provide interested guests with excellent imagery of your luxury home. This might just make all of the difference between landing a booking and having the home sit empty for much of the upcoming season. If you are looking to get a great return on your investment, having professional photos and images uploaded online should be considered a primary part of your overall marketing plan.