5 Guaranteed SEO Guidelines to Increase Rankings on Google

Rankings on Google

Your rankings on search engines determine how successful your webpage has been in reaching visitors. Higher rankings determine that the webpage has been rated helpful to the visitors in their search queries, while it boasts high quality content and shows relevancy in its niche.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a vast field that deals with improving rankings given to webpages by search engines. Google keeps its algorithms a cryptic mystery but the effects of certain changes on webpages can be felt through rise or fall in rankings. This has led to development of SEO techniques.

Google deploys spiders to crawl over the website to evaluate its rankings based on over 200+ factors such as quality content, nature of content, relevancy, backlinks, domain age, internal linking, page load time, relevancy to the search term, social signals, CTR it attracts and how often it has been updated.

SEO aims to score high on the spiders’ criteria to score higher rankings. Although understanding Googles algorithms is a near impossible task, by following these easy 5 SEO guidelines you can also increase the rankings of your website.

Personal Domain and Hosting Always Helps

It doesn’t matter if you are a skilled SEO specialist or a beginner jumping into he field – always remember to have your won domain and hosting. Don’t expect free blogs to contribute for your SEO and rankings because owning your own domain and hosting acts as a symbol of your determined resolve to promote your webpage and brand and without it, you are considered somewhat an amateur. If possible register your domain for a longer period of time, say 8-10 years.

Google marks websites with genuine input and content updates as reliable and hence grants them higher rankings. Starting off your blogs with a personal domain and hosting is a strong start towards SEO efforts since it marks the start of your blog history from a personal domain and the longer it continues, the better it marks it secures on Google.

Original Content Always Wins

Search engines rank user experience as their top priority to ensure the user returns to utilize the search engine again. To achieve this, Google hunts for relevant and high quality content to display to the user for their query. If a search engine fails to deliver results according to expectations or relevance of a search query, users will be diverted towards other search engines which provide better outcomes and the said engine will be abandoned.

Content is king and decides how successful your webpage will be in the competition. Always create unique content which is helpful for the target audience and shows high quality standards for increased ratings. Such content is often shared among users and on social media which further spreads word of your webpage and earns greater rankings as Google also calculates the social media factor.

Original content is no longer limited to text as the terminology has broadened to explain a vast array of information ranging from images, videos, podcasts, plugins and tools to radio broadcasts and advertisements. By ensuring quality, your content achieves vast sharing on social media which brings greater traffic and adds to Search Engine Rankings Positions (SERPs).

Always Choose Natural Backlinks

Backlinks are links hosted by a website on their webpages which points towards another website. When it comes to them, there are certain guidelines to follow for ensuring your website benefits from backlinks and does not end up getting penalized by Google.

  • Take Care of Anchor Text: Anchor Text are the words chosen to write the backlink itself. Add keywords and avoid sounding vague or confusing in the link. Choose simple and straightforward words which explain to the user where the backlink will lead.
  • Backlink Host Reputation: The reputation of your backlink provider is critical towards deciding if the backlink will even have any effect. If the webpage is shady or serves as a spamming ground for posting backlinks, you will actually be penalized by Google even if your content was valuable.
  • Do not Purchasing Backlinks: Purchasing backlinks is the taboo of outreach since it never ends well. Googles algorithms have built in protocols to sniff out which links were purchased and which are natural. If it senses they are not natural, Google will automatically eliminate your webpage from its searches. Purchased backlinks almost always stem from spammy, disreputable webpages and have no real value. Your monetary resources, time and content will all go down the drain if you resort to such cheap tactics.
  • Quality Over Quantity: Choose to create quality content and backlinks from verified and trusted webpages to be sure your resources and efforts do not go to waste.

Sitemap for Enhanced User Experience

A relatively simple yet effective technique is to install Google Sitemap plugin which maps a complete list of your posts, webpages and content which you have published. The sitemap automatically updates data and uploads to search engines for validity and so the users are aware if new content has been added or activity has been initiated on your behalf.

Stay Active On Other Blog Discussions

Don’t just go around optimizing your content and webpage – participating in discussions on other blogs attracts traffic towards your own webpage, builds relationships with new audience and can even contribute towards securing backlinks.


SEO may seem like a challenging task and in reality, it can be a daunting endeavor. These 5 friendly SEO guidelines will ensure that you refrain from committing beginner mistakes and have your webpage optimized in no time.

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