Every single business on the market has a brand. When you think of big names like McDonald’s, you probably think of the golden arches. This is a perfect example of the importance of a strong brand. Your business needs to pop and if you’re just starting out, your brand is even more important for you to be memorable in your field.

So, what is a brand? It’s so much more than just a kooky logo and it’s important to know this as early as possible. The brand you have is going to represent the way the customer perceives your business.

what is a brand

The logo, your presence online with your website and social media, and how your customer experiences all of this is what encompasses your brand. The brand experience goes beyond great graphic design; your company should be living and breathing it! Let’s take a look at the reasons your company brand should be elevated:

  1. Recognition: Familiarity is important for customers. We always go back to the companies we are comfortable with that offer us a great experience. It’s rare to find a company that you are comfortable with using over and over, and your brand can make people feel at ease.
  2. Competition: Burger King vs McDonald’s. Pepsi vs Coke. All of these are huge brands, but people always have a preference. Your brand and how you run it can set you apart from the competition in your field. You need to be able to stand away from the crowd and be independent from all the other companies that are like yours.
  3. Story: Your brand tells your company’s story. You need your customers to be able to have an experience that they can rave about but that also tells your story as a business. This includes everything, from the way you answer the phones to the visual elements of your company.
  4. Motivation: A great company brand gives employees and company staff motivation to work harder. A brand strategy has to be clear and organised and should help your staff to have direction in their roles so they can meet the goals of the company.
  5. Referrals: Strong brand identities generate referrals. People will always recommend a good company and with most brands being worn, eaten and drunk, it’s easy to tell people about the brand they wear. Think about the power of Instagram and other social media sites: Coca-Cola gave their bottles names, and everyone was clamouring for one! That’s great branding that sells itself.
  6. Value: A brand that is strong will give your business value that’s beyond the logo. Your company needs to be worth more than what you can handle physically, it’s about the experience you can give your customers that they can rave about.

Your company brand should be built on your idea and it should be something that your staff can work on and drive for. You have to believe in your brand and know that you can deliver on your brand promises. Don’t be fooled by a simple logo – it’s so much more than that.



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