7 Guaranteed Ways from Where New Bloggers Can Earn Income

New Bloggers

Do not give up on blogging. Even if you are a new blogger still you can make money with it.

In this article we tell you 7 guaranteed ways with which a new blogger can earn an income.

The first 3 ways in the list is for the newcomers, as bloggers gain experience with blogging they can move on to next 4 ways of making money.

All the 7 points in the article are unique and not being repeated again and again.

So set up a new blog, create good content and bring some traffic to it. After that you can implement following 7 ways.

1. Joining Advertising Networks

I think everyone knows this. The first thing a blogger can do is monetize his or her blog for contextual ads.

You must keep in mind that there are hundreds of ad networks out there. However the best one to start is Google Adsense.

Millions of bloggers around the world use Google Adsense because they trust the network and it always pays you on time.

 You can also try other ad networks if you like them, but Google Adsense is the best.

For other ads like Text links, RSS advertising, video advertising etc you can try other ad networks too.

This is very basic.

2. Affiliate Marketing

Next you graduate to affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is bit different than earning revenue from contextual ads.

Here you make money by selling products rather getting clicks. Now selling a product is very difficult as compared to clicks.

Hence you must know how to sell products through your blog.

You can start selling on behalf of an affiliate network like Clickbank, Commission Junction etc or sell products of a particular company.

The revenue that you generate through affiliate marketing is 4 to 5 times higher than contextual ads.

So choose a right product that is relevant to your blog and start selling.

3. Create Your Own Product and Sell it

This would not be difficult for you once you have mastered the art of affiliate marketing.

This is also like affiliate marketing but the only difference is here you sell your own product instead of selling on other’s behalf.

You may be surprised to know how you are going to create a product. Well! Creating a product is very easy.

When I say product, it means an eBook or software which are downloadable and not a physical item like book.

You can create a “How To Guide” or some other tutorials without spending a dime. You can easily sell that product through affiliate marketing.

You make a lot of money.

4. Direct Ad Sales and Charging for Guest Posts

As I said earlier first 3 ways of generating revenue from blogging is very primitive. However, ways from 4 through 7 is for bloggers with some experience.

You can sell space on your blog for showing ads. You can let other companies or bloggers to advertise their products on your blog and in return you charge a fee.

How much you get paid depends upon the traffic your blog receives.

If the traffic is more and targeted then you can charge over $100 – $500 a week for just showing a thumbnail size ad.

You can also allow other bloggers to post their blogs on your website after charging a fee.

For example you can charge $250 to $500 for publishing a blog post of a blogger.

5. Consultancy and Offering Services

Once you have established yourself as a blogger you can start consulting others.

You consult other wannabe bloggers via Skype and for each session you charge a fee. For example, for an hour long session you charge up to $500 depending upon how big of a blogger you are.

You can also provide other services related to blogging. For instance SEO is very hot right now.

If you know SEO then you can offer your services and make a lot of money.

There are few other services like designing, copywriting, coaching etc you can offer and charge a fee.

6. Various Offline Methods

You may be surprised to know that there are various offline methods you can make money with.

You can organize a workshop or a seminar or meet ups where other bloggers come together to learn new things about blogging.

You can charge a fee for the membership. You can also start your own blogging institute or a school where you teach blogging and other ways to make money online.

Just for speaking on the stage you can charge a fee.

Usually bloggers neglect offline methods of making money. You shouldn’t.

However you must have to be famous enough to get attention.

7. Other Revenue Streams

Finally there are many other revenue streams you can capitalize on.

If the content of your blog is very good then you can charge a fee for premium content.

You allow paid members only to read the premium content.

You also make money through syndications and donations.

If you like then you can also sell your blog to a company if they are offering a handsome amount of money.

So these were 7 guaranteed ways to generate an income for a new blogger. You can start with first 3 ways at least.

Pritam Nagrale is one of the Passionate Bloggers from Mumbai. He runs a blog MoneyConnexion. He utilized these methods and earns a lot from his blogs.