9 Tips on Staying Focused When Prospecting for Links

Link Prospecting

One of the main tasks of every SEO professional is to build many different links on various niche-specific websites in order to increase his/hers website rating and drive more traffic to it.

This can be done with various white hat methods and in this article we will share 9 tricks that will help you to build better quality links and increase your website’s Google rating.

#1. Make Preliminary Lists

There are thousands of websites in each niche, which means that you need to pick a group of selected few bloggers and administrators to contact. This can be done by comparing their authority with the possibility for them to accept your article and let you share link in it. Many websites and blogs don’t accept guest posts, others don’t let you to post your link inside the post (they let you post it only in short bio section), etc. Preliminary lists should include bloggers who will accept your guest post offer, listed in accordance with their authority, and their acceptance towards in-post links.

#2. Use Tools for Link Prospecting

Most link builders use at least some software tools for link prospecting. There are many tools that help you determine which websites represent the perfect environment for your link. You should start by narrowing niche specific websites that accept guest posts. This can be done by adding keywords like ‘write for us’, ‘contribute’ or ‘submit’ to you query. After that you can make your list narrower by searching specific topics or special types of websites (educational, industry specific etc.).

#3. Email Outreach Campaigns

Email outreach campaigns are generally considered as an outdated strategy, but they still work in number of cases. Important thing when trying to reach several dozen bloggers and website administrators at once via e mail is to include at least some customization and add a paragraph or two that is specific to their web presentation.

#4. Be up to Date with News

Link builders need to be informed about current events and popular tendencies in the niche. Bloggers and website administrators would rather accept an article that shares valuable information about new trends and current events than articles that explain basic things and start with long history of certain subject. With being up to date with new trends link builders show their expertise.

#5. Link Needs to Be a Natural Fit

Link you shared needs to fit naturally in surrounding text and an article itself. This means that you shouldn’t share links to online store’s car tire product page, in the text that tells a story about office furniture.

#6. Anchor Text Is Important

Anchor text is one of the most important parameters for website ranking. That’s why anchor text needs to contain one or a few keywords that are associated with your website. You should avoid simple anchor text phrases like: ‘click here’, ‘check this out’ etc.

#7. Importance of Social Shares

Guest post articles you are writing need to be sharable on social networks. This way you will increase the number of people who will see and click on shared link, and although search engine crawlers treat social network links differently, they still notice them and the number of social links and their later shares still adds up to website’s trust rank.

#8. Keep Your Links Fresh

Websites tend to stale, since bloggers and website administrators often stop posting content. Link on certain website can be very valuable at one moment, but it can also turn out completely useless when the website goes to obscure. That’s why link builders should constantly search for new linking opportunities and keep their links fresh.

#9. Use HARO

Help a Reporter Out is a ground breaking platform that can earn you a top quality link on some of the best featured online websites in your niche. HARO is used by journalists to quickly obtain feedback from the public, as well as expert opinions from professionals in various niches. Rule of the thumb when it comes to this platform is that reporters usually state their source’s company or website, which means that one or a few sentences about some topic can earn you a link on websites like: Forbes, Business Insider, Wired or Bloomberg.

Link building is way of digital promotion. Like any other type of promotion it requires link builders to share good quality content and to make deeply personal and customized approach to bloggers and website administrators, as well as people who are reading the posted content.


In conclusion, quality link building is no easy task. Whenever someone promises you unbelievable results unbelievably quick, for a ridiculously small amount of money, they are almost certainly doing something wrong. Not wrong in a sense that they don’t know what they’re doing, but wrong in a way that it doesn’t give you a viable long term benefit. Good link building campaign is not an ad hoc “I’ll get that done in 24 hours” process. It’s a streamlined set of activities that requires a good strategy and a good set of parameters that help you judge the quality of your effort, as well as the end results. And always keep that white hat by your side.