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Hello and thank you for visiting DigitalVani, the best source for digital marketing news, seo tips, social media optimization guide, pay per click advice, blogging tactics and the best how to digital marketing article galleries in the internet.

My name is Arun Mohapatra and I am an experienced digital marketing professional with over 5+ years of obsession for digital marketing, branding, web promotion and complete eco-system around it. I spent almost the entire time in digital marketing consultation, working with brands across the world to deliver best possible results from their online campaigns.

Physically I am based out in India but I live and breathe in digital interactive space 24×7. I currently work with a Mumbai based digital marketing company as Manager- Digital Strategist / Analyst and work with several start-ups to blue-chip brands to promote them online.

Alongside working with a range of international brands, I’m the columnist to DigitaVani and many other major digital publications within the industry and loves to speak about Content Marketing, Branding, SEO, SEM, Social Media and wider digital strategy.

My core specialties lies in putting the different pieces of a digital marketing and put them together as per the requirement and objective of the brand where the focus is to use most effective internet technologies and  implement a  compelling digital marketing solution to reach, engage, convert, retain a customers with a never failing marketing strategy.

My other specialty lies in using various tools & technologies and analyzing the collected data to generate insights that are used to further optimize and measure the progress of the campaigns.

Please feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn or view my CV to find more about me & my work experiences. I’m in Googleplus.

Apart from the above, I’m a simple guy, who believes and lives life to the fullest. I truly believe in where I socialize and where I worship.  If you share the similar thoughts, feel free to add me on Facebook. Here at DigitalVani, I draft and share all the whole new thing I learn over the time, which you can use to learn and improve your skills. Well, I think this is probably more than you really needed to know about me. I’m grateful for your time.

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