Adobe Announced Creative Cloud for Photographers and Designers

Adobe announced a new photography plan. The plan is for anyone interested in photography. It will cost users $9.99 every month and bring around two cutting edge tools – Photoshop CC and Lightroom 5. The new plan is called Adobe Creative Cloud Photography plan. Apple also launches Lightroom’s mobile apps on iPad and iPhone and a new Photoshop app for iPad called Photoshop Mix. The app will allow Smartphone users avail all features of Photoshop that are normally restricted to desktop. The app is built with Adobe Creative software development kit.

Creative Cloud adobe

The Photoshop CC is being regarded as a breakthrough release by Adobe. The tool consists of some remarkable features. Some of them are mentioned below;

  1. Focus Mask – The feature causes Photoshop CC to automatically select in-focus areas of a particular image. This is how the first step of a mask is created. Headshots and other images with not-so-high resolution require focus mask.
  2. Perspective Warp – It’s an innovative feature with the capability of adjusting the perspective of a certain part of the image. More so, it is done fluidly and doesn’t affect surrounding areas.
  3. Better Stylus Support for Windows 8.1 – The feature lets Photoshop CC provide better stylus support. Users can enjoy ultra-smooth brush strokes. The overall experience will also be better and something users are not familiar with.

The said features are all subtle addition to Adobe’s brand name. So even though Creative Cloud release has been called as a groundbreaking one by Adobe, the software doesn’t cause a shocking effect on the users. The fine-drawn improvements are being propagated.

Photography is not pastime anymore. Many earn their bread and butter by capturing images. More so, a lot of people are so obsessed with photography that they never forget to bring their camera whenever out on a trip. The Creative Cloud is going to offer them standout service. Winston Hendrickson of Adobe said, “we know there’s a huge appetite from photography enthusiasts to have powerful, world-class software available on their mobile devices as well as their computers.”

That’s exactly what Creative Cloud is for. The software will have application in some  money generating fields such as illustration and in-design, video editing, mobile app designing and graphic design. Companies working in these fields can render better services to their clients, thanks to Adobe. Adobe’s stock is currently traded at $73.08, 8.20% up from previous closing.

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