AOL Joins the Race; Focus Is On Becoming a Video-Ad Powerhouse

Tuesday saw AOL reformatting its website, launching a premium video experience for its customers worldwide. The company took this step after it admitted the ongoing demand for watching online videos among people. Last month AOL customers watched 158 million videos and this encouraged the company to focus on becoming a video-ad powerhouse., the online media company decided to highlight the videos from its content partners as it is accepting the fact that video ads are in vogue. Online video advertising is undeniably the fastest growing sector of the ad world on the Internet.

AOL’s CEO Tim Armstrong, Google’s Ex Advertising Head, intends his company to become the undisputed king of online video advertising. AOL’s video service launch provides enough meat for the users with the power of a time centric programming strategy and scaled online videos.

Last year, AOL’s CEO Tim Armstrong bought, the video ad technology company making inroads for some success as AOL surpassed Google at the ComScore rankings to be in the Internet’s top video-ad properties.

People love watching videos that are current, specific, informative and entertaining and AOL has decided to draw in more users from this single strength of video advertising. The online video service provided by AOL will be programmed dynamically based on the daily video viewing habits of’s audience.

Relying on its content partners like the ESPN, Conde Nast Entertainment, The Wall Street Journal, etc AOL will constantly add rich new video content for its users. AOL will also feature content from its subsidiaries like the Huffington post and Engadget.

AOL stocks were inactive for the most part of the day as they fell by 1% before closing on Monday. Not long ago, AOL was precariously teetering along the edge with a moderate stock and market performance. Its attempt to claw in Internet authority by asserting itself into the online video advertising sector makes AOL join the race of thousands to provide exclusive, unique online video content.

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