#BIS 3: Interview With Nisha Pandey – Talented Female Blogger From India

nisha pandey

We are seeing a tremendous shift in digital marketing, where blogging has become a passion for many, many have made it as profession and earning handsome amount of money out of it too.  In the lastcouple of years so many female tech bloggers form Indian have proved their skills in blogging.

Today we have Nisha Pandey a talented female bloggers form India on the BIS board.

Nisha, Happy to have you in DigitalVani Today. How are you doing?

Hi Arun, I am doing great, Thanks!

It’s really a great honor and pleasure to be here, today. Thank you so much for inviting me

We would love to know little more about you here. Please introduce yourself to our readers.

As you already know I’m Nisha from SEOTechyWorld. I’m a professional blogger. Originally from Mumbai, I’m a proud delhiite after marriage. Personally you can call me an introvert who would love to spend time in her own geeky world of tech.

Anything new excites me and if you just log into my blog you’ll understand that pretty well. I share my most committed relationship of my life with ‘Internet’. Seriously, I just can’t live without it.

Apart from my blogging my other passions are dance and music.  Well, that sums up pretty much everything.

Tell a little more about your blog SeoTechyWorld and your story to enter into blogging.

After finishing college I started working in the SEO sector. But after having my baby (yes, I’m blessed with a little bundle of joy) I decided to quit my regular job. And then I thought why I don’t help other with tips and suggestions about SEO.

After all that was my domain. So, that’s how the idea of Blogging came to me. After serious consideration it sounded like a pretty great idea. So, I combined my love for technology and my skills in SEO and started my blog SEOTechyWorld. And here I’m today.

Why a such a tech blog came in your mind? Whom do you envision as your target reader?

The first and foremost reason I got into tech domain was my passion for it. As I told you already I love anything that’s new and exciting. So, technology was my first choice.

Apart from that in today’s world we just cannot survive without technology. It’s the most trending topic on newsprint and internet. Smart phones, Tablets, newer Apps; whatever it it, people need objective opinion to choose the best for themselves. So, this niche combined my personal favorite with the readers demand. And what can be better than that?

And not to forget I am a SEO person. So, I must have SEO category on my blog too. That is why I choose the name SEOTechyWorld. Isn’t it perfect, lol . 

According to you what are the biggest challenges of being a female blogger in India?

Responsibility of family as well as managing a blog is very difficult, especially once you are a mother. But, fortunately I’m blessed with an understanding life-partner and family members who are extremely supportive towards my career and goals.

How much time do you spend on social media promotion and SEO of your blog?

Now you do need to take this stuff very seriously. While it’s difficult for me to give you a number, but yes I can say I spend a considerable about of time. Most of this time I spent to understand my readers and their requirement.

How do you keep coming up with regular content for your blog?

The key to this is to understand your readers and their requirement. Keeping tab on the newest development in the Tech world is highly important. And they linking these developments with your reader’s need is the key for coming up with regular content that’s interesting and engaging.

What do you find most challenging about blogging?  And what’s your strategy with your blog?

I think the most challenging task is to keep your readers engaged till the very last word. The thing is today the online space is crammed with content. And if you do not provide with quality content your readers will not be interested to follow you anymore. Thus the golden rule apply here “Content is king”.

And creating the most engaging content is the biggest challenge.  And as for strategy, it’s very simple. I create good content; I understand my readers and their behavior and spread words through various promotion tools. Community building is another must have strategy that you must employ to create a successful blog.

What/who are your favorite blogs/bloggers you look up and why?

There are so many, such a long list of wonderful and successful bloggers. It’ll be really unfair to name a few. But if I must, I’ll just mention two person, from whom I’ve got inspirations and lot to learn.  I get inspired a lot from Harleena Mam from aha-now.com and Harsh Agarwal from shoutmeloud.com. I learned a lot of things from their blogs.

What do you do when you aren’t blogging?

As I told you I’m the really the geeky type. I read a lot. I read thorough various blogs and news sites. I listen to music. And above all spend time with my wonderful family.

You are a housewife and a mother too. How do you manage your time?

It is very difficult for me to take out time for blogging. I usually work at nights. This is the only reason, I came into blogging. With blogging from home, I can also manage my family and baby.

Most of the people join blogging for its money earning potential. How long did it take for you to reach profitability?

I started my blog at the early period of my motherhood. So I used to get very less time to focus on my blog. It took me lot of time to understand the process of blogging correctly.

I started earning a little money from my blog after a year. And I am still learning blogging. Every day I get some good lessons to implement in blogosphere.

Can one really make a living by Blogging in India?

Yes of course, if you are on a right track then you can. There are lot of full-time bloggers in India too who are earning more than their regular job.

What are your future plans? Where do you want to see yourself in next 5 years?

I have lot of plans in my future with blogging. But I this point of time I’ll rather not divulge it. I would share it with others once I will start getting success on that.

Finally, I would love to have your message for my readers.

If you are a blogger and want to be a successful blogger then focus on the quality and regularity of your blog content. Just fix your day for posting daily or alternately according to your schedule and be regular on that plan. As it may help to attract more returning users. Somebody says write for your users and somebody says writer for the search engine. But, I must say go for both, write from your user prospective as well as SEO- friendly content. It will help you to increase your referral as well as organic traffic.

Thanks Nisha for your time and answering each question brilliantly. DigitalVani wishes you all success!!! Best of luck!

Interview With Rohan Chaubey – A Young And Talented Blogger From India

Today we have a talented and very young Indian blogger with us to share his experience. Lets welcome Rohan Chaubey…


Happy to have you in DigitalVani Today. How are you doing?

Thank you so much Arun for inviting me for an interview at your blog. As you know I have been following DigitalVani[dot]com for a while. And I am quite impressed with the posts you have been sharing on your blog. 

I am doing pretty well and I hope you and your readers too are having a great time. 

Rohan Chaubey

 Please introduce yourself so that we can know more about you.

Here is my short introduction for your blog readers – 

I am Rohan Chaubey, a blogger, an enthusiast presentation designer and a learner from Mumbai, India. I write about Programming, Social Media, Blogging, Technology, Self development and Designing. I am mostly known for appearing as a guest author on various blogs and a few popular ones include Aha-now.com, DigitalGYD.com, Amfastech.com, Reachoutsid.com, Tricksroad.com and you will soon see me on MBT (MyBloggerTricks.com) too. 

Apart from being a relevant guest author, I have also appeared as an expert on a few blogs and you would often find me working behind the scenes on a few tech blogs. I have designed presentations for websites like Techgig.com. 

I have been a contributor to some motivational sites too and you can find my inspirational quotes floating around the web mostly on Twitter and Tumblr (Obviously I am not the one making them float, its wonderful people quoting me). 

 Tell a little more about your blog and your story to enter into blogging.

Answer: I am a proud Blogger (blogspot) user, and my blog name is “Learning With TeamSR“. One of my college friend Soham insisted on starting my own blog. Previously we used to write articles related programming and later on I started exploring other niches too which made it a multi-niche blog. 

Before being a blogger I used to write short blogs on a Big Brother gaming website and I used to gain a lot of attention through my blogs over there. So in a way that site too help me to take up blogging seriously. And now I am thinking to take up blogging professionally and I wish to do something on a greater scale. This coming summer I am thinking of expanding my horizons as I will be completing my Diploma course. 

 Why a tech blog came in your mind? Whom do you envision as your target reader?

Answer: I know there are many blogs out there having “Tech” as there main niche. The reason I first selected tech niche is because I used to share some programming tutorials on my blog and later it became a multi-niche blog where I started sharing social media, designing and blogging tips. So now it is a multi-niche blog. 

Many advise that a multi-niche blog doesn’t do well on search engines but this didn’t scare me as I have been closely following one of the famous multi-niche blog that is none other than Aha!NOW managed by Harleena ma’am and Vinay sir. 

My blog can be followed by anyone who is interested in improving himself/herself. It deals with programming, social media, designing, blogging, technology and self development. So anyone who has keen interest in any of these niches can join me on my journey. As the blog name suggests “Learning with TeamSR”… I am a learner and I want my readers to join me on my learning journey. 

According to you what are the biggest challenges of being a blogger?

Answer: I think as a blogger we don’t faces challenges but we get opportunities to learn and understand new things. And some of the challenges which provides me an opportunity to learn new things are time management and SEO. 

Talking about time management, I am a student pursuing Diploma in Computer Engineering so I have to make sure I divide my time wisely for both – Studies and blogging. And through out the day I am either at college (Studying) or at home (blogging). And since we only have 24 hours a day Lol… It is pretty hard to struggle with managing my time effectively. 

About SEO, I get traffic to my blog mainly from social media or due to my guest posts (Backlinks). And lately, I have started learning some SEO skills to rank better on search engines. I firmly believe in this quote – “The bigger the challenge, the bigger the opportunities.” 

 How much time do you spend on social media promotion and SEO of your blog?

Answer: As I mentioned before, Social media is the biggest source of traffic for my blog. My blogger friends are doing me kind favor of promoting my posts. And I am quite good when it comes to social media. And Google+, twitter and Facebook are the greatest source of traffic for my blog. I use social media not only for promotion of my blog but also to connect with like-minded people. 

I don’t spend much time on SEO as I am not an expert in that. But I am learning and constantly improving in it. And the results are quite visible. 

 How do you keep coming up with regular content for your blog?

Answer: Yes, I do regularly post articles on my blog. Every week I come up with something different which was never discussed before in the blogosphere whether it be something controversial, inviting experts, raising unanswered questions or having celebrities on my blog. My subscribers keep getting the content which was hardly seen before. Furthermore, I plan my posts very creatively. 😉  

What do you find most challenging about blogging?  And what’s your strategy with your blog?

Answer: One thing which often haunts bloggers is readership. Just writing up posts and publishing them isn’t a big deal. But getting views and feedback is more important for me. And I feel lucky to have good following. I have developed deep connections with my fellow bloggers and readers. And it is giving me so much in return. I feel blessed to have amazing people with me. And one such place which helped me so much to connect with people is Aha!NOW ABC community. 

I don’t have a strategy about my blog. My unfussy brain doesn’t allow me to think much. I just simply believe in having connections, creating never seen before content and promoting it to the best of my capability. 

I don’t plan anything about backlinks and SEO, I am sure a lot of people would disagree to my point but I think I am doing great without them. 🙂 

 What/who are your favorite blogs/bloggers you look up and why?

I have a long list to share but before that let me tell your readers that I never ever followed those bloggers who have verified pages and those who ignore people. I believe in giving importance to everyone whether relevant or irrelevant. And I follow those who were kind to help me and were there for me when I needed them. 

Harleena ma’am – Apart for being a great writer, she is an amazing supporter who always encourages everyone. Her community has been a great help for me. My guest post on Aha!NOW gave me the much needed limelight to get known to bloggers in the blogosphere. 

Sasidhar kareti – He always helps me with serious technical difficulties. One of my first blogging friend. 

Swadhin Agarwal – Great supporter, blogger and friend. 

Mustafa sir – He is the CEO of STC network who has been very kind and humble even after achieving so much. 

The list goes on… Let me name a few in no particular order… Rahul, Ashutosh, Sid, Nikshep, Ajay, Nirmala ma’am, Mi Muba sir, Soham, Ikechi, and Arpit. Many more… I follow tons of blogs and you will literally find my comments on more than 100 blogs… 

 What do you do when you aren’t blogging?

Answer: If I am not blogging I would probably be at college or at home eating, sleeping and playing like a normal human being haha. On Sundays, I play Monopoly with my family members. Apart from blogging I love painting too but I am too bad in it. I have a small garden at the third floor of my building where I enjoy getting my hands dirty while planting some flowers or veggies. 

 Most of the people join blogging for its money earning potential. How long did it take for you to reach profitability?

Answer: I did not join blogging to earn. I joined it to establish myself and to help people. I am not a money blogger. And till now I have not earned even a single penny out of blogging. Whatever I have done, I have done it for free. 

Tho I was offered money to write for people and design something for them, but I refused to take up. Even without a domain, I get messages from people who want their Ads displayed on my blog but I turned down their offers as I never thought of earning from blogging. 

I am into blogging for learning and helping. And I will continue to do so. 

To answer your second part of the question, I never reached profitability if monetary benefits are considered. Blogging helped me to improve my skills and my social profiles now look quite impressive and relevant than before. 

I feel blessed to be a young blogger whose opinions and ideas are implemented and designs are used across the web. 

Let me tell you a short real life incident – One of my college friend was using my article which was published on my blog as a part of a college assignment and he didn’t even knew it was me behind that write up. So, for now I am enjoying working and helping people by being behind the scenes. 

From this I learned that there are secret people like me and my fellow bloggers who work through out the day behind the scenes to make resources available on the web for common people who use it without even leaving a thanks in the comments sections. More power to the bloggers, the web developers and all those who work to make the web what it is today! 

 Can one really make a living by Blogging in India?

Answer: I am not the right person to answer this as I am not a money blogger. But I know about my blogger friends who are earning through blogging and supporting their family quite well. 

 What are your future plans? Where do you want to see yourself in next 5 years?

Answer: As I mentioned before, I am planning to launch my blog on a larger scale. I am planning to expand my horizons and I am looking forward to create a team. 

In the next 5 years, I wish to work even more harder to reach new milestones. And I want to create a network of people which would be like a nation on Internet. I want to see myself influencing lives of people for their good. 

 Finally, I would love to have your message for my readers.

Answer: I would like to see more people taking up blogging and writing. Not only for the monetary benefits but for providing value to others and creating a web full of useful resources. Its common people like you and me who have developed it, let’s make it more friendly and less harmful. 

The only way to do this is by being genuinely interested in providing value and working hard. “Constant dripping wears away the stone”. 

Be Rohanlicious – Real, Optimistic, Honest, Admirable, Nice, Leader, Inspirational, Creative, Insightful, Opportunistic, Unique and Selfless. 

Arun, Thanks a lot for inviting me for an interview at your blog. I am sure DigitalVani is going to rock in the near future. All the best! 



Rohan Chaubey. 

Interview with Ashutosh Jha from TricksRoad

DigitalVani Interview Series aka DIS is the series of interviews on my blog form small names to big entrepreneurs in the industry. I am interviewing industry experts, so you can catch them here. If you have a success story to share with my readers be in touch at aru -at- digitalvani.com

We are seeing a tremendous shift in blogging industry in INDIA. School going kids to entrepreneurs; all are now into blogging for money, fame and for personal branding. Today we have a person with us who was lucky enough to find his hidden passion in blogging. His hard work is highly appreciable.

asutosh jha

Hey friends, Let me formally introduce Ashutosh Jha, who manage TricksRoad, a successful professional blogger and IT consultant from New Delhi.

#Ashutosh, happy to you have in DigitalVani.  Tell us a little about yourself? And how you first got involved with blogging and why?

Ashutosh: Hey Arun, Thanks for having me on your prestigious blog DigitalVani. Your blog is one of the nice blogs in digital marketing niche. Here is my little intro for your blog readers-

I’m Ashutosh Jha, a professional blogger and IT consultant from New Delhi, India who writes about Blogging, Traffic, online marketing and money making ideas. My main blog is TricksRoad.com with few other blogs in other niche.

I was a web developer and online marketer and while searching few marketing tips for my clients I loved the way people share their thoughts and so as a hobby I started blogging. Later it became one of my important parts of life.

#Tell little more about your blog and the topics you cover in your blog.

My main blog TricksRoad is a platformfor any new-comer and for any existing blogger who wants to start blogging to make a living out of it. Here I share all the latest and proven tips of blogging from the scratch which even a person who don’t know anything about blogging can also understand.

At TricksRoad, I cover mainly How to do blogging, How to get Traffic, Promotion of blogs and posts, Making money with blogs and few more topics.

#Many people struggle with coming up with new articles/topics on regular basis.How do you keep coming up with regular content for your blog?

Yes this is the main issue that many bloggers feel specially the newbies. But if you plan writing your content and blog post well in advance, you can avoid such situation. Also it is not necessary to write the blog post daily but to maintain the frequency and the quality is the biggest challenge and if you can maintain this, nobody can stop you.

Well I mainly follow the below methods to keep getting the new blog posts ideas and very soon you’ll find a post on this topic also on my blog-

I keep checking the comment on my blog as well as on others’ blogs and if I find readers asking any particular question which is relevant and unanswered, I write on that topic. Few days back I wrote on ‘Different ways to make money from blog’. This question was asked by one of my reader on Google+ and so I wrote a complete post on that.

Get involved on Q&A sites & Forums. Here you’ll get lots of ideas about the blogging topics.

Also you can ask your readers either using blog or social fan page about the topic on which they want your next posts.

Mainly I’m using the first two as of now.

#What do you find most challenging about blogging?  And what’s your strategy with your blog?

The most challenging thing about blogging that I have observed till now is the traffic. We spend a day or at least hours to write the awesome articles but when we don’t get enough traffic on that post, it hurts. At the start I wrote couple of good articles and didn’t receive the traffic that I was expecting. Then I sat and thought about it and finally came up with the plan and started social promotion in better way. Joined many social sites and started social promotion. Believe me social media provides a great platform for the blogging and you’ll get lots of traffic and exposure with little effort.

#What has been your strategy for creating visibility to yourself and your blog?

This is very interesting and important question J I mainly focus on helping the people who need. It is either through social sites (especially facebook and Google+) or emails/comments. Once you help a person and resolve their issue, automatically you get one good reader. So I mainly focus on this. Apart from this, I am very much engaged on social media, Q&A sites as well in as few forums. These are the platform through which you can get maximum promotion, if you’ll use it in a good way.

#How much attention/time you pay for your blog’s SEO?

SEO is one of the essential things, if you’re targeting organic traffic for your blog. I also pay much effort in doing SEO and always keeping myself involved in experiments with the different methods. For on page SEO, I mainly focus on keywords & their placements and optimized content. While for off page, I try to get backlinks but using white hat method only. I mainly use blog commenting and forums for backlinks.

#The best complements you have ever received from your readers.

Though I have received few emails from readers about my blog, posts and how those helped them, the one I liked the most was from Andhra Pradesh, India. Actually that was bit funny too. It was, “First of all I would like to say a BIG THANKS to you sir for the great help you’re providing through your blog posts. I’ve also started a blog couple of days back and needless to say, you’ve helped me the most through your blog as well as through Hangout. Thanks for all this and I hope I’ll continue receiving such great tips in future as well”. Then a question was asked at the last of the mail, can I know, what’s your age?

#What are your favorite blogs/bloggers you look up and why?

It’s hard to name anyone because I keep reading blogs no matter it’s of Problogger or a newbie. Reading blog posts is one of my favorite pass times. But to name few, I like Darren Rowse’s Problogger, copyblogger, Harleena’s Aha Now, Harsh’s Shoutmeloud and few more.

#Most of the people join blogging for its money earning potential. Can one really make a living by Blogging?

I don’t see any issue with this motive but this should come at the right time. Anyway you’re trying to earn money from the work you did and there is no issue with it. But the main problem with most of the newbie blogger is they want to earn from the very first day. This is practically not possible. Like other business, first you should invest and then think about the profit. Here your investment is the quality blog posts. Don’t blog for money.

Coming to the next part, yes of course this is possible to make an awesome living by blogging. Just you need to plan everything well and no one can stop you to earn good money.

#What’s your take on sponsored guest post or reviews and Google Penalty?

As everything have a pros and cons and the same applies to sponsored posts and reviews too. I don’t think it is bad but need to be limited else your readers will think, you’re writing just for the money. If you’re writing any review, be HONEST. Also recommend something that you are using or you are more likely to use for yourself. This will help you to earn good money as well as help you to bind your readers too.

Google penalty is the big concern these days especially in case of backlinks. Whenever you’re writing any guest post on any other’s blog, convince the admin to use nofollow tag in the links. This will help you to avoid any penalty from Google. Also if you’re getting natural links from your niche, that won’t be a problem.

#What are your future plans? Where do you want to see yourself in next 5 years?

Currently I am concentrating on few blogs that already I am running.In the coming months, you will see few more blogs as well as a service site in TricksRoad network too.

Well in the next 5 years, I want to be a person who can be called as a successful entrepreneur.

#According to you, what are the things which make a blog successful?

There are many factors which are necessary to make a blog successful. The most important are- Good Niche, Quality content, Good Social and promotional plan and self-motivation. If you’re having these, you can be successful in the blogosphere.

#Finally, I would love you to have your message for my readers.

Focus on building a great blog rather than focusing on money. When you have a good blog with quality posts which solve the problem money automatically follows you.

Final words

That was pretty  awesome. Thanks Ashutosh for your time here.

And you guyz, hope you enjoyed the interview. If you have any question then you are free to ask in the comment section to make this interview more interactive.

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