Keeping Your Business Digital

make your business digital

A digital business is one that’s going to thrive. A digital business is the future, and if you’re not digital at the minute, then you really need to think about heading that way. If you think about it, absolutely everything is done through the internet at the minute. There’s not much that you won’t now do without turning on your laptop, or going on your phone. The potential is exponential for your business, and that’s why we want to try and help you to go digital if you haven’t already done that is. By digital, we don’t just mean having a website, that should be one of the first and most obvious things that you do, there’s so much more to it than that.

make your business digital

So have a read on, and see if you can apply anything to your business.


A Digital Presence 

So, the first and most obvious part of your online presence is your website. It should have been created before you even put your business out there, as it is the primary source of knowledge for your customers. Every year or so you should update it to make sure that the theme and information is correct. Spreading from that, you should definitely have social media accounts as another way for your customers to contact you, and as a way for you to market your products. These should be updated regularly, perhaps every day to make sure your customers know that you’re a highly active business. Finally, you should also try and set up a blog. You don’t have to post about your own business here, you can post about absolutely anything. But the blogging world is huge, and this is again, a perfect way to build your digital presence.

The Right Technology To Get You There

If you want your business to be digital, you’re obviously going to have to have the right technology to be able to get you there. For one, you need a decent set of laptops or computers in your office, so that the whole team can help to maintain that digital presence. If your office is only small, you could have one managing the blog, one doing the social media, and one suggesting improvements to the website. If you want to know what’s going to be good, check out this website The right technology should be quick, easy to use, and allows marketing software to be downloaded or installed to help maintain the presence. Marketing is such a huge part of it, so always make sure your utilising software through your computer.

Beating Online Competition 

The final piece of the puzzle, and often the most difficult. As the web is so vast, you’re always going to have competition. The best way that we can advise that you beat it is through the use of constant marketing. When one campaign ends, begin another, and so on. Use a variety of different methods to judge which one is going to work best for you.  SEO is a great place to start!

Simple Ways To Improve The Use Of Technology In Your Business

There’s no denying that technology has officially taken over the world. Don’t worry; that’s not quite as scary as it sounds. The truth is that technology has changed just about every aspect of modern life, and mostly it’s been for the better. People can now communicate more easily than ever before, they can shop from the comfort of their own homes, and any information that they need is right at their fingertips. Of course, few things have changed more because of technology than the world of business. If you’re a business owner, then you’ve got to be ready to embrace technology unless you want to end up left in the dust by the competition. With that in mind, here are some ways that you can improve the use of technology in your business without getting overwhelmed.

Technology In Your Business

Only use what’s right for your business

There’s a temptation among new business owners, especially those who don’t fully understand technology, to find out what other businesses are using and just fill their offices with that. The problem with that is that you’re bringing in technology without really knowing what you’re using it for. In the same way that a person living alone doesn’t need a mansion with dozens of rooms, your startup doesn’t need huge databases and the world’s most powerful processors. Make sure that you’re only ever bringing in the tools that will actually benefit your business.

Make sure you and your employees know how to use it

Your employees are the ones who are actually going to be using the technology in your business, so it’s incredibly important that they are properly trained in how to do so. Otherwise, you’re going to end up with a lot of confusion, mistakes being made, and a serious drop in productivity. This kind of training can range from how to use specific pieces of tech to simple things like providing a guide for Mac users on how to do simple things. Sure, training might involve an investment of both time and money, but the trade off is that you have a workforce who fully understand how to use all of the technology that can actually help your business keep up with the competition.

Outsource aspects of your tech

Of course, if you’re really struggling to manage the technology in your business then one of the best things to do is to outsource certain tasks to outside companies. Outsources aspects of the technical side of your business is invaluable because it allows you to focus on the day-to-day running of the business, rather than getting bogged down in worrying about digital downtime and data loss. Putting things in the hands of the experts means that there’s a lot less pressure on you to make sure that everything is working as it should.

Technology might seem pretty complex and intimidating but, in reality, it’s a lot simpler than you might think. The best thing that you can do is to do as much research as possible. Luckily, thanks to the internet, you can look up just about anything you want to know. You’ll find the whole things start to make a lot more sense very quickly.

6 Reasons Your Business Brand Should Pop

Every single business on the market has a brand. When you think of big names like McDonald’s, you probably think of the golden arches. This is a perfect example of the importance of a strong brand. Your business needs to pop and if you’re just starting out, your brand is even more important for you to be memorable in your field.

So, what is a brand? It’s so much more than just a kooky logo and it’s important to know this as early as possible. The brand you have is going to represent the way the customer perceives your business.

what is a brand

The logo, your presence online with your website and social media, and how your customer experiences all of this is what encompasses your brand. The brand experience goes beyond great graphic design; your company should be living and breathing it! Let’s take a look at the reasons your company brand should be elevated:

  1. Recognition: Familiarity is important for customers. We always go back to the companies we are comfortable with that offer us a great experience. It’s rare to find a company that you are comfortable with using over and over, and your brand can make people feel at ease.
  2. Competition: Burger King vs McDonald’s. Pepsi vs Coke. All of these are huge brands, but people always have a preference. Your brand and how you run it can set you apart from the competition in your field. You need to be able to stand away from the crowd and be independent from all the other companies that are like yours.
  3. Story: Your brand tells your company’s story. You need your customers to be able to have an experience that they can rave about but that also tells your story as a business. This includes everything, from the way you answer the phones to the visual elements of your company.
  4. Motivation: A great company brand gives employees and company staff motivation to work harder. A brand strategy has to be clear and organised and should help your staff to have direction in their roles so they can meet the goals of the company.
  5. Referrals: Strong brand identities generate referrals. People will always recommend a good company and with most brands being worn, eaten and drunk, it’s easy to tell people about the brand they wear. Think about the power of Instagram and other social media sites: Coca-Cola gave their bottles names, and everyone was clamouring for one! That’s great branding that sells itself.
  6. Value: A brand that is strong will give your business value that’s beyond the logo. Your company needs to be worth more than what you can handle physically, it’s about the experience you can give your customers that they can rave about.

Your company brand should be built on your idea and it should be something that your staff can work on and drive for. You have to believe in your brand and know that you can deliver on your brand promises. Don’t be fooled by a simple logo – it’s so much more than that.

How Online Copywriting can Change the SEO of the Future

The best thing about Search engine optimization is the worst thing about it. SEO is always changing, the changes are sometimes drastic, and take place overnight while other times they are predictable.

It’s 2015 now with 4 major Google algorithm updates being panda 4.2 is one of the most important among them. So what all we need to know that content marketing is the most pervasive among all SEO trends. SEO may not be 100% content driven yet, but content is the only determining factor attributing its success and failure.

Well, we know for sure that in 2015, online copywriting is

Consumer Centric

Copywriting has always had the upper-hand for being succinct and to-the-point. Other writing techniques and content presentation formats such as blogs, press releases, and white papers have historically lacked this competitive edge.

Copywriting, however, has always enjoyed it for getting down to the business quickly. Consumers appreciate that. They don’t like harangues masquerading as product pitches. They like brief information on a product, presented in a concise and engaging manner.

Copywriting can give them what they want

The whole purpose of SEO is winning the end-consumers, and online copywriting does have the potential to stand up to it.

Beyond Google

That’s the best thing about online copywriting (at least I find it so). Digital marketers cannot think beyond SEO, for them search terms and SERPs are all that matter. But being so overly reliant on Google’s algorithms (we don’t know how they work) can prove to be counter-productive.

The cart is behind the bull, not the other way round. Similarly, a top ranking on Google is to be followed by a whopping sale of the product being promoted. The latter should be on a marketer’s focal point, not the former. But considering a top rank on Google as the ticket to heaven might cause the marketer’s focus to digress.

Online copywriting involves fewer technicalities, which keeps the focus on product promotion and ensuing sale intact. A copywriter’s priority is to create quality content without giving two hoots to keywords and stuff. At the end of the day, he finds his content is getting viral and acknowledged by the search engine giant.

Building Trust

Unless a trust is built, a brand cannot project itself to his audiences. In terms of online copywriting, a brand can build trust. It all depends on a copywriter’s lingo, his persuasive skills, and his command over a language. Loud promotion doesn’t help. Tranquil narratives and slow introduction of a product/service do.

An experienced copywriter can pull such a style. His real intention is to get a product sold, but he won’t insist his readers. His ability to persuade others can overcome this dilemma. Unless he has such ability, he’s not a successful copywriter.

On the technical front, the following factors are obtrusive to trust building:

  • The site being laden with banner ads or call-to-action buttons.
  • Images that are either irrelevant or have a wrong placement.
  • Broken links or links to unrelated sites.

It’s the copywriter’s responsibility to keep the content on the site free from those obtrusive elements.

A holistic domain strategy

Domain strategy is a content strategy based on a site’s overall domain authority. Here’s how it works:

For over last two years, you have been posting on your site all the happenings in the automobile industry. Suddenly, you want it to rank against keywords related to freelance writing. You’ll find it incredibly difficult. Pouring money into the paid marketing stove won’t help. Organic efforts such as publishing some stunning blogs won’t be of help either.

The reason it’s difficult is freelance writing doesn’t come close to the overall theme of the domain. Because the domain authority relies on automobile related keywords, the sudden move to freelance writing is not going to fit well with it.

Hence, a copywriter needs to create content taking in stride the domain authority of the website that he’s promoting. Pretty simple, isn’t it?

Involve yourself

While all the tips discussed above are important, nothing’s more important to a copywriter than involving himself in the process. As he and the content produced by him become one, the readers begin to get influenced. Hence, he succeeds in his endeavor as a copywriter.

Enter the World of Marketing Ethics

Dealing with ethical companies is a big deal to some people. It can be difficult to find brands that meet their standards, especially when it comes to big business. In the corporate world, it can sometimes seem like a struggle to be completely ethical all the time. But any business, no matter its size, can make some effort to conduct themselves ethically. Marketing is one area to pay attention to because being ethical can mean different things. At a basic level, it means using ethical marketing methods and avoiding underhand tactics to beat competitors. But it can also involve brand identity and how values and ethics relate to that.

Know the Rules and Etiquette

To market your company ethically, you need to know the rules you should follow when carrying out your marketing activities. Some of these rules are expressly written, while others are unwritten guidelines that you nevertheless should follow. One example of where you need to pay attention is SEO. When you choose an SEO agency, make sure they only employ ethical methods. Google has certain rules about ethical behavior, and your website could be penalized if you break them. Following the rules is the smartest way to build a solid website and get long-term results.

Creativity Of Your Workforce

Outline and Stick to Company Values

Building your brand identity is an important part of your marketing strategy. When you do this, you need to consider your company values. These might partly be influenced by your target market, but they’re likely to be largely based on what you feel is important. There needs to be passion behind your values, so you can’t choose them for a soulless, corporate reason. What matters to you? Is it important that your brand is inclusive of everyone? Do you want to make sure you minimize your impact on the environment?

Promote Social and Environmental Causes

Finding social and environmental causes to promote is a great way to demonstrate your company’s ethics and values. They can become part of your marketing strategy, clearly showing your customers what you care about. Some brands closely tie their identity to the causes they support. For example, they might put on all their product labels and advertisements that every purchase directly benefits a particular cause. You could form a partnership with a charity, sponsor charitable events, or raise awareness of particular issues with your marketing.

Have Respect for Your Audience

When you’re planning your ethical marketing, one of the best things you can do is treat your audience how they wish to be treated. Consider various social issues and how people want you to talk to them. If you want to create an inclusive brand with marketing that speaks to many, one thing that can help is to have a diverse marketing team. If all your marketing experts are from similar backgrounds, the input you receive won’t be as diverse as it could be. Diversify the voices you hear from if you want a message that speaks to more people.

Ethical marketing requires thinking about a few different issues. Try to approach it from different angles to cover all your bases.

7 Apps to Elevate Your Instagram Marketing

Many did not know that Instagram marketing had started long before Instagram introduced ads as an addition to their features. However, it’s only been done impressively most by huge enterprises who were able to employ intelligent marketers in their roster. To mention a few; Coca-Cola, Anthropologie, W Hotels and many others. Further, there are also various brands that are expected to be boring that were actually able to obtain excellent Instagram presence. We can have General Electric as the best example.

Instagram Marketing Tips

Now, for practicality’s sake let’s say you’re one of those visually boring brands and what you are selling are B2B services targeting a number of markets. Thus you should not overlook your business’ necessity to compete when it comes to the aesthetic front, especially in one of the most effective podium available today, the Instagram.

These following apps will help you elevate your Instagram marketing campaign at the most operative way.


Offerpop, a marketing tool lets users create and manage campaigns across every social media channel (sad, but we’ll have to exclude Google+ this time). Through this app, you will be able to track Instagram hashtags, view performance, store user-generated content in a more efficient and easy-to-access library, give auto replies and publish photos to different platforms.

It is also noteworthy that this app is used by leading brands including Pepsi, TOMS, Gap and even American Express.


Did you know that 65% of Instagram users say they feel more honored when a particular brand mentions them? Repost could be the best tool to make your followers feel more appreciated. It can make sharing other user’s videos or photos a lot simpler. You just need to browse your feed or search for a particular user or hashtag, then click on the photo and then tap on “repost”. It’s that simple.

This app could be a great way to enable brands show their user-generated contents and give appreciation to their customers.

Many big brands or even celebrities utilize Repost. One example is the soccer superstar Giovani dos Santos.

Just one good tip: make sure to create a hashtag unique to your brand. It will make it easier for you to find user-generated photos or videos that you can exhaust for your brand’s marketing campaign.


A huge portion of consumer purchases as reported by is actually influenced by a brand’s social media marketing campaign. We are aware that it’s a crucial practice to include a link to your website or blog in your bio and Like2buy takes this very step further. This app can help you achieve a simplistic gallery of your products that can be instantly available for purchase.

Like2buy will give a link to brands that they can put in their bio. The moment a user will click on through the link, he/she will be directed to a page where the brand’s featured products are listed. Know that it would take only a few clicks to get from your Instagram account to your Like2buy product page.

Forever 21 is just one of the numerous brands that use Like2buy to make their clients’ buying experience get even better. For further efficiency, you may use a caption that says “shop link in bio” to remind users that they can have convenient options whilst buying your products online.


Going over into the sphere of free apps for a more effective Instagram marketing campaign, Slidagram allows a user to craft slideshows on your website that are based on popular hashtags or location. For brands with a huge compilation of Instagram images, this could be an effective and easier way to extract photos that pertain to your upcoming event or campaign. Plus, is there something more epic than free?


An abbreviation for Visual Supply Co., VSCO allows Android and iPhone users to make striking images with the use of creative filters that are almost in complete contrast with Instagram’s heavy-on-the-saturation filter. Your brand will surely obtain further aesthetic benefits through this app. With this app, boring and dull images can get interesting and effective.


Afterlight, like VSCO Cam, is photo editor that provides various filter choices to make plain photos become extraordinary. Be open to doing some experiments by combining the editing features of the two apps and you will find yourself headed off in a direction of an aesthetic bliss. Afterlight can offer 75 unique and completely adjustable frames.


Followgram is your great source for Instagram analytics. This is an essential app while marketing through Instagram. This app provides a myriad of free stats about who liked and commented on your posted contents. Further, it also offers special tools that help brands in running contests and in obtaining accurate analytics. Followgram users include Ford, Nike, National Geographic and many others.


The above-mentioned apps, when utilized intelligently, will certainly help you elevate marketing and obtain success in an Instagram promotion. Do you have some apps to add in mind? Feel free to drop a comment below.

Patrick P. is the mind behind LinkVista Digital Inc. If your business needs outsourced web-based services, you might want to give them a call.

Expanding A Business While Living In A Big City

Businesses that are given birth in metropolitan cities where there are millions of potential customers are perhaps the most exciting of all. Unlike many other types of location, a small business in a large city shrugs off the fact that it might be small in size, because of the amazing amount of traffic it can see. The sheer number of people that are at your disposal with regards to talent and a number of consumers wandering around you make a small business feel as if they have a client base as large as big corporations. That scale of opportunity is unmatched, and you simply cannot find that anywhere else in the rural parts of the country.

This is the reason why so many businesses don’t know whether they should expand, or simply just internally grow until they have a speedy and efficient business.

Expanding A Business

However, there are a few things you should consider if you do want to physically widen your grasp and influence.

Look for commercial property

A business can show a lot to its customers purely by the stature it decides to hold. Moving to an office in a skyscraper building would be the cherry on the cake. By officially having a headquarters, where the entire operation may be conducted, can elevate your position in the minds of other businesses too. When expanding your business, your physical activity is going to increase however so is your administration. The amount of paperwork is going to skyrocket and double overnight. You’ll be dealing with more clients, therefore more accounts, as well as needing to have a professional location where boardroom meetings can take place. When investors and rival businesses meet you, it’s better that you have an office with employees that are representing your brand than in the back room of your store. With many staff members working so closely together, your operations will become faster and smoother in an office setting.

Have the funding

Money talks and everything else that’s below par walks. No matter how great your plans are for expansion, without the proper funding they cannot come to fruition. Private investors will always want either a large return and in a time schedule of their choosing, or they want some kind of control over your business. Usually, this slice will mean that you don’t have a complete say over what kind of direction your business shall take. Therefore getting a business loan from a company such as is the better option. Unlike personal loans, because your business model will be the proof of the pudding and potentially your sensitive information about sales etc., you can get a larger amount of money. The interest rate can be around 5.5% to 8.5%. The risk factor will be taken into account, and during the application process you can choose between a variable rate or fixed.

The two most important factors about a business expansion in a large city are the possible new location and the amount of funding you have to fuel your future operations. Changing from your original store to a professional office or just a larger store is definitely something that is the mark of a growing business. Making sure you have full creative control of the business is why business loans are better than the private investor route.

High Quality Images Can Set Your Luxury Property Apart From the Rest

If you are looking for a way to successfully market your luxury rental property, you will want to start by looking at the pictures that you use to promote it with. People today are looking for a property that meets with their travel personality, and they are taking this search online in increasing numbers. This means that you need to take your marketing efforts online as well.

There are many ways that you can effectively accomplish this, so keep reading to learn more.

Photos For A Digital Brochure

A great way to promote a home today is through the creation of a digital brochure. Once you have done this, you can distribute it online in a variety of ways. The focus of such a brochure should be on color photos, and not on the text. Let the picture paint the story of your home. That is what people want to see. Use a high quality camera that takes high definition digital photos. Better yet, consider hiring a professional photographer that will take the photos for you and then you can just store them for later use. Make sure that you include the entire property and any corresponding views that a prospective tenant would find helpful in making their decision.

how images improve your SEO

Don’t Forget Your Website

If you are looking to rent out your luxury home, a website is certainly a helpful way to do that. This is a place where you can post detailed information about the home, and even provide a way for interested tenants to make a booking with you. This is also a place where you will want to focus on quality, and that begins with the photos and videos that you post there. If people are going to be interested in your luxury home, you must showcase it in such a light. Spare no effort at making sure that this happen.

Video Footage

If you want to capture nearly every angle of your home and surrounding area, video footage is the way to do just that. Photos can be rather limiting in terms of what the viewer is able to see, which is why guests interested in your home will benefit from any type of video that you post online. Aerial views are considered to be the most effective way of doing this, so you will want to consider using drones for real estate. This is a way to effectively video the entire property from the air in a way that was not really possible a few years ago. The quality of the images that are produced are exceptional, and those who view the video will be impressed with what you have put together. This will highlight the amenities and features that drew you to the luxury home in the first place, and that will sell itself.

These are three great ways that you can provide interested guests with excellent imagery of your luxury home. This might just make all of the difference between landing a booking and having the home sit empty for much of the upcoming season. If you are looking to get a great return on your investment, having professional photos and images uploaded online should be considered a primary part of your overall marketing plan.

What Is A Successful Digital Marketing Strategy?

Things have changed a lot since I started my career in digital marketing in late 2009.

Based on my 6 years of experience in the digital marketing industry on how to rank websites in Google and other search engines, this article will help a beginner to create, optimize and rank a website easily.

What you will read here is the fundamentals of the search engine optimization. I deliberately have inclined the article for the beginners as I want it simple and to-the-point for those who are in the starting of their career in search engine optimization.

What Is A Successful Digital Marketing Strategy


The digital marketing is no longer just about manipulation of the search results. But it’s about adding high quality, highly relevant and often effective content to your website which meets a PURPOSE that delivers better USER SATISFACTION. At the same time high relevant and contextual links are pivotal for a successful SEO CAMPAIGN.

If you are serious about getting better ROI and drive relevant but free traffic from different search engines, get ready to invest enough time and effort into your website and online marketing.

All search engine that includes Google, regularly tweak their algorithm to rank only QUALITY websites  in their search results, so forcing all webmaster to invest the effort in great content and great service that attracts real customers and editorial links from other reputable websites naturally.

The Rule

The rule is very simple, if you’re willing to create a buzz about your company, you have to add a lot of great content to your website along with social promotion and link building. But if you try to manipulate, you may ranking quicker but never last in a long run race. The penalty is sure, and often until you fix the issues – which I know can LAST YEARS or even you may have to start it form the zero again. PANDA & PENGUINE updates are such examples which even forced highly popular websites to change their strategy and make the website more SEO friendly.

BLACK HAT SEO is the easiest way to rank a site, still today. But it is not permanent. If you are a real business who intends to build a brand online – you can’t use blackhat SEO methods at all.


The science of ONLINE MARKETING aka SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION, is to understand how the people use the search engines, and how the search engines process the search terms to display the results to the users. So in can be described as the process of putting a lot of tools in your basket together and look for the better opportunity. At the same time the relevancy plays a vital role in search engine optimization. 

Search Engine Optimizer

When we talk about a good search engine optimizer, he needs to be smart enough to understand how search engine comprehend websites and how they process & generate the ORGANIC SERP to actually satisfy the user. Different the search engines have their own guidelines to rank websites and show them in SERP. They do not work same. An optimizer needs to understand the short term and long term risks involved in different types of optimization processed.

There are rules to be followed or ignored, risks to be taken, and battles to be won or lost. The very first goal of any digital marketing campaign is to increase the traffic to the website and get better visibility but not in the cost of penalty and violation of guidelines.

[box type=”shadow” align=”aligncenter” width=”90%” ][highlight]All search engines are raising the “QUALITY BAR” of their ranking factors to offer high quality and high relevant results to users. So the success of the SEO campaign highly involves HEAVY INVESTMENT in QUALITY CONTENT, ON-PAGE OPTIMIZATION, NATURAL LINKS, EASY NAVIGATION SET UP, MOBIL RESPONSIVENESS, CONVERSION OTOMIZATION….. If you don’t follow the guidelines, better you re-evaluate your campaign today. Otherwise you will find yourself in a war with search engines in the coming year.[/highlight][/box]

Constant Ever-Flux in Ranking 

Search engines, at its center the ranking algorithm is about CONTENT, KEYWORDS and BACKLINKS. Then come RELEVANCE, TRUST and REPUTATION. At the end comes the GOOD USER EXPERIENCE. All these mixed together perform in the algorithm to offer a SERP for the search engine users.

A search engine’s job is to make it hard to manipulate the results they show in SERP. So the algorithm goes under regular updates to improve and close the loop-holes in it, which closes the doors for the spammers to invade search results.


I hope you have found it interesting while walking with me through the basics of SEO. Now it is time for you to share your thoughts and suggestions. Your comments will be highly appreciated.

If you need someone to help you with your search engine optimization, feel free to contact me.

Good Luck!!