Video Production for Effectual Social Media Marketing

So, you have finally decided to join the bandwagon and make a great corporate video of your company. You hope to take a dip in this craziness and do your brands’ image a world of good exactly the way, your rivals are doing.

Well, welcome to the soaring world of video marketing that has apparently gathered more followers in a very limited period of time (Unbelievable isn’t it?). It has become one of the Lollapalooza of today’s time in the business arena.

Video marketing is undeniably an imperative part of the whole process of social media marketing. It is paramount to build the brand of the company. Having an impactful video in the social media platform that will compel people to listen, to understand is a great tool for building your brand awareness.

But all said and done, just having a plain video will not make much difference as long as the video is not an enticing one. You can neither ask your tech savvy kid, nor your photographer friend nor even one of your employees to just make and hand over a marketing video for your company.

Mind you, you are talking about your brand image here.

If you do decide to do it, do it right because what you do doesn’t matter but how you do it, is what makes all the difference in the end.

role of  explainer video in SMO


So, getting to the point, you have to seek a professional to create a corporate video for the purpose of promoting your brand and building your brand culture. It actually all depends on how well you choose the video production house because once you get it right, half the battle is won, then and there.

Here is the 3 thing you need to do

Understand the parameters of your requirements: Choosing the right production house need not be difficult; the only thing you have to do is to be resourceful. Get real and immerse yourself completely in this process. Know your budget and your requirements well because that is how you spot the right production company when you see one.

Use the social network: Assuming you know what you need, start talking. Get on the phone; scan your business and social networks. You are sure to find some potential contenders among the crowd for your project.

Pick with care: It is imminent that you will select someone among those selected few. The final verdict should be based on testing their knowledge, work experience and the passion they hold for your project. You can do this by looking at their demos (their previous work) and see if it has the overall feel about it.

After you choose the perfect video production house by taking all the considerations and the small technicalities into matter, get yourself totally involved in the video making process to truly reflect your passion in the corporate video of the company.

Facebook Drops Bing form its New Search Update

Facebook is not well known for offering users enhanced search experience. But it looks like the social network is trying to venture into that uncharted avenue. That’s right! The Palo Alto firm is ditching Microsoft’s Bing. Bing’s search results won’t be shown on Facebook anymore.

The news came after Facebook’s search update for this week. It was first reported by Reuters and then confirmed by Facebook. Reuters got the tip from an insider. A new search update has been released by Facebook last Monday, which makes it easy for users to search and find previous posts.

Even though the report on Reuters relates the new search feature to Facebook’s efforts to carve out a niche in the internet searching domain, whose importance is steadily growing, Facebook is not giving web search any thought at this moment. The new update is only to aid users in finding their previous posts.

Facebook has been promising users to make searching a completely easy and hassle-free experience for them. Jettisoning Bing is a step toward fulfillment of this promise because all through, Facebook search has been yielding results that lead to other sites. But now this is going to change. Facebook’s spokesperson said “We’re not currently showing web search results in Facebook Search because we’re focused on helping people find what’s been shared with them on Facebook.”

In an interview with a news outlet, Tom Stocky saidwhat we found is that on Facebook people care as much if not more about who is posting the content as they do about what the actual content is.” The new search feature will let users find only those posts that are from themselves, from those whom they follow or have earlier been shared with them.

The move won’t heat up the working relationship between Microsoft and Facebook. The spokesperson of Facebook said “We continue to have a great partnership with Microsoft in lots of different areas.”

Earlier, Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg regarded search as one of the key areas for the company to focus. The current move reflects what Zuckerberg earlier said. It could be the precursor to the future moves that’ll help Facebook users with searching on the web.

How Google+ Can Help Improve Your Website Ranking?

Today, social media sites are an important part of SEO strategy. Among various social media sites Google Plus is preferred. It becomes an essential part of any internet marketing and SEO strategies of internet marketers, webmasters and bloggers with the changes and updates on the Google algorithm which was introduced as the Hummingbird.

By integrating quality content publication to your social networks Google Plus improves the user’s
experience. However, for the benefits of your readers make sure that your content should be relevant, accurate and updated.

There has been some assumption that over other social networking sites, Google favors Google+ pages. Though it’s hard to substantiate this, it is clear that Google wants Google+ to be a factor in searches.

SEO Guidelines to Increase Rankings on Google

If you’ve begun to see author’s pictures showing up next to articles in Google’s search engine, you’ve already experienced the benefits of Google+. Google is calling this “Google+ authorship.” It’s a way to group all the content written by one person into a single Google+ account. It’s pretty easy to set up and it allows users to find other content you’ve written quickly, a major plus for you.

Google Plus content is treated by Google just like any other page on the web. Google Plus content will be efficiently indexed by Google; it will gain page rank and appear in Google’s search results.

At the end of the day, the most important part of any SEO effort is to have your business be easily found anywhere consumers may be searching. Google and Google+ are integral parts of this effort because by filling out a local page and including your already created content into your Google+ page, your website rankings and ability to be found are almost guaranteed to increase.

You are simply losing out in terms of SEO if you are not using Google Plus effectively. Hopefully, the factors outlined above will make you look again at Google Plus and reconsider your social media optimization strategies for SEO.

Top Five Social Media Marketing Tips for 2014

Social media is no longer used for pastime activities, at least not by companies that are conscious about branding. They know they can harness the power of social media and reach out to a massive number of consumers. Quantity matters! Access to more number of potential consumers means better prospect for sales. The marketing department of every company these days, be it online or offline, are aware of this and doing their best to build a presence on social media.

It’s 2014 now and we need new techniques for this year. The erstwhile techniques have already been tried and tested. As their effectiveness has shrunk, we need new and more effective ones this time. In this article, we’ll discuss some of those techniques.

Choosing the apt platform

Selecting the right platform is of paramount importance for the success of a social media campaign. Not all networks are suitable for all types of websites. LinkedIn for example is a cross between a conventional job portal and a social network where people could communicate with each other. It is an ideal platform to promote a staffing agency but not at all suitable to market a video hosting site. The latter can be best advertised on YouTube. The right platform therefore must be identified before the social media marketer makes an advance.

Personal branding

Social media marketing these days calls for personal branding. On social networks everything is visual, everything is audible and everything is communicable. You have a good chance of getting lost in the overwhelming crowd. To stand tall you need to personalize your branding. Building personal branding is not easy. You need to post in a timely manner, use images and videos and above all build a relationship with audiences. The audience should identify you not as a company but as a person. They should interact with you the same way they interact with others. Unless you take user engagement to this level, your brand building won’t be a success.

Offline marketing

Companies have become so engrossed in online marketing activities that they literally forgot the importance of offline marketing. An effective marketing campaign is actually a combo of online and offline marketing strategies. The main reason marketers have turned their faces away from offline promotion is cost. Offline marketing is a costly affair. You may have to put ads on newspapers and buy slots on radio and television which come with heavy expenses.

Social media however allows you to go offline and at the same time take up the reins of expenses. You can host an event at a particular place, on a particular day and inform users on social media about the event. Sites like Facebook let you promote your page to a fixed number of users for a certain amount of money. A number of informed users attending the event means you’d get the chance to approach them about your product/service directly.

Avoid trolls

Trolling is a concern for online marketers. Trolls love to be on social networks and intentionally comment on every status updates and tweets. Of two types of trolls, one is pissed customers who know the reputation of the company cannot be spoiled otherwise and the other is paid agents of your rival companies.

You have to handle trolls carefully. Inept handling could put your company’s reputation at stake. First formulate a strategy to identify trolls. Keep close watch on the profiles that are commenting on every single post and whose comments are not in your favor. Answer decently to the questions asked by them. If they show anger, lessen them. But don’t argue with them or send them private messages. If they exasperate, remove them from the page.

Mobile app marketing

Handheld devices are heavily used for app download. You can take advantage of that. You can develop apps by hiring professional developers and advertise your company on the download page. You can also put ads on existing apps. Many apps are on social media, which is an added advantage for you. A survey done by Pew Research shows 58% Americans own Smartphone and the speed of mobile web adaptation is 8 times faster than the speed of desktop web adaptation during the late 90s and early 2000s.

The success of a social media marketing campaign depends on the techniques being used. So only apply a strategy when you are fully sure it will fetch you a handsome ROI. If you realize a technique has become outdated, replace it with a new one. Remember social media marketing constantly requires new ideas and their implementation. So you should creativity is needed.

What is your opinion on social media marketing in 2014? Tell us in the comment section.

How to Use Social Media to Improve SEO?

Too often, companies omit their social media strategy from their SEO strategy, but this is a grave mistake. Once, SEO was limited to keywords, links and very little else. Now, however, any business not active on social media platforms is already falling behind.

The popularity of social media sites in undeniable and, for SEO agencies, unavoidable. Social media is proving a vital tool for SEO specialists and people looking to optimize their websites and business. The greatest thing of all is, it’s absolutely free and anyone can sign up to social media sites.

social media

The advanced tactics ranging from MySpace, Twitter and Facebook have made it possible for everyone to make effective and fast forwarding outreach mechanism for building healthy contacts and increasing your website page rank.

Using social media optimization to boost your traffic can be done through a different way as well. This is a traditional way of marketing which is called the word of mouth marketing. You can employ your friends, family and acquaintances for this. They can spread a word and your internet business can get some more potential customers this way.

The best thing about trying to boost your traffic rate through social media optimization is that you can be creative. You do not have to stick to orthodox marketing ways. You are free to run your imagination wild and come with new ideas. The freshness of ideas can be a sure shot way to getting more potential customers with an increase in the conversion rates.

When it comes to reputation management, social media campaigns also play a vital role. Sometimes it can tarnish the brand depending upon the positivity or negativity of the aspect or enhancing your company’s image. Websites like MySpace, Digg and YouTube have sociable reference listings that appear on the first page of the search engine tools.

Social Marketing is a very powerful tool and can definitely help boost your business online. Know your strategy and implement it. Maximize the social media platform by investing enough time to create relationships with your customers. As they say, you get what you put in.

New Twitter layout :Twitter Rolling Out New Profile Design

The micro-blogging site Twitter has introduced a new design. The redesign includes elements that could remind one of Facebook, the Palo Alto based social networking giant. The previous layout was quite mundane comparing to the new layout.

There are five new features that come with the new layout. They are cover photo of larger size, pinned tweets, best tweets, filtering tweets and refurbished followers and following lists. These features are introduced to deliver improved user experience.

twitter new profile

The profile setup process is somewhat different from the previous process. When setting up his profile, a user would first have to post a profile pic and a description. If he skips uploading a photo, a default silhouette image will automatically become his profile picture.

When the user will land on the profile page, the profile picture will become larger in size. Also, he would be able to set a header theme. The header theme is similar to background  image in Facebook. User could select a header theme from Twitter’s stockpile or upload a theme of their own. Width of the header theme couldn’t be more than 1500 pixels.

The following list is no longer a list in the new layout. It mimics the Pinterest style pinboard. Recommendations on who to follow and Trends have been placed in the lower right navigation. If a user visits someone else’s profile page, he could see ‘Tweet to’ box feature which resembles Facebook Message.

The Pinned tweets feature allows Tweets to appear on a user’s wall just like a Facebook status update. Users will have control over this as they could select which tweet they want to be featured on their profile page.

Tweets which will receive most engagement will appear on the profile page as the best tweet. When first posted, the tweet will be of normal size; as more retweets or more conversastions take place, the font size of the tweet will automatically increase so the particular tweet stands out in the stream.

Users could filter tweets through options such as Tweets, Tweets and Replies and Tweets with Photos and Videos. This will help users to browse through galore of tweets and look up for selective tweets.

The new Twitter profile layout will be started to roll out to existing users from the next week. Twitter’s official blog indicates that new users will see the new layout immediately.