Web Design and Development: Systems, Strategies, And Solutions

Once a business owner makes the connection between maintaining an excellent website and attaining exceptional conversion rates, it’s time to step into the world of web design and development.

Web Design and Development

Below you’ll find a few systems, strategies, and solutions you can implement to make your website a masterpiece:

1. Do Your Research First.

Your first step to efficacy with the web design and development process is doing substantive research. This step is crucial because it will provide you with the background information necessary to know what types of things your audience is interested in as well as the ideological perspective that may be informing the way they view the world and approach the shopping process. Note that your target market research efforts will typically involve attaining information that falls within four categories.

The first is demographic, and it involves things like ethnicity, education, income, family size, gender, and age. The second is geographic, and it includes neighbourhood, region, and city. The third is psychographic, and it involves things like life stage, personality, social class, values, and lifestyle. The fourth is behaviouristic, and it includes things like buying patterns, attitudes, and consumption.

2. Create Compelling Content.

After you’ve done your background research on the target audience, it’s time to begin creating compelling content. This process will help ensure that your website is always populated with informative, engaging, and/or entertaining content that will appeal to the psyche of your target audience.

There are multiple strategies that you can implement to make your content compelling, and one of them is the inclusion of infographics. The infographics can bring a dynamic aesthetic to your content, and they are an effective brand-building strategy because they oftentimes indicate your ability to provide the audience with valuable information in an easily digestible format.

Also note that infographics appeal to the audience’s will to look at aesthetically appealing or otherwise interesting visuals.

Another strategy you can implement to make your content appealing is the use of Q & A style questions. These questions are going to empower you to get your audience engaged with your brand by enabling them to pose questions that they deem important. The beauty of this strategy is that in addition to keeping you engaged with your audience, it keeps the focus centered on your brand.

The optimized brand awareness is thus coupled with a relationship-building process, and these two factors work together in steady continuity to increase the likelihood that members of your target audience will make a purchase, share your product line with friends and family members, and take other courses of action that will benefit your company in a profound way.

3. Focus On Shoppability.

One final strategy you should implement to make your website an exceptional entity is focusing on shoppability. Shoppability is important because it ensures that your prospects and current clients won’t experience a slew of complications and inconveniences when they log on to your website to make a purchase.

One strategy you can implement to optimize shoppability is the use of online store builder products and services provided by companies such as 1shoppingcart.com. This software will typically include features which ensure that clients can select the items they want quickly and then move to the checkout region of your site.


If you’re serious about maintaining the type of excellent website that draws internet audiences in and encourages them to invest in your brand over and over again, you should start implementing web optimization strategies now. Three techniques that can work wonders for your organization are outlined above!

A Word on Website Design and Marketing

So you finally came up with a great product idea and are anxious to sell online. After a few tries, it is obvious that creating a winning website is far out of your knowledge realm. The good news is that there are many sound web-building companies that can create a custom website that truly showcases your unique product. Internet sales are booming. Get in on the action by creating or improving your website today. These website creation companies can optimize your web design. To find success in Internet marketing, a website has to catch the attention of potential buyers.

Therefore, the text on your website needs a hook, followed by details.

Website Design tips for SEO

A picture is worth a thousand words right? Add photos that capture the essence of your product or idea. Find out how to choose photographs that sell or draw in an audience. A web-building company can assist in making you website organized, pleasing to the eye and profitable. It is important to select the right colors that will work for your particular website. The color palette should be complimentary, blending seamlessly with your site. No-one wants to stare at a screen screaming with obnoxious color combinations, business overload or just unprofessional looking websites. Consult a professional to do the job right.

An important factor in web design is how the traffic flows. It is imperative to reach your targeted audience. A website company can offer suggestions that will improve the traffic to your site, which will therefore increase the sales. Even if your site is just for reading, you want to maximize the number of hits to your site. This builds your ranking within a search engine. There are countless tricks that experienced computer and marketing companies know. Glean some of that knowledge and watch your site hits take off. If you are selling something, every sit hit increases the chance for a sale.

An effective website reaches the intended audience. To draw interest in your site, it is critical to optimize the use of keywords that are placed where your prime audience will likely be. A site selling craft supplies would benefit from targeting other websites where similar products are found. Sewing supply stores or sites, popular crafting/hobby site and so forth. An experienced website marketer can pinpoint where to direct traffic. If a site is selling afghans, the owner should attempt to find people more likely to be interested. Women, often older ones, for example is a good start.

Technology related to the Internet is changing rapidly every day. What worked a year ago may be totally ineffective today. There are companies that deal solely with this subject. If is wise to utilize their expertise. These professionals are more likely to know the latest trends in Internet traffic and marketing. A competent company can assess your unique website needs, come up with effective marketing strategies and many offer website design. A good idea or product is just the start. To have a successful Internet business, your website must be well designed, easy-to-navigate and easy to find.

Which website companies are the best? Check the reference of any company that you intend to do business with. A great company will have a terrific reviews. Select one that offers the services that you need. It may seem to be a bother to devote so much time on a website. The results could be dramatic if the right elements are in cohesion. Instead of reaching 15 people, a website upgrade could bring you 50 and up. The Internet has encouraged many individuals to launch a product or different idea. With so many online businesses, the competition is tougher. It is important to utilize all the innovative technology available online.

Stop procrastinating about your website. Do some research now on the available Internet marketing companies out there. Apply their advice to increase the productivity of your special website. Another idea is to search for other websites similar to yours. Observe there website content. Take note of their overall design. Come up with a plan to make your website just as slick. Your website improvement could generate more visitors. What is there to lose?

Get Flexible! Why You Should Let Your Web Design Team Work from Home

Strong web design (and, of course, development) are essential to businesses today. It makes for a time-consuming task. But is it one that can be done remotely, away from the main business hub? Absolutely.

There are loads of advantages to this sort of approach that you should be considering. This article will list some of these advantages. It will also help you through some of the logistics.

Web Design

The general perks of remote work

Flexibility is definitely becoming an increasingly popular word in the world of business. But why? Well, it has a lot to do with worker happiness and the increased productivity that people often see with remote working. The fact is that there is very little reason for any business owner to prevent employees from working at home. Sure, it can often be nicer to have employees right there where you can see them. But at the end of the day, the traditional 9-5 for five days a week work model seems to be floundering. As cloud technology advances, it simply makes more sense for people to work from home.

Talking web design

When we think of remote web design workers, we usually think about freelancers. We think about temporary employees who are there to do a specific job and then leave for pastures new. But that’s not the kind of employee I’m talking about here. I’m talking about a formal employee of yours who is working with you to design the website of your business in the long run.

One thing you need to consider is that a web designer prefers to have access to their own technology. The majority of modern web designers are also accustomed to working from home. It’s here that they have all the software they need, as well as all the web development reference texts they want to use.

Arranging a remote work methodology

Many of the problems people have with letting employees work from home can be found in the logistics. How do you actually make it work? How can you tell that an employee is actually doing their job? How is contact arranged adequately? How can you actually see the work being done?

It’s actually all very simple. You’ve got to make sure you’re using cloud technology in order to share and view files. Dropbox or Google Drive are great examples. As for communication, you might want to look into something like Skype. You can even get HR system software so that you and the employee can arrange human resource tasks like time off and sick leave remotely.

From a small business perspective

Of course, I know that a lot of people coming to this website will be starting a business from home anyway. You may even be designing the website yourself. But all this means is that you should read this article in another way. If you’ve got other areas of the business to focus on, maybe you should let someone else take on the burden of web development. After all, it can be a pretty huge task. This article should give you the confidence you need to trust someone else taking these reigns from another location.

Try These Tips to Streamline Your Web Design

Often the argument goes that website design is the most important factor in making it highly effective and user friendly. But, the truth is that the users cannot be satisfied with lucrative web designs alone. When they visit a website they expect more than just some pretty web designs and styles. That’s doesn’t mean a website design should not be attractive. It is vital to make users come to the webpage and stay there for a long time, but the design alone cannot achieve that.

web design tips

When it comes to designing highly effective websites, the needs and requirements of the users need to be put on high priority list. There are many instances where a website has better rankings in the search engine with not so attractive web design but with a quality and information rich content.

Want to bring back more traffic and make users stay longer on your website? Consider the following pointers.

Getting into the minds of your users

Before you get started with the web designing, understand the requirements of your users.

The famous saying “Don’t judge a book by its cover” stands true as far as the behavior of online users is concerned. A highly attractive website can get the users to arrive on your website, but unless you offer them usability and utility, they will be walking out on your website before you can blink twice.

So, what do the users value most?

  1. High Quality Content

Content is the reason why users come online and visit various websites. There are hundreds of websites with quality contents. And, that’s what they truly value the most. The page may not have a great design, but, if it gives the user information they are looking for, they will put up even with the most annoying advertisements.

There are so many tools that can prevent ads like the Ad Block Plus, so intrusive advertisements aren’t a big concern for them. What they are looking for is content that provides them with specific solution and tips and assistance.

  1. Scanable Content

With so many options available, you will hardly find a user that reads each and every line of the content. What they actually do is scan the whole content and look for specific line or words that instantly gratify their needs. They can find the information they need by just by scanning the content. So, what they value the most in a website is the high quality content that can be easily scanned for particular keywords or phrases.

  1. They Satisfice

Users are looking for information on your website and they will choose the way that is most likely to provide them with desired information. This means they make decisions on basis of what works best for them and they don’t go scan the webpage manually.

Pointers for Effective web design

Now that you know how the users think and act online, you can use these points to design the most effective website for them.

  • Make it obvious and self explanatory

You might have visited website that aren’t clear on what they do and pose questions to the users. This can backfire on you. Users want websites that make it easy for them to understand what a website is offering. It is like spoon feeding them the information. This saves them time figuring out what your website is all about. They are there for information, not to play detective.

Below is the example of poorly designed website that creates more jargon than what users can handle.

poorly designed website

Give them direct answer and let them find out about your product or services and features in the first instant itself.

  • Make the information easily accessible

Don’t make the users fill out long forms before they can tryout your features. This can be frustrating and off putting for many. If you really have to do it, then make the sign-up simple and short, just like the picture below:

simple sign up form

Let the users explore the website and forcing them to share their emails and private data can drive them away easily, no matter how attractive your landing page looks.

  • Make it even easier with Visual Texts

Visuals work wonders when you are trying to catch attention. It’s a no big secret. Everyone knows it. That’s why an advertisement no matter how intrusive or interfering that is, it manages to achieve its goals by grabbing your attention.

Likewise, when it comes to effective web design, making visually attractive text that highlights the key point of your feature will be more effective. The word FREE is quite powerful, no matter where you use it – on stores, online, mobile or banners. Free is the word that catches attention quite quickly, because it’s says what the user is going to get and when it is shown in visually attractive text, it immediately catches attention and provides user with the information they are looking for.

  • Creating Visual Hierarchy

Creating a visual hierarchy using the white space can make your web design more effective. If the website is too loaded with texts and visuals and colors with no visible space, it can make scanning the content difficult. So, it is important to use white space as a page break or separator to make it more easy for the users to read and scan the content.

visual hierarchy web design

  • Playing With the words

When it comes to writing for the web, different rules are applied. The writing needs to be more precise and it doesn’t have to follow the usual grammar rule.

For example: “25% Off” – While the line doesn’t necessarily follows a grammar rule, it is till effective as the user knows they are being offered 25% off on the product or services. It is short and yet informative and the users will get it instantly. That’s the kind of language you need to use that highlights the benefits, so that users can understand easily.

  • Usability Test

How do you know your web design was effective or not? Doing usability test can answer your question. It provides you with useful insights regarding your design and helps you eliminate the problems and issues that are making your users spend less time in your website. And, it is not a onetime thing. There are millions of other websites that are providing better usability. So, you need to test the usability of your website every so often to keep on improving.

Final Words:

Designing a great website requires you to make the website attractive in terms of user usability and utility because that’s what your visitors are looking for in the end.

Choosing the Right Colour Schemes: How It Can Affect a Website

Believe it or not when it comes to web designing, choosing the appropriate colour combination plays a vital role. Unfortunately, this element is often overlooked upon during web designing. According to psychologists, humans are susceptible on a subconscious level to colour impressions and around 60% of the approval or rejection of a website is connected to this fact.

Choosing the Right Colour Schemes: How It Can Affect a Website

That only implies that choosing the colour scheme of a website could either have a positive or negative impact. If done properly, it can encourage the customers to stay longer. The longer a visitor stays on the website, the more chances that he will be influenced into making a purchase or meeting the desired goal behind the website.

The Importance of Colour to the Human Mind

Another reason that the colour scheme of a website is important is because it’s connected to the human mind; in a sense that colour expresses messages, creates ideas, generate certain emotions, and spark interest.

Likewise, certain colours also have a universal significance, such as the colour red for warning and the colour green for go. If these colours are combined, then another impression would be made– that is, it’s the colour of Christmas. On the other hand, bright colours are usually connected with happiness, and dark colours for sadness.

Choosing the Right Colours for a Website

Any Manchester website design company will tell you that choosing colours for a website is more than picking your favourite colours. Basically, one should select the colours that could potentially strengthen the website and branding of the business.

It’s also important to note that there are some colours that look attractive as is, but otherwise when combined with another colour.

Colour combination is not as easy as it may sound because it’s a combination of both science and determining how colours work when combined. As an art, you should be able to depict what the colour symbolizes and how it is assessed emotionally, and internally. Through this, achieving the correct colour combination for a website becomes possible.

It Affects the Visitors’ Mood

Another reason why proper colour scheme is important for a website is because, aside from delivering the message, it can also affect the visitors’ mood that it can influence him with the decisions he’s going to make while browsing the page.

Usual Colour Scheme for a Website

  • Yellow: It’s a colour that makes a web page appear brighter, but it shouldn’t be overused either.
  • White: A great background for a business website as it makes the page appear professional.
  • Red: It’s one of the colours that’s quite tricky to use for a website, because if not properly designed, it could be irritating to look at.
  • Black: Just like grey, when black is used with other colours, it blends smoothly, making the page look attractive.
  • Pink: For those whose main target are the younger females, then pink is the perfect choice of colour.
  • Orange: Food and nature websites often use this colour because it makes the food look more palatable and it also gives a better view of the environment or nature.

Choosing the right colour scheme is very important for a website. Wherein, consistency of colours should be practised often, but it shouldn’t be limited to that. In order to ensure that you’re using the right colour, do some research and know your target audience.

The Website: Your Best Weapon In Battling Bad Event Turnouts

We’ve all had that experience or at least seen it up close. We’re talking about the event that doesn’t go quite to plan. The content and set-up might be great, but the attendance brings it down. Rather than being something to remember, it goes out with a whimper. Visibility and impact are what can make any kind of event a success or a failure. In giving your event the impact that it needs, your website is one of your most useful tools. We’ll look at how, here.

Be your own herald

Spreading the news is important. As is networking and getting others to help signal boost your event. The centre of it all, however, should be right in your own home. If your site doesn’t already have a press page, it’s time to create one. That way, when the news of your event is being spread, you can host it all for people to see. All the coverage in one place will not only present the facts they need to know but display it from a variety of sources. The more respectable sources you can put together, the bigger the buzz around the event will seem.


Divert that traffic

A big part of that buzz comes down to how well you’re able to convince the average visitor of your site. You need to have them under the belief that attending your event is something they need to sign up to right now. Hosting something worthwhile is important, but the right use of site design can be just as convincing. A call-to-action can be a powerful thing if used right. Inbound marketing tools are all about nailing down the science of getting people to click where you want them to. Getting CRO experts on your side can make more people more likely to take that all-important step.

Shiny success

The hype of an event shouldn’t die when said event comes to a close. Instead, you should be riding on its success long after. Following up with individuals is naturally important. That’s how you build networking links. So, too, is following up with your public impact. Your site should host photos, videos and news from the day. Share your thoughts on the event, on the impact you made on the people you talked to and the impact they had on you. Gather testimonials from those who have attended. Demonstrate the real and perceived value that the event brought to everyone there. You want to make anyone who didn’t attend regret the fact that they didn’t. Thus building the hype for when the next event comes around.

Leading up an event, your website should serve as a hub of excitement. Keep it updated with news that builds your brand and what you’re going to have to offer. Draw everyone who visits into attending. Then make sure you’re showing your event in the best possible light after the event is done. With the right spin, you can highlight the successes of any kind of event.

How to Build a Website for Small Business?

Today, a website plays a very important role in the success of any business. A well designed, eye-catching website is the best online representation of your business. Good web design will provide your site with a simple and easy to use search interface, as well. Your website visitors will be able to find everything they’re looking for when they visit your page.

But designing an engaging and catchy company website is a challenging proposition. You need to understand what your visitors really need from your site. Again the main goal of a website is to get better conversions. So often times it requires functionality over just a beautiful website.

For any business a strong web presence can make all the difference and your website is what you should utilize to reach out to your target visitors and have them following the conversion path you want towards bringing you the sales. Hence, an engaging website design is vital, however you can’t dismiss what your website is truly for: physical-location visits and sales, contact-form submissions, lead-form submissions, to change over traffic into phone calls. Usually, the more conversions your website produces, the more revenue your business is going to produce.

So, how do you accomplish this? Here are few tips that will help improve your web design which will ultimately help you generate more leads for your business.

Have a Plan

Don’t just design the website as you need one. You need to ensure that your website effectively meets the need of your visitor’s form the first time they browse your website to become the customer. You need to understand and plan according the requirements of your visitors.

Designing an effective website is like answering a complex question effectively. But for that you have to first understand the questions which are:

  • What pages are most import pages for your website?
  • Who are your visitors?
  • What do they look in your website?
  • Is your content is relevant to the visitors?
  • what offers are they going to convert on?

Understanding the above will help you design a site that can increase the conversions.

Choose a Plain Design over a Complex One

Web design patterns were over the top quite a while back – loads of flash and animation were very trendy. Nowadays, simple and spotless designs are popular.

Today’s consumers value a pleasant, clean layout. With you offerings and substance impress your visitors and eases off the load time of your website as well as stop assaulting them with pointless animation and flash.

Easy Navigation

For easy navigation, create a menu-bar with the most important links. Place the menu-bar in an appropriate place that makes sense. Often, web users search for the toolbar down the left hand side of the page across the top of the page. Going with the norm will facilitate the ease of navigation and create a sense of familiarity. Always remember to link to your homepage. Even though it is very important to point your users to your home page, it’s often forgotten.

Mobile Optimization

Optimize your site for mobile. Think about putting into practice a responsive design. Today, an impressive 85% of website visitors are accessing websites by using their mobile devices such as mobile phones, tablets etc. It’s all about customizing your website to fit the wants and needs of your visitors. Responsive web design will allow your target visitors to access your service and products you are offering to them from any king of device they have. Therefore you need to provide your website visitors the best means of displaying the information on different screen sizes. Responsive web designs also help you to focus more on search engine optimization on a lone site which is optimized for various platforms.


Being able to tell a story through your content is a big plus while having amazing content is always important for your website. Several organizations, brands and businesses have become conscious that their website is their number-one means for storytelling. To help present content in a unique and appealing way, web designs are becoming more animated and interactive. They help telling stories not just through content, but also via navigation, layout and specific web design elements.

Use the Correct Images

Always use the correct image as not any image is going to match up with the kind of message you are trying to portray your visitors. Make sure not use stock photos. They don’t portray your audience or the people that work for your company and also they don’t look cheesy. Use real pictures of your office and your employees. Show them talking on the phone or working at their desk.

Make Certain That You Have a Brand Logo

Your logo is the most significant part of your business’s brand and your website. Your logo is the first thing visitors will look at on your website even though it is small. So, to make it is more professional and polished than your competitors, the first thing you need to make sure is that you spend a lot of money, effort and time. You need to make sure that your logo is located in the most important position as location is everything with your logo.  Generally the left corner of your site is the best place to place your logo as that is the first place that people’s eyes are drawn.

Make it SEO Friendly

Make your website SEO friendly. You should develop an SEO plan that takes into consideration the search terms your audience would search for to find your service or product with that point. Build up an approach that includes creating content that’s pertinent to the requirements of your visitors. eBooks, blog articles and videos are all forms of content that will drive visitors to your site.

Over to You

Do you have any suggestions, please feel free to share on your comments.