Top 6 SEO Plugins for WordPress

SEO (search engine optimization) is the prime source to receive organic traffic from the search engines (Google, Yahoo, and Bing). If you have a local business then, it is a very important aspect to improve your business.

I’m assuming that you’ve primary knowledge of basic SEO properties (on and the off page).  WordPress is the most suitable platform to among online marketers.  You just need to use a proper theme with an appropriate SEO plugin to enhance your business online.

Today, I am going to tell you about the top SEO plugins for your WordPress blog. Let me provide you my handpicked SEO plugins to dominate the search results in 2016.

WordPress SEO by Yoast

Yoast SEO is the most recommended SEO plugin for a WordPress blog. It comes with both free and paid version along XML sitemap and so on.

You can manage on page SEO with this plugin quickly. It has a scoring system to optimize your content to the fullest extension. You can increase your social media growth along with basic SEO features. If you want to utilize a free SEO plugin then, it is an excellent choice.

SEO Plugins for WordPress

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All in One SEO Pack

All in One SEO Pack is one of the best SEO plugins for WordPress users with more than one million installs.

It has every feature to create an SEO friendly blog on WordPress. You don’t need to mess with the setting too much because default settings assigned correctly. You can alter always setting as per your requirements later.

All in One SEO makes titles of your articles SEO friendly automatically. You can overwrite default Meta title and Meta description. But I suggest you to keep it simple (unless it’s necessary).


SEOPressor is a premium SEO plugin with quality features. It has numerous features to uplift your blogging performance instantly.

It is an outstanding plugin to find out keyword analysis report. But you have $9 per month to use it on your blog.

 It’s worthy to pay such amount by looking at the features. You’ll attain an inbuilt keyword researcher to discover long tail (low-competitive) keywords to boost your traffic spike from Google and other search engines. It sounds cool. Am I right?

It will show you score, depending on page SEO strength.

You will know your correct score by the time, stick with the best results.  It is useful for image optimization as well.

SEO Internal Links

Internal links are a prominent part of on–page SEO. It helps search engines to crawl your articles (and inside links) to index faster.

It is extreme useful to contain users for a long time (less bounce rate and more users engagement). You should learn the art of internal linking from top-notch bloggers.

It could be a time-consuming task. But you can’t neglect it too. Therefore, you should use SEO Internal Links. It adds link by default within your content. You will notice several options for editing according to your blog.

SEO Friendly Images

Why should you install SEO Friendly Images? The answer is simple. Images are the main point of attraction for your blog posts. Thus, if you can optimize pictures correctly, you can enjoy loads of traffic from search engines and social media platforms then.

It is a competent plugin to add necessary images properties like ALT tags, Title and description. You must insert your tags carefully because it will help you to rank in the search results.

Also, you can get traffic from “Google images”, if you exploit image tags accurately. I’m getting enough traffic from browsing results. Well. It can happen. That’s why, you should try to rank your blog posts images as well.

WP Social SEO Booster

Social traffic may not be as effective as organic traffic. But still it has influence for your targeted keywords. Because Google considers social signals. If your blog post attracts massive share from social media, then it gets a boost in the search engines.

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I mentioned social media optimization in Yoast SEO once before. But WP Social Booster plugin is somewhat better in performance. It has auto rich snippets features built-in.

Oh!! I forgot to tell you that it’s complexly free and compatible with any WordPress SEO plugin such as Yoast, All in One SEO and others.

Final Thoughts

I have discussed with you about the top best SEO WordPress Plugins from 2016.You must install a potent WordPress SEO plugin to gain maximum direct traffic after all.

You can try multiple plugins for sure. You can combine two different SEO plugin for a blog also. But don’t overload your blog with excess plugins data.

What is your favorite SEO plugin from the list? I guess that it isn’t too hard to answer. Let me know about your current plugin in the comment box below.

Congrats!! You made it till the end (Thank you for reading a long-boring piece of shit). If you have any problem, question or suggestion regarding this post then, feel free to ask me anything via comments. See you soon.

Essential WordPress Plugins for Bloggers

Dear Bloggers,

Setting up a wordpress blog is really easy. You register a domain; buy a space in a server, upload the latest version of wordpress and set up a theme. Now you blog is ready. But the actual task is to taking your blog to the next lever. Maintain the load time, keep a good layout, tighten the security and many more issues need to be touched and that is absolutely necessary for most of the wordpress sites. But fortunately wordpress is a free community and you can find loads of plugins that can help you build a better blog.

I have gathered here couple of my favorite and most useful plugins that are absolutely essential for your wordpress blog. These are all free and you could start use these in your WordPress blogs in no time.


Here is a list of essential wordpress plugings:

WordFence Security:

Yes, the most useful plugin in my list which is is 100% free. The purpose of the plugin is is to keep you blog safe form hackers. There are many other security plugins, but personally l like of for its various features. Wordfence do a deep serverside scan of the source code comparing it to the official wordpress core including themes and pluings. Not only it secures your blog but also makes it up to 50 times faster, as said by the plugin developrs. You can also try, Sucuri Security, another great plug for security integrity monitoring, malware detection and security hardening.


W3 Total Cache:

For most of the bloggers, the load time of the blog is a very big concern as it plays a vital role for build keyword ranking in different search engines. So we always need to make sure the website loads faster when the visitors come to our website. For that, big site may require extra server resource, but for blogs W3 Total Cache plugin will help you with page speed and you will never need any extra server resource. If you are not a code person, you should try WP Super Cache.

Yoast’s SEO:

Yoast is a great plug in for SEO set up of you blog. You need to generate a XML itemap or need to handle you page title or the META fields? Yes, this plugin is exactly what you need. At the same time it also provides option to verify your site in Google and Bing webmaster. It also lets you insert open graph data into your blog posts.


Almost all the visitors like to see visual content in blog posts. Visual content I mean the images you upload on your blog. Buy heavy images make the site run slow and it also take a lot of server space. So you need to optimize the images further for the web, after you upload them to your blog. However, it is a tiresome job to squeeze the image every time you upload  a new image. The best solution for the image optimization is WP, the most effective plugin that automatically optimizes the images that you upload with a bulk optimization option for already uploaded images. This plugin dramatically decreases the storage size of the images while not affecting the quality of the images.


For security reasons, I always prefer to a weekly back up my WordPress files. With this plugin it is easy to take the full back up of your blog to Dropbox, or your server. It also allows setting up an email backup on daily, or monthly basis. This could be very helpful in case if you need to move your sever and someone hacked your blog.

WP Review:

Many often to attract more visitors, bloggers love to write reviews and if you do so and writes reviews. You will certainly love this plugin.

I didn’t include 10s of plugins because more plugins do more harm than good. I included only the best and most essential plugins that you must have in order for your blog to function smoothly.

I have included only the essential plugins can take your blog to new heights. For more update keep visiting.

How WordPress Sites Get Hacked?

I believe many bloggers are as ignorant as I was of what to do when I got my WordPress blog hacked. Fortunately I got everything back to normal as the penetration was mild. Otherwise I would’ve been doomed. So I thought I’d share what happened to me and how I did overcome the hack.

It was yesterday, when I was back from a 3 days vacation and I find that one my website has been hacked. It had never happened to me before. Literally I had a heart attack. My whole body broke into a cold sweat. My lungs refused to breath. I just fall apart and was wondering WHAT NOW?

When I got conscious, my first thoughts were, “what the fuuuuu–ukkkkk.”

I knew, due to the recent promotion of my website, it had a lot more traffic than usual. In fact the traffic was almost triple. But to make matters worse, I was suppose to show the blog to a potential client who was interested in an advertisement offer and hire my content writing service.

It was scary. I mean a really horrible situation. When traffic is at its apex and potential client is looking into my professionalism, I HAD LITERALY LEFT WITH NO WEBSITE.

Now, my home page was a plain white page and in the middle there was a terrifyingly BIG HUMAN SKULL with red burning eyes.

Finding something you have put so much emotion, effort and money into has been completely tore apart; at the worst possible time. SHHH…

So let’s begin by looking security vulnerabilities in WordPress and how to Harden WordPress.


Hack through Local Computer

Most of the web owners do not keep their system clean and virus free. So often the malware and other malicious scripts residing in the local system infect the server through the ftp client software. So you need to install a good antivirus to your local system and run regular malware/virus scans.

I was sure; I had never any issue with the local system as I always use antivirus and my windows 7 was up-to-date.

Hack through your Shared Hosting Provider:

When it comes to hosting provider, a security breach to a shared hosting server affects multiple sites within the server. That means when a hacker hacks a website in a shared hosted server, he can hack all the sites in the shared server through auto running scripts that change the wp-confing.php files with the WordPress in minutes.

For me, it was my shared host that had been actually compromised. The hacker got the control over my admin access and changed my wp-config.php to the above described message on my home page and all other inner pages too. But fortunately the effect was not intense and I was able to fix that. All I did to remove all the changes made to my config file. But I did a complete removal of the files and installed my backup.

Hack within WordPress

WordPress no doubt is the greatest CMS for website and blogging. As an open source platform, it is just too OPEN for hackers to attack in various ways. I have the 4 loopholes discussed here.

  • Weak usernames/passwords

Weak and generic Usernames/Passwords are one of the most vulnerable parts of WordPress sites. However it got tightened now. As of WordPress 3.8, there is “password strength detector” to force you to create extremely strong password. Still you need to set an unpredictable password. The mixing of letters, numbers and special characters makes the password strongest.

Many of the novice users always set their username as default i.e “admin”, which is well known to all the bad guys. You must go for a more difficult one as possible.

  • Cheap and Shoddy Themes

The most common way of hacking a WordPress site is through the themes. Mainly hackers distribute infected free themes for people to download. Once you install these themes to your website, they get the control of your website in no time. Even in some cases the premium themes have unexpected security issues. To avoid security flaws, theme owners release updated version of the themes time-to-time. So keep your theme always update.

Always download theme from a secured source or official website.

  • Unsecured Plugins:

Likewise the themes, hackers also distribute free plugins with malicious codes and hack websites through it. So a lot of headache can be avoided, by reading the online review for the plugins that you want to install. Download the plugins from the official websites only. Choosing only the 4-5 star ones would be a wise decision as they are tested by other users. Also avoid using cheap plugin which lacks the strong security layers.

  • Not Updated WordPress Core

Up-to-date WordPress core is the very vital part of the security as it comes with updated security patches. You may find your themes and plugins are sometimes incompatible to the new release of WordPress. However the high quality and reliable plugins have the compatible version released within the days or even hours of the WordPress core release. So you must update your core within the days of its release. You can find more details on hardening your WordPress site here.


Getting your website hacked is obviously a headache. But you have to recover that anyway. So stay calm and ask for support if you are unable to fix it yourself. At the same time choose a webhost who can provide you auto back up facility for your website and can fix your issues for free.

If you have a similar story, please feel free to share in the comment.