Clever Digital Marketing Tips For 2015

Clever Digital Marketing

Most business owners are aware of just how important the use of digital marketing is to the success of a new company. If you want your business to be a success in 2015, you need to know your way around the web. That much is painfully clear. But it’s more than just using SEO and making sure your website looks professional.

There are clear things that you can do that will certainly boost your business and put you on top of the market. Here are some the tips that we recommend you take on board.

Share, Share, Share

We can not stress this enough. We are sure you have a business site online. If you do, you want it’s search ranking to increase. By increasing your search ranking, you’ll get your business to the top of a results page. Once you do this, you will see traffic to your website increase dramatically. But how do you increase your search ranking? A lot of business owners will leap to the buzzwords: search engine optimization. But actually, if you want your search ranking to receive a huge boost you just need to start sharing. By sharing images from your site or getting them shared, you will see your search ranking increase. That’s why most online marketing is related to image sharing these days. Think about things like Pinterest and Instagram. Both are used to make sure that businesses get the widest interest possible.

Make It Interactive

How many times will the average person look at their phone per day? Around one hundred times and if you’re not benefiting from that you’re losing a huge chance at marketing. All you need to do is make sure a couple of those glances are to do with your business. This is all about whether or not you can create and market an app. Mobile app development is a great tool for the modern business. You can use it to make your company more interactive and accessible. The best part about an app is that it can be anything that you want. If you want another place for customers to shop, you can do that. Or, you just want to create a fun game sponsored by your company. You can do that too. The possibilities are endless once you start thinking about it.

Don’t Miss A Second Chance

In business, there will always be a lot of missed opportunities. You won’t always grab the attention of the customers you want. But now thanks to remarketing you will have a second chance. Remarketing means that if a customer leaves your site before making a purchase they are tailed by an ad. The ad will appear somewhere on their browser page, reminding them of your business. It will even show them the specific item or purchase that they were looking at. The idea is to remind them of the deal and give you the second chance at a sale. It has been known to be very effective.

Use these tips and we’re sure your business will be a success in 2015.

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