Digital Marketing in 2016 – Digital Marketing Trends to Watch

Digital Marketing in 2016

In the last 5 years, the rapid move in digital marketing industry has totally revamped the approach of consumers and businesses to experience the advantages of technology. Year 2015 saw the unparalleled alterations in the digital marketing industry. With the boom in consumption of digital content on various electronic and mobile devices, companies started taking similar aspects.

Where 2016 is going to see the more rigorous digital marketing practices; the move will be more into implementing impulsive principles concerning digital marketing in order to achieve a better online visibility, user engagement and ease of communication through websites, social networking and instant messaging apps.

Digital platforms are the future of marketing and will continue to be the drift in the forthcoming era.

Scope of Digital Marketing, 2016

As the usages of the different digital marketing channels grows, the necessity of developing enhanced approach to market services or products through those digital marketing platforms will reach to the peak of stack  in the year 2016.

Undoubtedly, each and every new business will go for building online presence on a global or local market in the internet; where physical marketing will lose its value for not being an effective channel to reach mass audience quickly.

As per the latest found, globally more than 80% of startups and above 90% of the existing companies understand the indisputable benefits of digital marketing. Almost a 90% of them have seen the growth in ROIs by successful implementation of digital marketing strategies. That indicating the scope of digital marketing in 2016 has a huge potential and has ability to reach each and every brick and mortal business.

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As we see the usages of internet and mobile devices have been increased significantly, that makes the information available at finger tips. People are getting more intelligent with each passing day, and using different online resources to compare and consume information regarding services or products.

The significant growth of digital media and easy options for social networking have given an extra edge to the marketers/businesses too to interact and engage with the authentic audience in real time which turned to be more convenient and effective than the traditional way of marketing. So what I see, the year 2016 will see a massive evolution in the digital marketing industry!!!

In this digital world, the field of commerce and technology work hand to hand and have already replaced every other form of marketing throughout the globe and hence created so many job opportunities as well. The job opportunities in the digital space have really increased significantly.

Here I can put a view on some of the most shouted jobs in demand:

  • Web Analytics Manager
  • Content Marketing Manager
  • Content writer or Technical Copy Writer
  • Digital Marketing Director
  • E-mail Marketing Manager
  • Digital Marketing Manager
  • E-commerce Marketing Manager
  • PPC /Paid Media Marketing Manager
  • SEO Manager/Analyst
  • Social Media Marketing Manager

Changes in the E-commerce Industry

This radical shift in the e-commerce industry has truly helped the customer’s shopping experience by making it friendlier and cost effective which transformed the way we do the business. And it still continues to evolve and experience high growth. With the sudden emergence of effective payment gateways, the e-commerce market is growing at a rapid pace.

The increase in the number of smartphones, internet connections and innovative payment methods has accelerated the growth in online shopping. Though security remains the biggest concern, but people are more addicted towards online shopping experience as it saves their time and money.

In the last 4-5 years,  as the availability of products are deployed at an ease using e-commerce platforms, the constraint of building an online exposure is cleared off using appropriate e-commerce marketing strategies. Cloud computing, or big data are merely the enablers, but can’t be termed as the destination. In the race of mobility, it is really about transparency on how you manage your e-commerce website, digital data, sales channels, customer experience, and the brand outlook.

Taken jointly, these digital marketing trends are able to facilitate new e-commerce models to thrive and meet the grave demands of customers.

With such development in digital media and innovative technology, it will be imperative to catch up with the race and transform traditional marketing ethics to dynamic digital marketing trends. That is the anthem for 2016 and future……