Digital Skills To Boost Your Online Marketing

Online Marketing

The best online marketing companies are able to employ a wide skillset that covers every form of advertising. Having a creative mind, being able to identify a target audience and having a lot of connections are all important criteria, but you can add to these by learning specific technical talents and demanded skills.

Here are a few that may be of interest.


Content management systems like WordPress have made building a website easier, but coding still has its need. Basic HTML is key to embedding videos and widgets, as well as creating custom website features. Meanwhile more advanced coding can help you to create computer programs and apps (mobile games, interactive menus and digital catalogues are all ways companies are using apps to market their products). Knowing some coding can even help you to create online ads. There are many programming courses available. Alternatively, you can self-teach yourself to code on Youtube, or learn through online learning service Codeacademy.

Graphic design

PPC ads, flashy websites and professional social media banners all rely on having some graphic design skills. There are many courses you can take including InDesign training classes to get you learning the ropes quickly. It may also pay to play around on Photoshop and familiarise yourself with the basic.

Data science

Data science is the use of analytics to help improve business. In marketing, you may have come across various analytics programmes and tools such as Google analytics. Having more in depth knowledge can help you to create your own analytics, allowing you to more clearly pinpoint demographics and know your target market inside out. Data scientists must juggle large amounts of information, which they simplify into easy to comprehend graphs. There are many courses in data science, but be aware that it requires a head for figures.


Blogging is becoming a popular marketing tactic, drawing in potential clientele through engaging posts. Anyone can start a blog, but having a professional knowledge behind you can help you to create consistently engaging content. There are courses that can help you to develop WordPress skills, as well as easily identifying trends to boost content. Keen writers should look into this.


Search engine optimisation (SEO) involves boosting the rankings of websites on search engines such as Google. Understanding SEO can help boost a business’s website from page 20 to page 1, and be a useful service to offer amongst other digital marketing tactics. SEO courses can help you understand the algorithms and techniques used to get certain websites higher up the rankings by triggering certain keywords.

Video marketing

One of the most modern marketing trends sweeping the industry is the use of videos. This could be anything from a vlog to a video advert. The internet has meant that no longer do you need to get on TV to market yourself with video. Having a knowledge of filmmaking, video editing or animation could help you to produce exciting and original marketing content.

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