Enter the World of Marketing Ethics


Dealing with ethical companies is a big deal to some people. It can be difficult to find brands that meet their standards, especially when it comes to big business. In the corporate world, it can sometimes seem like a struggle to be completely ethical all the time. But any business, no matter its size, can make some effort to conduct themselves ethically. Marketing is one area to pay attention to because being ethical can mean different things. At a basic level, it means using ethical marketing methods and avoiding underhand tactics to beat competitors. But it can also involve brand identity and how values and ethics relate to that.

Know the Rules and Etiquette

To market your company ethically, you need to know the rules you should follow when carrying out your marketing activities. Some of these rules are expressly written, while others are unwritten guidelines that you nevertheless should follow. One example of where you need to pay attention is SEO. When you choose an , make sure they only employ ethical methods. Google has certain rules about ethical behavior, and your website could be penalized if you break them. Following the rules is the smartest way to build a solid website and get long-term results.

Outline and Stick to Company Values

Building your brand identity is an important part of your marketing strategy. When you do this, you need to consider your company values. These might partly be influenced by your target market, but they’re likely to be largely based on what you feel is important. There needs to be passion behind your values, so you can’t choose them for a soulless, corporate reason. What matters to you? Is it important that your brand is inclusive of everyone? Do you want to make sure you minimize your impact on the environment?

Promote Social and Environmental Causes

Finding social and environmental causes to promote is a great way to demonstrate your company’s ethics and values. They can become part of your marketing strategy, clearly showing your customers what you care about. Some brands closely tie their identity to the causes they support. For example, they might put on all their product labels and advertisements that every purchase directly benefits a particular cause. You could form a partnership with a charity, sponsor charitable events, or raise awareness of particular issues with your marketing.

Have Respect for Your Audience

When you’re planning your ethical marketing, one of the best things you can do is treat your audience how they wish to be treated. Consider various social issues and how people want you to talk to them. If you want to create an inclusive brand with marketing that speaks to many, one thing that can help is to have a diverse marketing team. If all your marketing experts are from similar backgrounds, the input you receive won’t be as diverse as it could be. Diversify the voices you hear from if you want a message that speaks to more people.

Ethical marketing requires thinking about a few different issues. Try to approach it from different angles to cover all your bases.