Facebook Drops Bing form its New Search Update

Facebook Drops

Facebook is not well known for offering users enhanced search experience. But it looks like the social network is trying to venture into that uncharted avenue. That’s right! The Palo Alto firm is ditching Microsoft’s Bing. Bing’s search results won’t be shown on Facebook anymore.

The news came after Facebook’s search update for this week. It was first reported by Reuters and then confirmed by Facebook. Reuters got the tip from an insider. A new search update has been released by Facebook last Monday, which makes it easy for users to search and find previous posts.

Even though the report on Reuters relates the new search feature to Facebook’s efforts to carve out a niche in the internet searching domain, whose importance is steadily growing, Facebook is not giving web search any thought at this moment. The new update is only to aid users in finding their previous posts.

Facebook has been promising users to make searching a completely easy and hassle-free experience for them. Jettisoning Bing is a step toward fulfillment of this promise because all through, Facebook search has been yielding results that lead to other sites. But now this is going to change. Facebook’s spokesperson said “We’re not currently showing web search results in Facebook Search because we’re focused on helping people find what’s been shared with them on Facebook.”

In an interview with a news outlet, Tom Stocky saidwhat we found is that on Facebook people care as much if not more about who is posting the content as they do about what the actual content is.” The new search feature will let users find only those posts that are from themselves, from those whom they follow or have earlier been shared with them.

The move won’t heat up the working relationship between Microsoft and Facebook. The spokesperson of Facebook said “We continue to have a great partnership with Microsoft in lots of different areas.”

Earlier, Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg regarded search as one of the key areas for the company to focus. The current move reflects what Zuckerberg earlier said. It could be the precursor to the future moves that’ll help Facebook users with searching on the web.

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