Google the Number Uno Search Engine

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The evolution of the search engines has changed the face of the Internet over the years. Many search engines have been created in the past, but only a handful have managed to stay or top in the people’s most preferred list. One of such few coveted search engines is none other than the market giant Google.

In the race to be the most preferred search engine in the market, Google has managed to leave behind its major counterparts like Yahoo and Bing to become the boss of the US market. According to a recent report, Google holds a whopping 67.7% of the entire US search engine market share, the rest being divided between the other major search engines.

Google tied its record yet again at the start of this year owing to its staggering share percentage in the US search engine market. Google being in first position has indeed created a vast gap in between other search engines. Bing stood at a distant second with 18.7% of US search engine market share. Google dominated the market last year too with a total of 66.5% market share.

Yahoo remained at the third position with a 10% search engine queries while Ask held 2.4% of the total search engine queries. AOL remained last with a disappointing 1.3% of search queries. While Bing is strong at its second position, Yahoo seems to be slipping in the search engine market with possibility of entering a single digit number in market share percentage.

These rankings take only desktop search queries into consideration, if you consider mobile searches then Google is still clearly calling the shots in being preferred the most by the people to search their queries.

Google has been people’s #1 favorite, not just in US, but also all around the world. This search engine giant has clearly outdistanced its competitors by becoming the most used search engine in the entire world. Other search engines need better numbers to make any dent in the success of Google which seems impossible for now.