If you are looking for a digital marketing blog to write a guest post for, check out our guest post guidelines mentioned below and get your article published on DigitalVani

Out Guest post writing guidelines

We receive hundreds of  guest post outreach emails everyday, so we have decided to create this guidelines page to make it easier for you to understand your requirements and filter out spammers; aHope the whole process will be easier for both you and us.

We continuously try to write all sorts of different digital marketing tips, tricks and hacks that could help our readers grow their brand value, traffic and business online. Our blog convers everything from search engine optimization, social media marketing, content writing & marketing, to paid ads and growth hacking, to entrepreneurship.

We’re always looking for expert contributors who are willing to write an amazing blog post  on the above topics for us.

We will publish the only the guest posts that will comply with our guidelines.

  1. Unique content

It is not about just content but UNIQUE content. Your content has to be exclusive and unique. It means the content will not be duplicate , but the content must offer something that covers relevant topics and articles on a new point of view. We have syndicated contents. Not only in terms of “duplicate content” (that goes without saying), the article should cover something not found on hundreds of other SEO blogs, or at least look at the familiar topic from a new point of view.