How To Improve Your SaaS Marketing?

product marketing

When you’re starting out in SaaS product marketing, it may seem like a relatively simple task. You get the new functionality through your QA, you put together a string of accessible tutorials, and launch an email campaign. However, marketing your SaaS company can quickly grow in complexity, and will make innovation and expansion much harder than it has to be.

Here’s a few tips for improving every facet of your SaaS marketing…

Coordinate Internally on New Features

When you’re trying to drive an SaaS company forward, it’s always important to keep things in perspective. For example, one little tweak to your live chat isn’t going to warrant the same resources as a totally new app. You can get around this issue by dedicating a page to important, but not exactly newsworthy updates. No matter how significant a new feature is, however, it’s absolutely essential to keep all business departments coordinated and informed. This will help everyone come together, and effectively communicate the right kind of information. The channels you use to keep everyone up to date are completely up to you, as long as you assure the right higher-ups stay informed on every little development.

Target Different Customer Segments

If your new product features are designed to improve user experience of existing customers, then you should put a decent amount of resources towards determining the segments of your existing user base that it’s most valuable to reach out to. This is going to have a major impact on the future course of your content marketing. An article like this: Embedded Analytics: Built-In Data Analytics Offer a Wealth of Potential Benefits, for example, is going to have much more of an effect on the CEO of an established tech company, rather than, say the head of an organic grocery start-up. By setting clear parameters dividing different segments of your user base, you’ll be able to spend more time and money on those customers who will benefit most from the new features, all the while making sure your marketing materials are distributed to as many people as possible. Even if the new features are primarily about targeting new sections of the market, and acquiring new users, it’s equally important to take this step, and develop your existing customer profile.

Define Important Communication Channels

When you’re announcing new product features, it’s usually best to take a multi-channel approach. The aim here is to assure your message reaches as many of your customers as possible, and to limit those that slip through your fingers. While email outreach is going to be your main channel, you can use others to reach out to the people you would have missed out on otherwise. Interstitials in the form of in-app pop-ups are a great tool, as they assure that the majority of your active users will get the message, and will be more motivated to check out the new feature for themselves. It’s a good idea to include links to further information, and keep the actual body of the message short and sweet.