How to Remove a Manual Penalty – Google Reconsideration Request

Manual Penalty

Please consider below as our reconsideration request to remove the manual penalty imposed on the website.

You don’t find your website in Google search!! Then it is the time to check your webmaster to verify if any penalty is imposed on your website. Well for many webmasters it is a troublesome experience as trying to recover from a Google penalty is really tough and a timely matter, especially when you have a questionable marketing tactics – paid links or un-natural links pointing to your website.

Google may penalize a website for 2 main reasons as described below:

  • Manipulative business tactics that includes unnatural links like paid links etc.
  • Hacked and malwares affected sites that can potentially harm visitors.

Again the penalty can be categorized in 2 different types such as:

  • Manual penalty

The manual penalty is where someone within Google manually reviews your website and finds, it violates the Google search guidelines. But the good thing about the manual penalty is that you can see it through Google webmaster console as they notify webmasters about it to take necessary actions to reverse the manual penalty.

  • Algorithmic penalty

The algorithmic penalty is where your site got caught by a safeguard built into Google’s algorithm. But opposite to manual penalty, you will not get any notification regarding the imposed penalty. The only way to find it is to check your visitor stats through the google analytics or any software program that can track your visitor stats. Generally an algorithmic penalty causes a massive decrease in your traffic once imposed.

Recovery from any of the above penalty is not easy at all. It will take a lot of time and effort. In this article, we’ll take a look at the way that can help you successfully recover your site from any penalty on your site.

Before we discuss more about the Reconsideration Request, let me make a list of things that could trigger a penalty for a website. Here they are:

  • Unnatural link pattern
  • Over Optimizing the anchor texts(no anchor text variation)
  • Too many links from low quality resources
  • Irrelevant/un-thematic links to your website
  • Paid links or links from link firms
  • Deceptive / Manipulative On-Page Tactics
  • Keyword Over-Optimization. Stuffing, cloaking etc..
  • Thin or Duplicate Content in your website
  • Too many ads above the fold
  • Irrelevant/spam out bound links
  • Malware infected or hacked website

Any of the above situations can trigger a penalty and removes your website from Google search result.

If you already have the penalty imposed on your website… Now it’s the time to say “Please Google, reconsider my site…”

What Is a Reconsideration Request?

Reconsideration request is a group of task that you need to perform on or off your website to follow the Google guidelines and inform the same to Google for requesting them to include your website to their search results. This can be done through only the webmaster console.

A successful request will allow Google’s crawlers to review your website once again and recover if they find the website has made the necessary changes to follow the guidelines.

So prior to send a reconsideration request for your website you will need to first find the reasons why penalty has imposed to your website. The request will either be rejected or approved, typically within a few days and notified by the webmaster console.

How Do You Submit A Reconsideration Request?

To submit a reconsideration request,

You need to login to Webmaster Console

Click on “manual actions” under “search traffic” and if there is a manual action you can view it and click “request review.”

Sample reconsideration request for a hacked site:

Dear Google Webspam Team,

Our site was recently given a manual penalty as it was hacked and malicious codes were inserted to the site. We really appreciate for your quick information and works to make the internet a secure place for all.

Since receiving your response, we have worked hard over the last few days to remove the malicious codes inserted in our website. We understand the value of security in the internet and have strengthened our site for any other attacks further.

We have worked hard to resolve the security issues on our site and are completely committed to following the Quality Guidelines from this point on.

Your name


Recovering from a Google penalty is always a challenging job. There is a little chance of success in the very first attempt but with proper planning and making the changes on the as per the guidelines will reverse the penalty. So what matters most is to understanding the reasons behind the penalty, and makes yourself flexible to make the required changes to your website or link profile.  Else you may hire an experienced consultant to help you deal with the problem to find the solution for your situation.

Have you had experience with filing reconsideration request for your website? Let all know your experience here in comments.

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