Instant Messaging Apps – New Avatar in Digital Marketing

Messaging Apps

“Reaching out to the right segment with right message instantaneously is the actual real time marketing”

Digital space is getting broadened within twinkle of eyelids! Marketers in digital era are often ending up in mess while planning resources for a certain project. Marketing in digital world, is a competition within itself with every new resource outdating the previous ones. Moving on with the trend isn’t the only thing, what actually matters are, how well we are making out of that trend.

Instant messaging Apps have reduced the scope of SMS to quite a huge extent, but will it soon take over SMS in aspect of marketing? Recent survey by the search analyst team of Google suggests that Mobile Tsunami has just conquered the World Wide Web, and it’s ramification is the usage of the mobile apps are just like drinking water , eating, breathing and so on. Everything seems to be within virtual reach, with the suitable app installed in mobile! But undeniably, instant messaging apps are just the ones which can actually facilitate marketing while other apps are needed to be marketed.

Now, let’s throw some light on how these apps can be integrated with the marketing strategy:

Instantaneous Effect – Enhanced Real Time Conversation

Every digital marketing campaign gets planned on some goals, the purpose of the goal may vary but the basic principle remains the same i.e. earning of needful data from relevant psychographic segment of audiences. Very often in landing pages, the data field for mobile no are marked as optional, but now it shouldn’t be any longer. Creating a group on WhatsApp with the earned mobile numbers is quite worthwhile rather than launching an email marketing campaign with earned emails, with quite uncertainty.  Creating a group on Whatsapp is quite seamless and undoubtedly it even encourages the audiences with in-market segment to invite new contacts from the specific niche. The transparency in the communication is what makes it prospective than email marketing campaigns. Even in social media, it’s not possible to tap into real time conversations unless we are keeping a hawk’s eye on the news feed or using social mentioning tools! But in instant messaging apps, we can instantaneously hold on to the key factors of the audience overviews and can optimize the conversation accordingly.

Non – Apparent Brand Promotion

Yes, it is! Whereas in social media, the company profiles or business pages are likely to convey information on behalf of a brand, but herein the messaging apps, the audiences are getting known to the face/s behind the brand. Usage of Social media in marketing is actually spreading the awareness of the brand across of the social circle of the targeted niche! So, therein the brand speaks itself and the impact left on the mind of the audiences is about the brand and not any individual. But, in messaging apps, it’s not about the brand rather it’s about the individuals who interacts with the prospective audiences and thereby strategize the plan and publicize in the niche using social media.

Personified Interaction:

Whereas, in social media every followers of the brand may not share same level of affinity with it, hence gradually every update may not reach the news feed of every follower. After a certain span of time, those who haven’t at all interacted with the updates may stop receiving any updates. But, in messaging app, the opportunity gets widened to interact with as many as contacts possible! Since it’s not about the brand, it’s about a generic discussion of some ongoing trends in niche, so it encourages people to share their overview, which thereby reveals a lot that what they expect from a brand.

Wide Spectrum of Reach Every time:

In social media, apart from the promoted posts, the organic reach of the regular posts may vary and drop in accordance with the affinity level of the followers with the page. Hence, unless we are promoting the posts, we can’t be sure that how many attentions it will fetch! But with IM Apps, we can reach out to every members of a group or as many as connections possible within our niche.

Enhanced Engagement

So called engagement in social media, develops with the brand and its components! Analytics professionals often wonder about the consistent low engagement rate, in spite of targeting the right segment. But, using IM apps it’s quite possible to reach out to the audiences an individual, not as a brand itself. Engagement begins at the moment, when a discussion starts in a group and thereby getting engaged with the core of the discussion and sorting out the key points from it. Engagement is not just the ones which get revealed by calculative metrics in the Analytics dashboard, but how effectively we can get engaged with the prospective audiences and how we can understand what aspects can actually trigger the engagement in our marketing strategies.

Bottom – Line

Although, IM apps are yet to take the full swing in the digital marketing arena! It may not be fruitful for every business and its impact may vary from niche to niche. But the undeniable aspect is , it’s the avatar which helps when we need to take instantaneous decisions and it is not the media where we can convert the prospects , but undoubtedly we can delve deep into the ongoing trend in the certain niche.