Keep Your Business Secure With These Tech Solutions

Business Secure

If you own a business that holds and stores stock of a high priced nature, such as a car dealership, then you need to make sure they are secure. Each car will be worth a few thousand dollars, depending on what kinds of car you’re selling there. Keeping them secure is paramount, if you lose one or two cars then that is potentially a disaster that can see you go out of business. You need to be supremely diligent and take all the actions you possibly can to keep your operational capacity intact. The same applies to other high value kinds of business such as TV’s, laptops, etc. In these cases the ability to keep stock safe becomes mightily important.

The first port of call for the defence against criminal activity is a stellar alarm system. You need to make sure it is a good system that won’t let you down, so make sure you check the reviews of all the alarms you consider, such as the dsc alarm. You need to make sure these alarm types are suitable for your premises before purchasing too. For example, if you own a car showroom, they will be great, but if your dealership is based outside, then they won’t work apart from on the entrance gates, people could still get in and damage the cars if they really wanted to, something that happens far too often.

To mitigate all kinds of damage on your property then you should install CCTV systems. There visible presence will act as a deterrent for potential trouble makers, but if anything bad does happen you’ll have evidence to take to the local police so you can help bring the perpetrators to justice. CCTV has of course been around for years, but now technology has allowed for it to be integrated into applications on your phone, meaning you can view anything going on in real time whenever you feel like it. Being able to do this gives you unprecedented access to your premises when you’re not even there. The tech is so advanced you can set it to notify you if you have motion sensors, so that you can check on whatever tripped the sensor.

If you feel like using a traditional key is too dangerous to people who could pick the lock or indeed steal said key, then you should consider biometric security measures. You’ll no longer need a key and you and other selected individuals can gain access to your premises through using a fingerprint. The technology is fairly new, but it uses a similar mechanism to the fingerprint recognition on your phone.

You should consider using gates too, but you can install an automatic gate opening system on your property to allow easy access as you approach on foot or in a car. Gates can keep out common troublemakers and vandals and act as a great preventative measure for thieves. They can be a pain, having to lock and unlock them every day, but with the automatic systems they’ll lock on there own once they have let you in.

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