Be an experienced practitioner or professional, while setting up an Adwords campaign the keywords and their match type are always a big question for many. Keyword match type management is the very vital not only to improve you quality score, but at the same time it helps you to reach the real audience which increases the ROI.

Many often clients ask us how to use the different types of keyword match option and why to use them. With the article today, I am going to explain you the tips on how to choose keywords for your adwords campaign based upon the keywords matching types.

Using keyword matching options in AdWords

But before that….How keyword matching options help you?

The main aim with the keywords matching options is to give an advertiser full control of the keywords that triggers his ads. In the mean time you can use the search term report and track you keyword variation that showed your ads.

 Google always recommend using broad match keywords to maximize your impressions but that actually makes you lose your money as with the broad match keywords you reach many irrelevant visits too.

In general, with broad keywords you reach more audience, but with narrow keyword/exact math keywords you reach real customers or the most relevant customers and hence better return in investment.

As per the recent updates, Google has introduced 4 types of keyword match management in Google adwords such as Broad, Modified Broad, Phrase, Exact Match Keywords.



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