Many Greetings! We at Digitalvani Welcome 2016


Digital marketing is a dynamic process. Sometimes it picks up pace, sometimes it goes slow; but it is always developing. We have seen many developments in 2015. The process will go on in 2016.

To be in agreement with it, digital marketers need to ditch outdated practices such as:

The suspicious links: Google have been warning you for a long time. If you haven’t paid heed yet, do that in 2016. Steer your site clear from spammy links.

Mobile app: Do not restrict your site to desktop devices. Make it accessible by handheld devices.

Flashy design: Simplistic design is the best. It makes the site look neat and clean. Ditch outlandish and cumbersome design this year if you haven’t done so yet.

Single-display ads: The new ad re-targeting feature by Google and Facebook follows a users on the web. It changes the ad’s display and makes it personalized.

Same title-tags: Meta properties such as title and description tags are essential for on-page optimization. Never use the identical title tags more than once.

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