Online Marketing Musts: The Cohesive Presence

Online Marketing

If you are promoting a business, service, or even just a singular product online, then there are many things you have to think of. You have to be considerate of the demographics you are targeting, what your plan is for the future, and an exact idea in mind of the returns you want for the time invested.

In the midst of all of this potential confusion, it’s incredibly easy to forget a few central points. This threat is all the more potent if the business of managing your online presence and marketing is spread throughout a workforce.

The old saying about too many cooks spoiling the broth takes on a new modern day meaning when this happens. If you have separate sectors of the business all managing their own small corner of the online tools you use, then there is a huge risk of it not all making sense as a whole.

When you promote online, you’re not just promoting something individually. You should be promoting your business as unified, as all being sides of the same coin. It can be tempting to leave each part of a business to manage itself and use its own online tactics, but this can ruin the overall impression.

As an example: let’s say you run a small hairdressing salon. You have an admin side and then the skill side, with the actual hairdressers. You treat these as separate from one another; rarely will they bleed over in the general course of a day, so they have separate strategies behind them. The admin side wants to appear competent, be able to offer appointments, solve problems – so this is how you promote them online. But the hairdressing side should be emphasising skill, innovation, and creativity.

If the admin side presents itself in its marketing as very corporate, then that’s going to detract from the carefully curated creative impression the hairdressing side needs to nurture.

What’s better? Bringing them together under one central strategy. After all, they all come together under the banner of a single company, so their approach to marketing should be able to blend together as well.

To do this, you have to employ a few different techniques.

Everyone needs to talk to one another. This is imperative; if a business can’t communicate effectively, then the overall picture is going to blur. Put some time into ensuring that you can manage a cloud phone system so that everyone can communicate no matter where they are. Also make use of social media and tools that help a business stay connected, and thus ensuring the online marketing strategy remains in sync.

You also need to think of your business core principles. While there may be different aspects to emphasise, an overriding set of principles is important. This can just be three words you think your company should be aiming for; these can then be kept in mind no matter which area of the business you’re focusing on promoting.

By employing these techniques, everything you do online will blend together and solidify your company brand for the better.

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