5 Types of Comments in 2016 that will Dominate in Link Building Strategy

If you are contemplating the use of blog comments as a part of your 2016 link building strategy, here are some points you must consider.

Blog comments provide a simple and natural portion of a healthy backlink profile. If you want to really build your presence on the Internet, you need to build your natural link profile first. Though some people may say that link building is no longer relevant and there is no need to invest in it, this is actually not true.  There are plenty of reasons to use the strategy, and one of them is that Google uses link building as a part of its rankings.

When you are searching for links, make it a priority to focus on fresh links first, alongside the natural fitting. Here are some of the right comments you must focus on:

# 1 Good neighborhood Comments

You certainly don’t want your link to live in a bad neighborhood environment. But, first, you should know what bad neighborhood comments may be.

Some of the elements of bad link-building include the following:

▪ Too many links – You need to have a higher ratio of content to links on any page of your website, therefore you must avoid a situation like 10% content and 90% links or even no content at all. Check out this comment:

Too many links

▪ The bad links – If you discover a bad link, or what is referred to as negative PPC, especially those from porn and casino websites, then you must get out of such environment as soon as possible.

▪ Bad content- This can be difficult for most people to detect, but you need to ensure that you don’t place your content next to a poorly written article on a website. Badly written content on a site means the site is probably using lots of spun content which mean the use of software for content generation.

▪ There may be lots of links on some web pages but the site may contain much spam on its pages. The site may look innocent but the moderators don’t seem to moderate the spam they get, so try and watch out for these because bad links may be the next problem.

Too many ads – Google distributes too many ads through its AdSense system, and at the same time it cracks down on sites that have more ads than content. Make sure your pages are not 90% ads just like links.

Try to maintain a clean website in order to create a good neighborhood, secondly, you need to ensure that the neighborhoods you maintain add similar to your website. Make sure there are very few random links in them, and they must not have links to irrelevant contents. Make sure the sites are clean and they have content similar to yours. If you can do all these, then your SEO strategies will be more effective and your sites will gain more traffic.

#2 Niche Relevant Comments

Many SEO strategies often skip out the niche-relevant comments, and that can mean that you may not get any followers.

It is important that you don’t ignore the relevant comments, and you must use the proper blog comments to achieve the following:

  • Create an atmosphere of relevancy around your site,
  • Improve your website’s do-follow and no-follow backlinks,
  • Diversify your website anchors in a more meaningful way,
  • You need to get some amounts of referral traffic, and
  • Establish a relationship with other bloggers that you could leverage for backlinks, presently and in the nearest future.

Take note of the fourth point in order not to mess up your SEO, you must not go to a top blogger’s comment page and write something general or two words like “me neither”. You need to provide a valuable comment but not a page of the essay. Experts recommend that you focus on the main point and leave a concise, valuable comment to build high-quality backlinks.

#3 Comments with signatures

Have you noticed that many people who leave comments on some blogs also leave some signatures, such as links to their own blogs? These are links within comments and they are relevant to the topics being discussed. This habit is good because the comments are genuine and they are from regular readers. It will also give you the opportunity to leave your blog’s URL in the comment field.

Most bloggers have no-follow tags; this is a bad strategy.  When you examine the comments in posts, you see people using pseudo names, but that is not right. Use your real name, this can be your signature and one of the best ways to promote yourself. Or it can be also your position:Comments with signatures

Having a blog without mistakes is important, so avoid using the silly and meaningless pseudo names that can give you a bad reputation. A link in a comment section may not be necessary since your name has been mentioned already.

#4 Comments with heads and tails

Comments with heads and tails look more like emails and bloggers prefer them because they seem more personal. These comments have a head (such as a greeting), and a tail (more like a signature or closing). Greetings can make your comments more natural and personal.

The closing part will have more effect on the final results of your comment- it means a blogger may likely reply to it.  There are two possible forms of closing:

Closings may be of different kinds, but there are two main types I have detached:

informal closings:

  • Yours
  • Cheers
  • Hugs, etc.

religious closings:

  • Because He lives
  • In Christ
  • Blessings
  • In the name of God

From my experience, I should say that religious closings are more likely to win your bloggers over.

#5 Long comments

Sometimes, the size of your comment matters on a blog, but you don’t have to make them as long as a whole page. Focus on thorough comments with a little bit of research. If you make relevant points and facts in your comment, then they will be approved by moderators. Try as much as possible to attract attention through your long comments but don’t make them too long and boring.

One of the comments I met contained 1044 words! Pretty much of an article, don’t you think?

Which types of comments do you use? Share your experience.

Raymond Stokes is a digital marketing and a social media addict. He’s crazy about new ideas and start-ups, implementing them into his new project on Essay Dune. Follow Raymond on Twitter to get to know him better.


5 Common Search Engine Optimisation Mistakes to Avoid

The truth is, regardless of how much you run SEO activities, SEO’s best practices are essential to improving the visibility of your website, and ultimately your traffic and conversion rates. It is important to refrain from thinking of SEO as just one bothersome task you have to perform in order to maintain your site.

The first important thing you can do is to learn about some common mistakes made in search engine optimisation that you need to avoid.

SEO mistakes

# 1 – Using Cheap SEO Schemes & Black Hat Techniques 

One of the common mistakes in SEO marketing is falling for cheap SEO tricks and black hat strategies. It is important to note that most of the “quick SEO solutions” often have some things to do with black hat SEO tactics. If the deal sounds too good to be true, then you need to think again about that approach!

Sincerely speaking, getting links to a certain page might be easy, but the really hard thing is getting rank boosting links. For instance, before you can get some links on authoritative sites, you have to work pretty hard. In most cases, you have two options. If you have the skill, you can pitch a high-value guest post on a topic of interest or pay somebody with the necessary skill and influence to do the job.

Unfortunately, linking with influencers is not always successful, particularly if your main aim is to get features on a popular site in order to get links. Real success will come when your focus shifts to your immediate needs (e.g. links, social shares and traffic) to delivering high-value content. That is what the users want.

Black hat SEO tactics might sound fast, promising and rosy, but don’t be fooled into trying them out. With the recent release of updated algorithms for SEO ranking by major search engines, you will easily and quickly be penalised for using black hat SEO tricks. The main aim of search engines is to reward trustworthy sites while penalising sites that use inappropriate and illegitimate techniques to manipulate search engine results.

#2 – Failure to Update your Site 

After spending months developing an attractive, user-friendly site and writing helpful blogs as well as optimising their website using well-researched keywords, many SEO newbies and experts alike will relax, watch traffic flow, and wait for visitors to convert into leads and ultimately into customers. With all this hard work, most people expect that after a few months they should at least start to see some payoffs from their SEO marketing efforts. However, this is a big mistake. SEO should be a constant effort, and it often necessitates that you always keep your site active. Rather than just publishing a couple of blogs and sitting back, you need to create a schedule for regularly posting new blogs with helpful information and make it a habit. Failure to constantly update content on your site often leads to failure for search engines to notice your website.

#3 – Failure to Identify and Remove Toxic Backlinks 

Unnatural links that have an adverse effect on the search engine rankings of a website are known as toxic backlinks. Nowadays, major search engines use SEO tools that focus on penalising websites that contain bad or toxic backlink profiles. You need to avoid using or accumulating a huge number of toxic backlinks profile. In many cases, the SEO agency you had contracted or are currently working with might be responsible for creating a huge profile of toxic backlinks. Some SEO companies will collect spammy links in order to give a client’s website a sudden boost in rankings, and this can be very detrimental in the long-term. The only way to avoid this is to ensure that the SEO expert in charge of running your SEO campaign adheres to webmasters guidelines.

Some of the most common backlinks to identify include:

  • Sites that carry viruses and malware
  • Link networks
  • Spam sites and other sites that are developed solely for link building
  • Sites that are not indexed by Google

You should also learn how to remove toxic links. And, make sure to gather more information on backlink analysis, audit, and toxic backlinks removal services.

#4 Failure to Optimise for the Appropriate Keywords 

At times, it is the small things that people will fail to notice, yet they make a significant difference in the prosperity of their business. Although it is common knowledge within the SEO marketing arena that not all keywords will help to grow a business, many people fail to realise and acknowledge this fact. If you don’t realise that some keywords might actually harm your conversion rates then the success of your SEO campaign will not yield the expected return on investment. It is important to understand that while head keywords like making money online or politics tend to have greater search volumes, long-tail keywords like “how to make money on site X from home” will generate approximately 70% of all the search traffic – and it is the traffic that genuinely brings conversions.

#5 – Lack of Distinct Title Tags & Unique Description 

Failure to include unique title tags and distinct descriptions is probably the worst SEO mistake and regardless of the emphasis given by major search engines, some websites do not have a unique title for each page.

Some of the most common mistakes include:

  • Having all the pages in the website under one title
  • Making the title longer than 65 characters
  • Including the name of the website in the page title (it is okay to include the website name for the home page, but it is not necessary for other pages)

Additionally, descriptions must be unique. It is usually recommended that a description should be between 150 and 160 characters. Descriptions should also not be stuffed with keywords and they should be attractive to the users. It is important to have good descriptions because they have a great potential to boost your click-through-rate (CTR), and if the content truly delivers what the description is promising, you are more likely to register high conversion rates as well.

Overall, there are numerous mistakes that SEO professionals and amateurs make during search engine optimisation, and these often harm the prospects for success in any SEO program. However, the five points discussed in this article have been found to be especially harmful and they have an adverse effect on the business. Avoid doing these mistakes and you’re sure to get the most out of your SEO marketing campaigns.

8 Reasons I Wouldn’t Trade My Career in Digital Marketing for Anything Else

Growing up I didn’t have a clearly defined career choice. I guess, being an SEO or a Pay Per Click specialist is not something you think about when you’re a kid. However, I did enjoy all things digital from an early age, everything from computer games to dabbling into graphic design. I can still remember the joys of slow internet back then. Fast forward a decade and I’ve ended up studying computer science and working in digital marketing full time.

career in digital marketing

I love my career and I wouldn’t change it for anything else. In this post, I’m going to tell you why.

1) It helped me to meet a lot of new people.

I’m a bit of an introvert by nature but working in digital marketing opened up a lot of opportunities to meet new interesting people. Every year, I attend a number of events, including SEO conferences. I have met many interesting people and good friends there. We keep in touch and share our experiences working in digital marketing.

2) My career taught me how to become a problem solver.

As you probably know, a lot of Search Engine Optimisation involves problem solving. It could be anything from fixing that page speed issues to figuring out why you can’t get the conversions you need. You will find this particular skill, problem solving, very useful. What’s best about it is that it can be applied in other jobs and situations as well. Personally, I believe that problem solving is one of the best things a person can learn.

3) I am more confident.

A lot of it to do with what I’ve mentioned above about problem solving. Having this ability made me much more confident, not just at work but in life in general. Confidence is very important, both in business as well as in personal life. It helps me when I meet with new people; I used to be a bit nervous during these kind of meetings in the past but not anymore.

4) I am a very competitive person.

I have always enjoyed being competitive and I can’t think of any other industry being more competitive than digital marketing and Search Engine Optimisation in particular. Agencies compete for clients, websites compete for higher rankings and I love it.

My favourite part is monitoring my rankings vs my competitors.

I usually check these daily and seeing big ranking improvements always makes me smile.

5) It never gets boring.

There is always something new to do when you work in digital marketing. I work with a number of different clients from different industries. Some of my projects can be in the fashion other in the manufacturing niche. I really enjoy learning about all these different industries. And then there are all the different websites I discover every day when I work on outreach or when doing competitive research and analysing my competitor’s link profile. Finally, the search engines themselves constantly change and evolve. Just look at the history of algorithm changes, it’s pretty fascinating. There are around 200 different ranking factors and it seems like Google is tweaking these all the time. I find it fascinating, especially the effect it can have on the ranking of the websites I’m working on. Another pretty interesting thing is monitoring fluctuations on Mozcast and Algoroo.

6) It’s a career with a future.

Looking at the job market and the supply and demand factors. I think being in the digital marketing is a very good place to be.

The market is growing and there is very little supply of new professionals. I think there are very good times ahead of us. With so much business happening online and the number of people finding products via search, I never worry about being without a job. On top of that you have a whole new areas of future growth, take App Store Optimisation for example.

7) I learn something new every day.

Personally this is one of the main reasons I love my career. By working with so many different clients on many different projects I have learned a great deal of new skills. The competition and ever changing search landscape requires of me to always read and test all the new techniques and tools.

8) Social Media

I love social media. I know it can be a massive time waster but I guess we all know it yet we keep coming for more. Thanks to my work I can spend a lot of time on social media and get paid for it. What’s not to like.

So there you have it. All the reasons I love my career so much. I hope you have enjoyed this post and that you are enjoying your work as much as I do. I’d love to know what makes you love your job ( I hope you do) let me know in the comments below.

So do you love yourself as a digital marketer? Share your thoughts in the comments.

A Guide To Bossing Facebook For Businesses

If you have a business, one of the most effective things you can utilise is Facebook. Facebook isn’t just for people to stay in touch with their friends and families – it’s somewhere you can engage with your target audience and gain more customers.

Facebook For Businesses

But just how do you go about bossing Facebook? This guide will help you:

Make Sure You Are Social

The first thing you need to do may seem obvious, yet so many businesses fail to do it. They simply promote themselves with advertisements and things that aren’t very relatable, which loses them interest in the long run. You really need to make sure that you’re social when posting on Facebook, which means asking questions, staying on the topic of things going on in the world, and getting your audience involved. They don’t want to be bombarded with advertisements. You can do it from time to time, but sparingly is the best way. You need to be posting things your audience will genuinely be interested in, both original content from your own business and content from others.

Watch Your Reputation

Your reputation is so important, and you really need to watch it when you’re posting online. Wording something the wrong way could be the difference between creating a good reputation and a bad reputation for yourself. Don’t mention things that can cause arguments, such as politics and religion. Remember, everything you post can easily be recovered even if you delete it. People will screenshot things, tell others, and before you know it your reputation is tarnished. Make sure you’re careful and don’t post anything too hastily.

Always Be Responsive

When somebody mentions you on facebook, make sure you’re responsive. Being responsive is really important. If you don’t respond, both to negative and positive comments, you won’t get very far. You need to show that you’re there if your clients want to know something or give feedback. You need to be diplomatic when responding to negative comments, so bear that in mind too. You want everybody to feel like they’ve had a good experience with you after contacting you, so remember that. Reply in good time for the best results.

Be Authentic

Always be authentic and true to your brand when using Facebook. You don’t want to steal content from other pages, try to be something you’re not, or even try to please everybody. You’ll never please everybody, so just be true to your company and target audience.

Try Competitions

Competitions are a really good way to attract more likes and customers. It gives people an incentive to like your page and share your content. There are lots of different ways you can run competitions on Facebook, so make sure you do your research to find the best way to run them for your business. Bear in mind they need to be completely fair. Running lots of competitions when you’re just starting out could be a great way to attract more business.

Monitor What Works For You

Start monitoring what works for you on Facebook right away. What kind of posts get the most responses? Which posts just don’t seem to work for you? Monitor your analytics closely so you can replicate the posts that work and drop the ones that don’t. This will make your Facebook marketing campaign much more effective. Many businesses like to use a Facebook post template to ensure that their posts are as effective as possible.

Hire A Manager

Having enough time to run your Facebook page is absolutely essential if you want it to be a success. Hiring a manager will ensure that the job is done to a high standard, and you’ll have more time to focus on the things you’re best at. Some bosses snort at hiring a social media manager. Some wonder if it’s even a real job. But social media has become so important these days, hiring a manager to take care of your online reputation only makes sense. As long as you pick somebody who knows what they are doing, your online presence will go from strength to strength. You’ll gain customers, great reviews, and lots of other benefits from taking care of your online pages this way.

This guide will help you to boss Facebook, whether you’ve been on it for a while or you’re just joining now. It’s never too late to improve your strategy and start killing it online, so get started right away. Leave your thoughts and anything that has helped you below. See you again soon!

The Cost Effective Ways to Make Your Business More Modern

No business owner wants to feel like their business is being left behind or is stuck in the past. If the time has come to drag your business into the present, you might be worrying about what it will cost.

There are plenty of ways in which you can make your business a little bit more modern without breaking the bank though. These ideas should get you started, so read on now.

Make Your Business More Modern

Let the Professionals Handle Your IT

You need to be using the best IT and technology in your workplace if you want to improve and grow. And your business is never going to be at the cutting edge if you are using technology that is past its best. So, what you should do is improve the IT and then let the professionals maintain it. It will mean that you have more time to focus on other things in the office. And you won’t have to worry about looking after the tech you rely on. IT support can be sought from many different specialist companies.

Redesign Your Website

When people come into contact with your business for the first time these days, it’s usually via your website. This is where they will get their first impressions of the business, so it makes sense to make the website look good. If the website looks old and dreary, then this is the opinion that people will form of your business as a whole. There is no need for that to be the case, so don’t let it happen. Give the website a redesign and drag into this decade. If you don’t know the first thing about web design, be sure to hire someone to do the work for you. They should be able to come up with a creative design in no time.

Take a Fresh Approach to Social Media

After your website, the next most important part of your company’s online presence is social media. This is important because people like to interact with the businesses they buy from. It’s even more important if you are trying to target young people who are the ones who are most active on social media. Take a fresh approach to social media if you think your old methods are not getting the results you want. You should find an authentic tone of voice that resonates with your target audience. If you do that, you’ll gain more followers and make more sales.

Change the Workplace Atmosphere

When a workplace is solemn and dull, it can feel very old-fashioned. When you walk into the office of the latest startup in your industry, it will be alive, vibrant and fun. So, if you want to create a more youthful feeling in your office, this something you should try to replicate. To do this, you will need to make the office a much more collaborative space. And you might need to inject some new life into the office by hiring some young people who have a point to prove. It could end up making a huge difference to how your office feels and functions.

The Easy Mistakes You Can Make When Working In A Digital Industry

Many of our business ventures are now turning into a more digital market. So much more is done online that you can now run an entire business through that medium. Digital business is a fast industry; that seems to be changing all the time.

However, because you can spend too much time in the digital world, are you missing out on something? With that in mind, I thought I would share with you some of the easy mistakes some entrepreneurs can make when working in the digital industry.

Digital Industry

Not physically engaging with people

It’s easy to forget that humans are still the ones that make a business work. Be that buying off an online shop, working with products that are manufactured. Even reading the websites that content has been placed on for SEO purposes. It always ends with a person. Making that action or doing that thing. So when you work in the digital world, it’s easy to forget this valid point. We can get wrapped up in the likes of social media and marketing and forget to ask someone what they thought or if they have any feedback they wish to give. Remember the fact; everything ends with a person not always a computer.

Unable to make networking events

Attending a networking conference can be great news for your business. But many people don’t physically attend them when working in a digital industry. Some will even opt for an online seminar instead. But what you miss out on is communicating with people and making contacts. Sharing knowledge and working on things to move forward. A networking event can be a breath of fresh air for anyone to enjoy and spend time with like minded individuals. As well as taking the opportunities they provide for making your business grow.

Missed advertising opportunities

You may have everything covered in the online game. Obviously. But sometimes the old fashioned ways can give just as good result. It could be as simple as offering lanyards out to passers by. Where you can get some excellent options from websites like lanyardsusa.com. Or sending mailshots in the posts rather than through email. Some people still like to receive a postcard or advertisement. It’s as simple as a word of mouth, which can be a businesses greatest asset. That those opportunities can be missed solely focusing on the digital side of marketing.

Market changes affecting business

Many market trends and changes will be reported through many mediums, especially online. It’s up to the business owner to keep one eye on the industry and the other on their business. But sometimes a trend can be predicted quickly through communication. Market changes can end up affecting a business quicker than you realise, so it’s important to keep an eye on everything.

I hope this has offered you some advice on how to get the best out of your digital business. While online is the way everything seems to be going, it’s vital to remember that it all stops with one of us. We buy the things; we use the things, and we read the things.

Digital Marketing for Your Website – My Personal Tips

Many business owners have already reported big losses, the reason being inadequate website traffic. In the era of internet, such pitfalls smash great business plans and end up showing disastrous results. Looking for new ways to drive web traffic is a good methodology but without effective implantation there is no way of success.

This article will give a detailed overview to business owners on how to effectively manage their digital marketing strategies for getting targeted website traffic. These will surely help start-up companies looking forward to building a better traffic.

Digital Marketing for Your Website

The basic behind the whole map is to track the path of online users and pave a smooth way for them to your website. Though there are many ways to build such a factor, it’s not always feasible to calculate productivity.

But certain ways reflect highest output as they are proven and don’t come up with extra add-ons. The more the exposure, more is the incoming traffic. Keeping such significant aspects in mind, following are the 3 Proven Ways to Optimize and Increase Website Traffic.

#1 Understanding Your Audience

Visitors come searching for their needs and requirements which always redirect them to a website or the other. Users generally don’t like website that are having too much flashy but there is no information. You need to design web-pages having both visual and textual content to reduce the bounce rate.

So if you can cater to the exact needs of the users with very relevant information then they won’t step back. Here, the major step is to strategize keywords in accordance to trends and recent market changes. Well written content and visual content do help your website recurring visits.

#2 Accurate Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tactics

With many search engines available on the online platform, it is always seen that users strike for some of the most famous ones like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

With so much competition, SEO is not a small game these days. Optimized content acts as the face of website for most search engines. Proper use of SEO theory can help a business flourish online.

For example, sticking to the idea of article and accordingly formulating the title gives you a bigger ratio of online visitors as they get sophisticated information. Relevant information and authentic content may even strike for a better website ranking on the search engines. The biggest challenge is effective and strategized usage of SEO tools and tactics.

#3 Targeting the Most Accurate Market

It is not just about the maximum number of visitors coming in to your website. If there is a very good number of traffic then it’s much better, but what if the required visitors specific to business needs don’t land in? Now the talk is about target audience. Many businesses have failed in building a proper strategy to drive in the required audience for their specific business products or service. Audience can be targeted based upon some variables like age, region, sex, personal choices, and even economic class too. So to get the most of it, the target audience is to be identified first, and then targeted. In-depth research, analysis, and strategy building produces best results in developing content based on the target audience.

When there is ample traffic relevant to business needs, liberal customization of the website is also important as it is very important in the field of optimization for returning customers. Logically, most of the traffic can be built very easily, but the above factors keep them engaged and with the course of time, those leads turn out to be loyal customers.

How to Make Your Business A Success In The Digital Age

Believe it or not, there are still dinosaurs on the market. There are still companies that are not using the full power of the digital age. Why that is, would be anyone’s guess. Business owners may think switching to a digital platform is too expensive or too much effort. Or, it could be that some business owners don’t understand how the modern market works. Either way, it’s true to say that there are lots of companies that are unable to handle the challenges. If your business is one of these companies, you need to start make some changes.

You have to do everything you can to bring your business forward into the modern age. Here are some of the best ways on how to do this.

Use A Data Centre

use a data center

A data centre allows you store information, files and software for your business in an online digital world. A data centre build for bigger businesses can be arranged online. This will allow you access to private servers that will specifically be for your company. Since these are not shared, the processing power and amount of space at your fingertips will be tremendous. You’ll be able to store all the information about your company that you need safely and securely. That’s one of the biggest advantages of the data centre. They won’t just allow you to receive and transmit information in your business faster than ever. A data centre will also allow you store your business info in the most secure way possible. This is incredibly important, as it will ensure that your business reputation isn’t damaged by info getting lost or stolen.

Get Active On Social Media

social media

You do need to make sure you’re using social media to promote your business as well. The best part about this is that, aside from hiring the team, it won’t cost you any money. It’s easy to get your business set up on different forms of social media and to start using it as a marketing tool. In fact, it will only take you a couple of hours to get set up on every social media platform that might be of value. This year, you may also want to look into using social media buy buttons. Buy buttons on social media is a fast way to orchestrate a sale for a client or customer. However, to do this, you need to understand how to use social networks as an effective form of marketing.

Use Digital Services

There are a number of services that should be digitalized in your company. As you may have guessed using our website, marketing should certainly be one of them. There are numerous reasons why you should be using digital forms of marketing. First, it’s certainly cheaper and second; it allows you to reach the widest audience possible. You won’t have to worry that your business isn’t reaching its full potential. With an online marketing push, it’s just a matter of time before your business reaches its optimum number of sales. Assuming you have a great marketing team on your side, of course.

If you take these tips on board, you will have certainly strengthened the position of your business on the modern market.

Social Media Marketing vs. Traditional Marketing

For a long time, marketing was…well what you might expect: poster adverts, flyers, then TV advertisements and email marketing. Now Social Media is growing as a competitive new way of marketing directly with consumers. So between Traditional Marketing and Social Media, is one of them better than the other?

Types of Marketing

Is it easier for your business to use one type of marketing over the other?

Traditional: Traditional Marketing is seen to be structured and generally clear cut, with classic examples being print advertising campaigns, door to door marketing (cold calling) & telesales.

Social Media: Social Media, however, can be viewed as rather dissected, as it is split across a lot of different aspects. Things like status updates, blog articles, comments and shares are all separate statistics even though they come under the same heading.

#Direction of Communication

How direct is your company’s message to your consumers?

Social Media vs Traditional Marketing

Traditional: It’s been around longer, but Traditional Marketing has sometimes been called flawed by having undirected advertising. For example, one advert is sent out to many with few ways of specifically targeting audiences. Trying to find the right audience and place for your advert can be time consuming using traditional methods. However, it does reach a mass audience.

Social Media: Social Media is one of the key players in advancing technology, mostly by how it can be multi-directional. This essentially means both the consumers of your product, and your company can both be actively communicating with the use of comments, mentions and re-tweets.

Scheduling of Marketing

What kind of range to do you want for your scheduled marketing?

Scheduling Strategy for Advertisements

Traditional: Long ranged scheduling goes with Traditional Marketing. Most adverts and campaigns will be planned and discussed over and for long periods of time. This can make a more considered advert in the long run.

Social Media: Social Media is a lot more spontaneous and short term with its scheduling. Whilst this can sometimes be more obvious looking advertising, it does allow your company to remain up to date with rapidly changing trends.


How does your company’s communication change depending on the type of marketing you use?


Traditional: Traditional Marketing is known for considered or well-reviewed communication; essentially, it’s reviewed by a lot of people before it goes public. The forms too will usually be by phone, email or letter.

Social Media: By contrast, Social Media is quite fast and always public. Reactions and comments are instantly available to your consumers, and anyone can have access to read and comment on it. Being on a screen, it is in one form but available to many.


How available are you to your consumers?

marketing availability

Traditional: While the advice is known to be well considered, the marketing behind traditional advertising is usually restricted to the working hours. The advert keeps doing what it’s there to do – make an impression – but direct support will be unavailable outside the hours of 8-5.

Social Media: In theory Social Media remains available 24/7. Reactions to comments and post are fairly instantaneous; however the employees in charge of the social media side will also go home at the end of the day. However tweets and posts can be pre-scheduled to go out outside working hours.


Can you specify a target audience with your marketing?

Traditional: Traditional Marketing can develop specific audiences to aim their advertising at. However, classical poster adverts are simply available to anyone to look at and traditional flyers or emails can seem impersonal. Huge events like ‘Buy British Day’ are usually designed with a large scope in mind – and to have a global impact.

Social Media: Social Media’s niche in marketing is being able to identify target audiences with relative ease. Being in direct contact with consumers and using computer search tools can identify relative audiences by larger criteria such as age, location and even interests.


Does your company’s language change depending on your type of marketing?

Traditional: In Traditional Marketing the language is generally formal and legally ‘safe’. Because of the time it take to plan campaigns and the mass audience things like poster adverts are shown to, the language in the small print of marketing will have a lot of ready-made sentences.

Social Media: Due its appearance of spontaneous interaction with the public, Social Media marketing can have a ‘genuine’ or more of the moment feel to its language. Branding can also be included in Social Media language; for example by championing hashtagsrelated to your campaign or business.


How does your type of marketing affect costs?

Social Media Marketing

Traditional: Usually more money will go into Traditional Marketing; such things such as printing and distribution can take a portion of your company’s money. However this can also be seen as an investment in good quality for your advertising.

Social Media: It’s generally agreed that Social Media is low costing depending on which area you want to take advantage of. Simple things such as creating accounts and postings are free, but adverts on social media platforms do cost. However it appears to be significantly cheaper than classic printing.

Building Data

How effectively can you build data?

Traditional: Attracting consumers can take longer with Traditional Marketing due to having the classic one advert to a mass audience. However, having built a loyal base, feedback and details can be given more willingly by consumers who know your brand.

Social Media: Due to having instant access to consumers by using Social Media, it can be quicker to throw out a call for feedback online. However, being a public platform, few consumers will have good quality information on their public profiles so traditional feedback techniques might also be needed.


It’s clear that there are both pros and cons to both Traditional and Social Media marketing. Whilst both techniques have different methods, they are essentially aiming to do the same things. Which means it comes down it each individual business to decide which marketing technique, or even both of them, can best serve their company’s interests.

Mark works in the PR & Marketing industry and enjoys reading such topics as branding and social media marketing.

10 Reasons to Use SoundCloud for Podcasting

Podcasts can serve many roles in the grand scheme of your online marketing campaign. They can be your alternative to video if you don’t have a budget for it. They can be a free tool you give to subscribers with helpful tips. You can embed them in your blog posts for people who don’t feel like reading at that moment. Podcasts can serve many purposes.

The problem for many is finding a place to host them which makes it easy to do all of the above, while making them socially shareable. SoundCloud has long been a favored platform for musicians. But don’t think that it’s noteworthy use amongst musicians doesn’t mean that it isn’t fast becoming the best place to do podcasting. Keep reading and I’ll help you better understand why, and how, you can use SoundCloud for your podcast.

Using SoundCloud to host podcasts

1. Record your audio using many different apps

Having options for how you’ll record your audio gives you greater flexibility. We don’t all own a brand new Macbook with the latest tools installed, and we’re not all audio wizards. To make sure that you find an app that you’re comfortable with, SoundCloud allows users to upload in a wide variety of audio formatsAIFF, WAVE (WAV), FLAC, ALAC, OGG, MP2, MP3, AAC, AMR, WMA,

If you’re using an audio recording app which doesn’t record in one of those formats, you’re using some sort of alien technology! SoundCloud didn’t want to build a platform that excluded any particular app’s encoding format.

There are a few rules as to what you can upload:


      • It can’t be larger than 5GB
      • It can’t be longer than six hours and forty-five minutes.
      • You must upload from your computer.


Other than those wide margins, you’re free to create anything, using nearly any app.

How to embed SoundCloud2. SoundCloud tracks are so easy to embed

SoundCloud tracks don’t need some fancy code inserted to make them embed nearly anywhere you want. Here, check this out: https://soundcloud.com/chaneyliz/i-know-how-to-embed-a-podcast

No, not my voice! All you have to do on most platforms, like the popular WordPress, is take the URL, paste it on a line of its own, and not hyperlink it. The SoundCloud API takes care of the rest.

For everyone else, simply click on the ‘Share’ button, and then select ‘Embed’ from the pop-up window:

SoundCloud want embedding to be easy so that you spread your tracks around, get more plays, and help promote SoundCloud itself along the way.

SoundCloud tweet embeds3. Easy social media sharing

The ease of social media sharing is two-fold:

  1. You can set your SoundCloud account up to automatically share your podcast to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, or Google+.
  2. You can manually cut and paste the URL to share it anywhere else.

Best of all, Twitter and SoundCloud recently teamed up to make it so tweets can contain SoundCloud tracks which continue to play as people scroll through their Timeline. Here’s an example from the Alzheimer’s Society:

The only issue with these tracks in tweets is that you can’t embed the tweet and have the embedded SoundCloud track in it at the same time. Not yet, at least.

4. Tremendous opportunities to interact

Perhaps SoundCloud’s most interesting feature is how it allows people to comment on tracks right at the exact moment in the track which interests them. This is a critical aspect of building an engaged audience, and getting feedback which you can respond to.

We’ve been commenting on blog posts for over a decade now. The problem with them is that they’re way down at the bottom, below the author bio, below plugs for other articles, and sometimes below the advertisements!

SoundCloud’s ‘comment in the moment’ feature makes it easy for you, and everyone else, to know exactly what the commenter is talking about. Here’s an example where we see many comments, and we can focus right on one and know which question the commenter is referring to:

SoundCloud comments

5. There are celebrities using it

SoundCloud allows everyone the chance to create their own podcast and send it out, and this includes celebrities! If that fact doesn’t show that podcasts have value, as people with plenty of personal value use them too, I don’t know what will.

Some of my favorite celebrities who are well-known SoundCloud podcasters include:

These well-known media personalities have all seen the value in starting a SoundCloud podcast. You should join them!

6. Search is easy, and discovery is bettering

My favorite way to find new podcasts is via the ‘Top 50’ search features. This allows me the chance to find out what others are listening to, because quantity of plays typically equals quality of content, a basic social proof concept that I fall prey to all the time:

SoundCloud Top 50

Not only do they have that, but their search feature is being used more and more all the time. Why? Because well-known celebrities are using it too! You’re able to soak up some of their audience as more and more people flock to SoundCloud to find audio. This also applies to how popular it’s becoming for music!

Need actual proof? Their Alexa traffic has only been trending upward this year:

SoundCloud Alexa ranking

7. SoundCloud is great for developers

SoundCloud have proven that they want people to be able to share their own tracks in any way that works best for them. Opening up SoundCloud’s API to developers is how they proved it.

This open API has allowed developers the chance to create a ton of useful features that SoundCloud never even thought of. Some of the most interesting include:

  • Auto-notification of new tracks being uploaded by those you follow via email.
  • Creating private SoundCloud tracks via your phone.
  • Direct to Google Drive spreadsheets of mixes.
  • Uploading songs via Dropbox.

Keep digging and you’ll find a SoundCloud feature that’s been created by a clever developer. Check out the SoundCloud Developer page for more.

8. You can control your downloads

Downloads aren’t as big a deal to podcasters as to musicians. You have the choice to allow people to download your podcasts, or not. It’s entirely up to you. Since people only listen to podcasts once, regardless of how they get them, you’ll be wise to allow people to download. This lets people listen to it in their car without using mobile data: SoundCloud podcasts are the new radio!

9. Playlists let you organize

Having Playlists allows you to group your podcast tracks by different categories. You will be able to group them by date, category, series, or anything else which works for your audience.

The best thing about this is that you’re setting yourself up to get more plays. Your fans can listen to a bunch of tracks in a row without stopping, or clicking away from your profile.

fatman batman soundcloud

10. Many useful statistics

SoundCloud is all about statistics. It realizes the power of data and how it can help shape content. Let’s say you discover that your podcast is particularly popular in one region of the U.S. What can you create in the future to keep that audience happy? Is there a local news story you can mention? And how can you use them to share your podcast to a wider audience?

Learning from your statistics by asking yourself the right questions about your audience is a key to success. You won’t find data as thorough on any other podcast hosting site, SoundCloud’s built this aspect of their platform on purpose.

SoundCloud is a podcaster’s best friend!

SoundCloud was testing podcasts for several years to be sure they got things right. Since they first launched podcasts to everyone in April of 2015, the podcast scene on SoundCloud has exploded.

You can get in on this popularity, push your own content, and find new ways to reach your audience. Online marketing is growing well beyond reading text. Find your next level of marketing now before it’s too late!

Ernest is a digital marketing analyst based primarily on Social Media Marketing Guide.co. You can find him and the team there every Wednesday with the latest in digital marketing from LinkedIn, to Twitter, to WordPress, and more! Yep, even regular SoundCloud content!