Google Ads CTR

Keywords Match Type in Google Ads to Acing Your Google Ads CTR

Be an experienced practitioner or professional, while setting up an Adwords campaign the keywords and their match type are always a …

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PPC Landing Page Optimization

Landing Page Optimization – 5 Sure-Shot PPC Landing Page Best Practices for more conversions

Here, you can find the best ways to design a landing page for PPC. Features that you simply cannot ignore if …

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4 Unbeatable Ways to Craft an Effective (Write Successful Google Text Ads) Google Ad Copy

A poorly crafted PPC ad cannot compel the reader to click.  It certainly begs a question as to how can a …

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Optimize PPC Campaigns Without Touching AdWords

For a lot of marketers, Pay-Per-Click campaigns are the preferred strategy to generate conversions on a new product or offering from …

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Tips to Improve Your Click-Through Rate for your Ads

These days the digital marketing is more inclined to paid media. People refer to use the paid platforms to reach more …

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How to Write a Wining PPC Ad Copy?

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Ad copy is the most important component of a paid search campaign. No matter how much you bid or how good …

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ppc landing page

How to Optimize a Landing Page for Your PPC Campaign?

Getting clicks on your ads are halfway to the success of your PPC campaign. The other half lies in the quality …

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