Common Search Engine Optimisation

5 Common Search Engine Optimisation Mistakes to Avoid

The truth is, regardless of how much you run SEO activities, SEO’s best practices are essential to improving the visibility of …

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Link Prospecting

9 Tips on Staying Focused When Prospecting for Links

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One of the main tasks of every SEO professional is to build many different links on various niche-specific websites in order …

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SEO Industry

How Much Is The SEO Industry Really Worth?

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Mention the phrase ‘search engine optimization’ to somebody twenty years ago, and you’d be met with a blank stare. Flash-forward to …

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SEO Benefits

Tips to Build a New Website with Maximum SEO Benefits

You can optimize an existing website for search engine anytime, but the best approach for building a well optimized website would …

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Search Engine Optimizers Follow

6 Practices that the Search Engine Optimizers Must Follow

It’s 2016 and we are definite to see new SEO practices being adopted by the industry. If you are an online …

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Manual Penalty

How to Remove a Manual Penalty – Google Reconsideration Request

Please consider below as our reconsideration request to remove the manual penalty imposed on the website. You don’t find your website …

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Long Tail Keywords

The Relevance of Long Tail Keywords Amid the Changing SEO Practices

Keyword research was, is and will continue to be an integral part of SEO. Though some marketers believe keywords are no …

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Content Marketing and Social Media

Content Marketing and Social Media Nexus Benefiting Brands

SEO, as we know it, is a B2B process. Nobody goes to a retail outlet expecting to buy an SEO package. …

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Quality Backlinks

How to Build Quality Backlinks for Your Website?

Link building is the very basic of any SEO campaign. Though calculating quality of the backlinks is not new but ever …

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Google Panda

Google Panda is Now Included in the Ranking Algorithm

Google Panda is no longer a separate algorithm, used by Google exclusively for the purpose of elevating or decreasing a site’s …

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