SEO Company

Is This SEO Agency The Right Choice? Tips to Hire a Right SEO Company

Anyone who deals with search engine optimisation knows that they need help. Sorry to dent your ego, but it isn’t embarrassing …

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Google Possum Update

Everything You Need to Know About Google Possum Update

Based on dozens of ranking report’s analysis, the community of SEO experts announced another massive Google algorithm update on 1st September …

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Google Panda

Google Panda is Now Included in the Ranking Algorithm

Google Panda is no longer a separate algorithm, used by Google exclusively for the purpose of elevating or decreasing a site’s …

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Google Panda 4.2 Update

3 Takeaways for Google Panda 4.2 Update

Recently Google updated its panda algorithm, PANDA 4.2 in the mid July. Here are some takeaways for you. >> Panda 4.2 …

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Google Structure

Google Structure Shakeup, Now Alphabet Inc Is the New Parent Company

Google is no more the parent company for all Google products and ventures. They got a new parent company, Alphabet with …

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GoogleBot for JavaScript & CSS

Google Issued Warning on Blocking GoogleBot for JavaScript & CSS

Earlier in 2012, Google warned against websites blocking its access to their CSS and JavaScript files to make it open for …

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Mobile-Friendly Update

All You Need to Know about Google’s Upcoming Mobile-Friendly Update

For quite some time, Google has been popular due to its strict algorithm updates. Google is back again with another algorithm …

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SEO Tips

15 SEO Tips To Follow In 2015

Increase Site Speed: Reduce your page size to reduce the load time for better visibility. URL Structure: it should be short, …

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SEO Industry

SEO Industry Weekly Wrap-up

Google Updates Webmaster Guidelines Google is in constant move to make the internet as a best place and give the right …

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Google Evaluates New Search Algorithms

How Google Evaluates New Search Algorithms- From Matt Cutts

Matt Cutt, the head of the Google Spam team posted a video that answers how Google adopt the new search algorithms. …

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