SEO Mistakes You Should Avoid

SEO Mistakes

SEO is an art and it should be done correctly always, you can’t afford a single mistake these days. Below are certain SEO techniques you should definitely avoid to as they are of no use or are the reason for your downfall in search engine ranking.

Using Wrong Keywords

Do you have keywords?

Don’t be crazy. We all know we need keywords to promote for the business in the internet. But have you done a proper keyword research??

With keywords, you need to be very careful, as placing the wrong ones on your site will have no effect when it comes to searching, which means you will lose many of potential customers.

A Lack of Deep Links

When it comes to SEO, there are two types of links: deep links and shallow links. The shallow links are the kind of links you get from a menu without any sort of surrounding text. The deep links are links surrounded by keyword-rich content that works to create a tightly knit web and makes it easier for viewers to seek more related content on your website. A lack of these links, especially on your home page, can mean that you’re not distributing authority throughout your website. By allowing users to navigate back to the results page of their search engine, it can also increase harmful factors like your site’s bounce rate.

Spam Links

Avoid using links from dubious sources, exchanging links with bad neighborhood sites or those that are known for hosting malware. Do not get involved in SEO link buying schemes. Such practices can result in permanent banning of your website.

As time changes, the search engine algorithms change and so does the ranking of your website. You should be up to date with the changing trends and techniques in SEO to always get what you desire for your website.

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