The Simple Way To Write A Press Release That Demands Coverage

press release writing

Are you keen to get your latest business announcement covered in the media? Maybe you’re launching a new product or starting a new campaign. Perhaps you have made a newsworthy breakthrough. There are all sorts of reasons the press might cover you and your business. The only hard part is figuring out how to get coverage.

The answer lies with a carefully crafted press release. A press release is a document sent out to all the relevant journalists to persuade them to write about you. You can either use a PR company or a press release distribution service to circulate your news. But remember, journalists get hundreds every single day. How do you make sure yours is professional and attention-grabbing?

The important details

Let’s start with all the professional details you need to include. At the top of your press release, you’ll inform journalists of the release date. i.e, it is for ‘immediate release’ or ‘embargoed’ until a certain date. Try to avoid embargoes unless you have something worth waiting for. Next, you’ll need a strong title to capture attention. Be sure to include links so that writers can link back to your website. At the end of the press release, finish with the word: ‘ENDS’, so journalists know that everything else is additional info. Lastly, include contact details for journalists to contact you.

The key facts

The next stage is writing the main body of the press release. The most important thing is including all the relevant details. Try to think like a journalist here. What would they need to know to write a story. Consider the who, what, where, why, and how. Try to keep this aspect short, simple, and to the point. Journalists want to know facts and details. It’s their job to turn it into news copy, so don’t flower your words. Make sure you distill the story, and relay all the important information.

What’s the angle?

So far, we’ve covered all the basics. But, we still need that one magic thing that makes the press release stand out. You need to convince the press to write about this, and not something else that also landed on their desk. That means finding the right hook. Finding the angle. What exactly makes this press release newsworthy? Does it directly relate to other recent news? Will it affect customers or consumers in a certain way? No-one can tell you what this ‘angle’ is, you must find it yourself. Make it intriguing, make it compelling.

Include a quote

The press like to cover a story from all sides of the angle. That means securing a good quote from the main people involved and the CEO. Use this opportunity to tell a quick story or provide a personal connection to the reader. It’s a chance to get behind the scenes, and explain a deeper reason for this news. Keep it short, and hint at what’s to come next. What will this news mean for the future of your company?

And that’s all there is to it! Now you know how to craft a killer press release that demands to be seen. All that’s left to do is send it out to relevant journalists.