The Top Five SEO Trends to Dominate 2014

SEO Trends 2014

The SEO industry is dynamic. It is actually more volatile than you could imagine. It is in a state of constant flux. A single algorithm update can change everything overnight. Each new phase comes with new practices. Personally sometimes I feel like SEO is really dead.

SEO experts need to understand this volatile and ready themselves to learn, unlearn and relearn the tricks of the trade. Adaptability is vital in SEO. The trends that are dominating the industry currently may lose contextuality within a year. The industry experts should be able to adapt themselves to the changing scenario.

A strange pattern seems to be associated with the SEO industry; the industry is being dominated by new trends every year. Only a handful of trends continue to be in practice year over year. For example, guest posting became a trend in 2012; 2013 onward, it started to lose importance. In 2014, Google is considering excessive guest posting as spamming. Is that not strange?

In this article, I’ll discuss the top SEO trends of 2014. Even though there are many, I’ve picked five top such trends. Hope you will enjoy it.

Content Marketing

Content is never going to fade away in the near future. The hint was given by Google a year ago. The significance of content has been there since the beginning of search marketing. But these days only, it has become the real trend. Having an SEO strategy means nothing if content marketing is not included in it. As a matter of fact, it won’t be a hyperbole that content marketing has started to replace old school SEO. Many erstwhile SEO techniques are no longer in use and internet marketers have become hugely dependent on content marketing.

High quality and SEO optimized content is essential to get good ranking on Google and on other search engines. By high quality content, I mean the content must be informative, recent and original. To say the content is keyword optimized is to say the content has an appropriate density of keywords.

Mobile SEO

People from different parts of the world access internet through mobile devices. As a result of this, mobile marketing has been witnessing staggering growth. Even many fortune 500 companies are now putting ads on mobile platform. Research firm Nielsen has surveyed mobile consumers and found 48% of them who purchase online are driven by organic and paid results on SERPs. BI Intelligence came up with an astonishing finding; total of 60% of devices that are used to access internet are Smartphones or Tablets.

As mobile usage keeps increasing, so is the significance of mobile SEO. Mobile optimized sites speed up fast. they have clean design, the CSS is mobile friendly and focus on touch based and voice based search.

Organic and Paid Search Integration

The old school SEO strategies were heavily focused on organic searching. But SEO in 2014 relies on integration between organic and paid campaigns. It has been observed that organic SEO, even though underinvested, accounts for the biggest scoop of traffic and helps the site to scale up. The only reason paid search and display ad campaigns attract investment is quick result. The integration between paid and organic marketing campaigns can target high-value keywords, guarantee long-term improvement of the site and yield fast return of investment.

For example, if you run two different ad groups for a month and notice one group is performing better than the other while the ad texts and the landing pages in both groups are more or less same in quality, you could infer the non-performing ad group has keywords that are really high-paying. You may then decide to remove the non-performing ad group and use its keywords for an organic campaign. By doing this you can save money and rank your site high on Google, although you’d have to wait for few months to see the success of your campaign.

Video Testimonials

User-friendliness is what search engines value most these days. It could make a website more user-friendly. For sites that are selling some kind of product or service, video testimonials from the past and existing clients could add authenticity. Video marketing altogether is drawing huge popularity. Any site that uploads videos on homepage that show satisfied customers explaining why the company should be hired lures prospective customers easily.

Conversion Rate Optimization

A survey done on recent time shows more than 80% of search marketers will focus on CRO in 2014. After a successful organic campaign, increasing the rate of conversion is the next big thing. 2014 could be marked as the year to witness a number of paid and organic tricks being put to use. Subsequently, there will be scores of leads and the conversion rate optimization process could get a boost.

We are not through with 2014 yet and the trends discussed above are in practice everywhere. Hopefully, we’ll see these trends to dominate the fourth quarter of the year as well.

What do you think of the 5 SEO trends discussed in the article? Do you want to add new trends into the list? Express your opinion in the comment section.

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